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since Apr 17, 2018
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Im an artist living in a very special jungle jumping from farm/conservation efforts to art creation in both the digital and physical realms
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Colombia - Tropical dry forest
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Recent posts by Andrés Bernal

Video Submissions are now active!

Click Here to go to the video submission thread, you'll find a button at the top. Follow the instructions and feel free to ask any questions!
11 hours ago

Mike Haasl wrote:For voice over, would it be ok to submit that as a video with the talking but not looking at anything interesting?  

For instance, if I'm looking at my video and the wind messed it up, could I play the video on the computer and record another video with my voice over?  Then you can just take the voice over from one video and place it on the video with poor sound?  At least for this dinosaur that would be easier than getting a mp3 or wav file done correctly....

Yes! this would work :)
12 hours ago

Burra Maluca wrote:

Andrés Bernal wrote:

  • The footage should be shot in landscape - horizontal - 16:9 aspect ratio.
     For HD that would be 1920x1080. ***No vertical shots please!***

  • I don't take many videos, except to capture interesting trains that pass. And I had absolutely no idea what numbers were involved.

    But then, when I went to look, I found the phone was set to this!

    Which is perfect, as it's one less thing for me to have to attempt to learn...

    Awesome! For everyone pls remember to hold the phone horizontally cause if you hold it normally it will overide the configuration and go vertical.

    Like this:

    Were looking for landscape :)
    17 hours ago
    Forgot to add the very useful VOICEOVER

    Sometimes, capturing the essence of your story in the moment can be challenging. You may find that ideas or clearer narrative paths emerge after the fact. In such cases, writing a script and recording a voiceover can be incredibly beneficial. It allows you to articulate the story you want to tell in a coherent and compelling manner, filling in any gaps that the visual footage alone might not convey.

    If you're camera-shy or prefer not to be on screen more than necessary, a voiceover provides a perfect solution. You can still tell your story powerfully without having to appear in front of the camera. just make sure we have enough supporting footage to compliemnt your narration.

    .mp3 or .wav files are good for this.
    17 hours ago
    Video Submissions are now active!

    Click Here to go to the video submission thread, you'll find a button at the top. Follow the instructions and feel free to ask any questions!
    18 hours ago

    Coydon Wallham wrote:I like how Ned's thread suggests to have a start, middle points, and finish in mind when taking a shot. But it begs a larger question for me that might be aimed more to Paul or Andrés: What/when/how much footage would be advised taken as recordings with the gardener behind the camera pointing to what they've done vs in front of the camera doing things?

    I'm guessing desirable results will vary greatly depending on individuals and their works, as well as if there is an additional person to take footage vs. stationary auto shots, and a mix should be attempted in any case. Just wondering if any of the producers have a vision of the final product they would like to nudge participants toward...

    Capture As Much As You Feel Necessary

    The idea is to gather as much footage as you think you might need to tell your story effectively. This means not just focusing on the quantity but on the relevance and impact of the shots. Having a variety of shots gives us more flexibility during the editing process to craft a compelling narrative.

    Balancing Perspectives

      Behind the Camera (Showcasing Work): These shots are crucial for demonstrating the results of the gardening efforts. They provide an objective view of what has been accomplished, allowing the audience to see the transformations and the beauty of the garden. Consider wide shots of the garden, close-ups of plants, and before-and-after sequences.

      In Front of the Camera (Performing Tasks): These shots add a personal touch, making the story more relatable. They allow the audience to connect with the gardener, understanding their passion, techniques, and challenges. It’s not just about the garden; it’s about the gardener's journey and experiences.

    Supporting Shots

       Time-lapses: Show the progress of growth or the change in a garden area over time.
       Detail Shots: Close-ups of hands in the soil, seeds being planted, or the intricate details of a flower can add a poetic quality to your story.
       Environmental Shots: Capture the garden in different weather conditions or times of day to show its dynamic nature.
       Reactions and Interviews: Moments of the gardener reflecting on their work, challenges faced, or personal victories add an emotional layer to the story.

    While it's beneficial to have a wealth of footage to choose from, every shot should serve a purpose in advancing the narrative or enriching the viewer's understanding and emotional engagement with the story. Capture whatever you feel illustrates your journey best. The goal is to support the story with visuals that are as compelling and rich as the narrative itself.

    Click Here to check out the GAMCOD main thread to find more guidelines of what specific things we need you to convey.

    Find more info at the GAMCOD forums
    18 hours ago

    David Huang wrote:It looks like the videos I set to upload overnight went through from my end.  Hopefully they really did arrive intact.  I don't know if they will be useful or not as unfortunately that is the best camera I have.  It's a piece of crap for shooting video though it said it was 1080.  If you'd like something else or want me to reshoot something just let me know.  I'm realizing in hindsight I probably should have filmed me loading more wood into the RMH after showing it burned down and saying it was time to add more wood.

    I see two files from you!
    3 days ago

    jordan barton wrote:

    Andrés Bernal wrote:
    I think we need more submissions to be able to show a full picture! & totally this is the best time to do it, anyone else wants to participate? If you have any questions or need guidance, please let us know :)

    Do you want us to share all the details in the first post in the video? Or can that be submitted in written form? I am trying to figure out how long the video should be. One of just the stove running will be short. I haven't made many videos so I am hoping to make it a useful video.
    I mean specifically  

    The information needed:

     average temp (average high and average low) in December
          (example - Missoula is 33/19 - according to google)
     estimation of quality of insulation and square feet of your house
     story of heat and annual cost
     what sort of indoor temps do you maintain
     if burning wood, what are your December wood burning habits like (100% wood? Burn all day? Evening temp different than morning temp?)
     footage of the system in action, and maybe also of the outside during winter times

    Its better if we have video of you stating this info and explaining your experience rather than written pls. Its always easier to cut out rather than to add missing bits :)
    5 days ago

    Mike Haasl wrote:Did enough people submit video yet?  Cold season is thinking about winding down and this sort of footage probably seems better if it's shot in the winter...

    I think we need more submissions to be able to show a full picture! & totally this is the best time to do it, anyone else wants to participate? If you have any questions or need guidance, please let us know :)
    5 days ago

    This is a step by step guide plan for two log bee hives created during the Permaculture Technology Jamboree 2022 at Wheaton Labs and part of the Low Tech Laboratory Movie.

    - 48 pages
    - pdf format
    - 3d models

    Click here to find the Low Tech Laboratory 10 Builds 3D Plans Bundle

    Click here to watch the Low Tech Laboratory movie

    6 days ago