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Recent posts by Andrew Shindyapin

So I recently closed the alpha group and opened the beta for the Edible Estate app. Here's a quick video about the vision of AutoMicroFarm, what features are currently available in alpha, and what the dev team is working on next.

2 weeks ago
I am developing a web-based app that will be a one-stop design shop for your edible yard. You will be able to use this app to plan systems that work best for you, whether it's a food forest, chicken tractor, aquaponics system, bees, raised square-foot garden beds, or all of the above.

  • Design your yard and see it before you grow it.
  • Get perfectly-timed prompts when to plant, prune, and harvest.
  • Receive hard-won advice specific to your region.
  • Know exactly how much you can grow in your yard, and know if that will be enough for your family.
  • When you have the design down, tap a button to make it happen.
  • Or, do the work yourself in stages, with a community of gardeners to help you stay on track, to share advice, to find a community within your own local area for sharing.

  • Does that sound interesting to you? I would love to hear your thoughts, or we can have an online call to discuss further.
    1 month ago

    paul wheaton wrote:

    Andrew Shindyapin wrote:I am offering the garden planning spreadsheet (it's a google spreadsheet) that can be found on the home page my website:

    For this bonus project, we need stuff that is normally behind a paywall or not publicly available.   Or not yet publicly available.     For offering stuff that is already free, I encourage you to create a thread about it in our forums.   We're pretty generous about promoting free stuff - as long as you do it "as part of our community" and not be spammy about it.    And we're really good about promoting stuff that is for sale too.

    Do you have anything that might be a fit for this bonus project?

    Paul, I do have plans/build instructions for the wading pool aquaponics. I used to have it on sale for $25. Here is a description and a few pictures:

    Do you think it would be a good fit?
    1 month ago
    I am offering the garden planning spreadsheet (it's a google spreadsheet) that can be found on the home page my website:
    1 month ago

    F Agricola wrote:
    If there must be a sweetener, I'd swap out the Stevia for a good organic honey - healthier and more Permie.

    Crayfish could also be added - grown in ponds or tanks.

    Honey is a good idea.

    Crayfish would also be great in aquaponics... except that catfish *love* crayfish and in short order, there won't be any crayfish (unless it's really easy for them to hide). In general, I want to experiment with building a natural aquatic ecosystem as part of aquaponics, when I have time.
    2 months ago

    Joseph Lofthouse wrote:Things that have a vegan-ish feel to them end up getting added to the vegan forum, because the search engines love it, potentially creating more traffic to your web site.

    Oh I see. As long as other forum participants are not offended that it is not actually vegan. 😊
    2 months ago
    Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

    Here are some follow-up thoughts:

    I wonder if the nutrient profile for collards or kale would be close enough?

    In the blog post, I link to the actual "calculator" lists:

    You can use my (or other) experiments as a starting point, copy them, and try substituting in other foods as your own experiment. If you do, I would love to see your list!

    Is this still theoretical, or has it been put into practice?

    Parts have been put into practice, but not the whole experiment: I've grown catfish and other fish in my aquaponics system, as well as various fruits and veggies in the food forest, aquaponics beds, and regular raised beds. (Here's a blog post about the various food systems in my backyard.) Our family enjoys eating an omelette with various veggies (spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms), salads, and nuts and seeds.

    The catfish could very easily require fish feed import, the same for the layer chickens. If mushroom were grown, woodchip/straw import also possible.


    This is true, but the goal wasn't to completely be self-sufficient. You would need to mine salt, and extract iodine for that. However, the fish and chicken feed can be supplemented by compost, which closes the nutrient loop somewhat.

    The calorie count won't be high enough

    320g of cabbage a day is quickly going to get repetitive

    Yes, the idea was to put together a diet that would prevent starvation, and not necessarily be exciting or completely filling.

    Besides trying out various recipes, I want to put together a few variations of the list, and try to get an idea of the space needed to grow all the food... then actually do it.

    Also, I've seen several mentions of city living. I actually live in a suburban area that is pretty close to the city, and think a suburban homestead is an easier starting point than an urban homestead.

    As an aside... can anyone tell me how to remove the "vegan" tag/category? I believe that was added by a moderator, and isn't accurate.

    2 months ago
    I recently researched and wrote a blog post about what a minimal list of foods that would offer complete nutrition might look like.

    That blog has a few assumptions I made, and lessons I learned, but if you want to just see the list, here it is:

    What do you think? Anything you would suggest adding/removing/changing?
    2 months ago