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Recent posts by Darren Halloran

Always happy to discuss permaculture, I am fairly new to it all.
I am in Bellingen NSW.
3 months ago
Looking to make a unique different type pizza / bread oven. Any ideas ?
7 months ago
            I am on the mid north coast NSW, Australia.
We have 4 acres of a mixture of grass & weeds.

Primarily we want some animals to mow the grass as it browns like crazy, & to clear lots of weeds down to our river.
we may need a mixture ? However I think the size of our place would be maximum 4 animals.

We hear that goats maybe hard to manage with fencing ? We do have fencing but not sure adequate.

Any advice would be so appreciated.
7 months ago
Hello Permies,
On my property I have a very steep slope to the river.
Acres of this land is all weeds - privet mostly.

I would like to buy two or three goats to help me with this as well as the grass on the higher ground & become part of our family.
My problem how do I keep them from escaping. I hear there is temp solar fencing how’re the Bush is thick & I doubt I could erect without shorting it out.
Someone suggest tethering yet I have no idea how this works ?
Any advice appreciated.
8 months ago
Anyone got a good beef jerky marinade ?
Cuts used ?
1 year ago
Happy Easter Permies,
                               A different one - What does everyone wear on their feet when out in the fields ?
Do you wear boots ? Joggers ? Thongs , sandles ,clogs ???

I have always wore Blundstone slip on boots, however I recently noticed some cool sandles with solid toe line in them which I may try.
Let’s see what we come up with
1 year ago
Hello permies,
                   I am wanting to put in permanent beds to grow vegetables.
I am confused on sizing & no til .

I see most market garden beds seem to be 30’ ( 75cm ) ? I can’t get a good measur on pathways in between some say 18’ ,12’ even 10 ‘.
Pathways leave as dirt,cover with mulch or grow clover ?
Rotary hoe first round then build beds ?
Bring in load of compost & build the beds ?
2 wheel tractor (expensive ) or no tractor

I have just 3 acres my first intention was to cut the grass & cover in plastic until grass dies.
I then thought do one shallow run with a rotary hoe .
Then fence add some compost & let the  chickens run over it fir a while ?
Then build the beds ?

Can some experienced permies out there tell me what is working fir them & what won’t work?
Any advice appreciated.

I love the internet & books however sometimes the more you read the more confused you can get.


1 year ago
Thanks Wayne I heard good results on these type dehydrators going well with drying fruit however not heard much about jerky ?
Let me know how it goes ?
1 year ago
       I am thinking I would like to sell beef jerky at my local farmers markets for abit extra cash.
I am trying to cut the costs down - first I will have to find some cheap beef for this purpose any ideas on type of cut appreciated.

Next I need get the drying costs down - I have an exacilur dehydrator & wonder a few solar panels , deep cycle battery could make cheaper.
I read of other outside dehydrater that use no power but I wonder how effective for beef jerky ?

Any advice I would be appreciated.
1 year ago
Oh thanks for reply - bloody have no idea.
We finally after 10 years & with only 3 acres I feel I should have a go.
I am 55 so I think yes let’s get some beds in & grow....

I have planned some chickens & a flow hive bee hive & that’s enough to start & I will observe. Just wishing get beds in place properly.
1 year ago