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Great yard sale score on the picker.  Did you load the logs from the side or drag them up from the end?   I think every homestead could use a good gin pole rig.  Can you start a thread with pictures that show the picker and using it?

And as for cider press...I think Paul cringes every time he sees I have posted something...

5 months ago
I think you are onto something.  I have had a problem with how "green" people think electric vehicles are.  A lot of toxic gick goes into making batteries, and if you are charging on grid what gick was involved to get you the electrons for your EV.  And it seems that every battery I know of or owned, once it starts being used, is dying and will have to be disposed of and replaced someday.  Not very permie sounding.   It would seem that using reliable gas burner, like your jeep, would be a good homestead option.  Easy to work on, could easily stock pile a lifetime of parts and in a pinch even brew your own fuel.

Where did you get the gin pole rig on the back of it?  How does it work for you?   I assume you loaded those logs with it, did it easily make it a one-man job?

Electric chainsaws may have there place for limbing and other lite work, but we used one to fell a fair sized maybe 20 inch diameter tree at a PDC and it was hopelessly underpowered to the point I thought it was a bit unsafe using it, as it would "overload" and quit just when you needed torque.   For any serious logging or firewood collection I would still give the edge to a noisy gas chain saw.  Small engines are really not that complicated to diagnose and work on, and again you could easily stockpile a life time of parts and make your own fuel if it got to that.

5 months ago
Can you check on my email status too, please?  I signed up for the last session but have not seen any replies other than the paypal one.


7 months ago
My photo skills did not show it...but this one is angled up to allow the air to flow up and out over the food trays.
8 months ago
By my calculations it was more like 108 dollars for the whole dehydrator.  9 levels at ~6 sf/level at ~2$/sf.
9 months ago
Wow, $825 for a roll of the screen.   Forget gold plated ATC...more like platinum with gold inlays...I don't think Tim had more that a budget of maybe $200 dollars for the whole ghetto ATC.

I looked at the picture of the other dehydrator screen trays, they did not look like the ones we made and left inside of it.  There were 4, so you could stack two on each side.
9 months ago
Thanks Davin,
If Tim is still there ask him why he made me make the ghetto dehydrator with dual panes then.   The ghetto dehydrator was working fine last year, but only lacked the screens for the tray frames we made.  Over in the Wheaton Labs section I put a post that had pictures and I described what we did last year.

If Tim is going to help you cut the glass...remember he is jinxed...or maybe that was me...  Seems like glass is even more dangerous having it hang over for the time being.

Either Jim or I are delusional...I know we went deeper than fifteen feet on that first hole.   We were several extensions into it on that first hole, I think we spent an hour or so trying to get through a gravel layer at close to 20 feet.   I think it was the second hole were it got so tough we switched out that broke ass handle he had with one of the metal extensions and ended up twisting it all up when we hit a really hard layer.
9 months ago
Thanks Davin.

There was a post on forums pondering on what a gold plated PDC would look like, but seeing all the fancy store bought wood, tin and hardware...and food... I know what a gold plated ATC looks

I have a couple of questions, if someone has the answers.
1.  How deep was the well on Dance with Pigs?  We drilled 40 ft up there last year at the ghetto ATC and did not get water.  I thought those pitcher pumps are only good for 20 or so feet.
2.  I am assuming you left the plastic sheets long on the dehydrator for weather protection, right?  Or are they going to be trimmed up to reduce the hazard of someone walking into them in the dark?  Why did you not double pane them?  
3.  What is the max internal temp you have seen in the dehydrator?  Get to 140 F to allow doing jerky?
4.  I am assuming that is stainless steel mesh in the dehydrator, did they finish trays from the ghetto ATC dehydrator from last year?  Where did they buy the screen from, as all I have seen online is real expensive?
5.  Just curious what is the bottom line dollar amount to build that dehydrator?  We may have had 3 dollars in the ghetto one from last year (not counting screens) as we scrounged everything from the scrap piles around there, except the foam insulation between the two layers of glass, and a glass cutter which we bought.

9 months ago
Why aren't people sitting up in the balcony?
10 months ago
That commute does sound sucky.  $425 ouch.  Will the raw cashews give you a poison ivy rash, or have they been processed enough to get that oil out?  Cashews are an interesting fruit/nut, they make a fruit drink/alcohol from the flower, and the resin from the nut covering is used is used in all of our advanced epoxies used on rockets and satellites.  I heard in cashew nut processing plants if you can survive the first day, touching and breathing the oils, you will be immune from poison ivy for the rest of your life.  But they are pricey.

I think a food log is a good idea to see how much/what I eat and how well I work and feel.
10 months ago