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Recent posts by Jesse Baker

I’m sure we will all be hearing about this shortly,,, I really want to buy that cottage rocket plan! And I’m really curious what it’s supposed to be worth or what’s the cost, eh?
4 years ago
You’ll need to insulate around the outsides. if you do it will eventually get up to temp. Can you cut your existing bricks yourself?
5 years ago
Hm I thought it would have been 7.5”x7.5” square for an 8” round and mine is inverse of that.

Yeah it is the snorkel tub. I picked it up second hand tub preassembled stove not installed. They never put the stove in because the tub never sealed and first time I heated it, it stopped leaking.

The pattern I just made up on that graph paper and then changed a little so the narrow edge on both sides of the riser would be more connected.
I might use ss screws or wire pins to hold it a bit. I’ll put some earth/sand mortar in the seams before I put it together and place it in its aluminum box.
Right that’s about what I was thinking I guess it doesn’t need to be pretty, just trying to make the core as relocatable as possible.
5 years ago
I cut with a combination of the box cutter, razor in vice grips and the serrated thin knife. When I had gotten most of the way through I turned it over and followed the places it had cut all the way. My riser is 41”. 35” in the pipe.

I also altered my cutting pattern from the drawing.

Another thing is that my riser with the one inch blanket inside the ten inch ss pipe measures about 7.5” ID. Should I try to compress it and widen the cross section..
5 years ago
Cool. I got my tunnel cut out. I may get some ss screw or just wire to pin it together. I need to cut the bricks for the feed a little and maybe cut some blanket to wrap around them. I want to encase the core in aluminum. I have a piece big enough for a tray at the bottom and some straps to go around the side and over the top. I wish I had a press brake or something to bend the edges of my tray. I’m sure I can rig something up.
5 years ago
I received my Ceramic Fibre Board and now I’m faced with the task of cutting it properly.
I drew out a plan to help me visualize and do it right the first time. It seems to be exactly enough.
I’m thinking of using a razor blade to cut the CFB. I think Matt Walker said he’s used a serrated knife. I’m not sure what to do.
5 years ago
Hey Thomas,
Yeah I read a post yesterday from Erica Wisner that I could not locate just now.
She had provided the opinion that with a fully insulative core/riser with just a brick feed tube could lead to a hot stack effect in the feed at the end of the burn and possibly smoke back. In the case of the split brick through the whole tunnel the heat is equally stored under the riser side. I felt like the full burn tunnel of split brick was really not much mass especially compared to a full core/riser from whole brick. We shall see. Luckily I already have split dense brick 8 7/8” x 4 3/4”. X 1 1/4”. Uncle Mud’s Cottage Rocket has a nice split brick feed and tunnel but I’ll have to work out the CSA.
Thanks for the encouragement and input!
5 years ago
How did that board riser hold up in the long run?
5 years ago
I just put together all 3 sizes of five minute risers I had pipe for. I made a 4” x 2’ riser that I tested on a little burn tunnel I stacked out of whole dense fire bricks. I know they need to be insulated in order to heat up properly. I’m going to build a 4” rocket stove to fire my gas water heater. I made the 6” and 8” x 3’ risers for some real RMHs that I will build the 8” very soon. My 2” fiber board should be in the mail soon but I discovered that I’ll likely have an easier time with my heater if I build the whole feed and tunnel from split dense brick other than the ceiling so that my draft will last through the end of the burn.
5 years ago