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Recent posts by Rob Griffin

Hey Josh where have you been?  I didn’t see you the last time I was in Montana, and I should have had you go with me to Canada last summer to see Sarah on this farm she was working on.  Jim and Evan came up at same time and it was fun.  You should have been there.
And I think those are great boots...More pics from Colorado festival....that is actual living fountain and new twist on playing with knives...
1 year ago
The scarf I have on my shoulders is a shemaugh/keffiyeh that I can wrap up ala “Black Sails “ when I need to go into pirate assassin mode...and when it is not 100 degrees and 90% humidity...
1 year ago
When is it appropriate to dress like a Pirate you ask?
1. Renaissance Fairs
2. Halloween
3. Talk like Pirate day, September 19 this year
4. Any costume party
5. When you need to spice it up (see Travis’s first post if you are confused) lol
6. Political rally’s
7. COFSM services
8. Saint patty’s day
9. Wednesday’s

Note cutless (peace tied) and cat-o- nine tails.  I did buy a nice belt bag at festival to carry my stuff, as I was tired of stuffing everything in my boots.  You know a real pirate when you pull a wad of beef jerky (see video, and it was sort of wrapped in parchment paper) out of your boot and offer it to them and they eat it.
1 year ago
No Pirate souls?   Pastafarians?  Here are some pics from last year’s Renaissance Festival in Colorado.  It had its good points but the jousting was too much talk not enough fighting...surely I am not the only Pirate out there...
1 year ago
Nice Travis, but with that look the woodsman is giving Red, she might have been safer with the
1 year ago
Who out there doesn’t enjoy dressing as a pirate?  Even better going to the Renaissance Fair and having Medieval meats.   Check out the video :)
The Georgia Festival is a great one.  Does anyone know of any other good ones?
1 year ago
Great yard sale score on the picker.  Did you load the logs from the side or drag them up from the end?   I think every homestead could use a good gin pole rig.  Can you start a thread with pictures that show the picker and using it?

And as for cider press...I think Paul cringes every time he sees I have posted something...

2 years ago
I think you are onto something.  I have had a problem with how "green" people think electric vehicles are.  A lot of toxic gick goes into making batteries, and if you are charging on grid what gick was involved to get you the electrons for your EV.  And it seems that every battery I know of or owned, once it starts being used, is dying and will have to be disposed of and replaced someday.  Not very permie sounding.   It would seem that using reliable gas burner, like your jeep, would be a good homestead option.  Easy to work on, could easily stock pile a lifetime of parts and in a pinch even brew your own fuel.

Where did you get the gin pole rig on the back of it?  How does it work for you?   I assume you loaded those logs with it, did it easily make it a one-man job?

Electric chainsaws may have there place for limbing and other lite work, but we used one to fell a fair sized maybe 20 inch diameter tree at a PDC and it was hopelessly underpowered to the point I thought it was a bit unsafe using it, as it would "overload" and quit just when you needed torque.   For any serious logging or firewood collection I would still give the edge to a noisy gas chain saw.  Small engines are really not that complicated to diagnose and work on, and again you could easily stockpile a life time of parts and make your own fuel if it got to that.

2 years ago
Can you check on my email status too, please?  I signed up for the last session but have not seen any replies other than the paypal one.


2 years ago