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Restoring 10 acres of pasture into open space. gardening mostly for food. Slowly building tiny (8x12') house.
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Greetings all. My comment is more about the product, less so the kickstarter. I hope that is not too misplaced here.

My experience of seeing video from wheaton labs is that the projects are done by a small army of people, or with heavy equipment, or both. To me, that kinda takes them out of the 'low tech' cause it makes them un-doable for me. I live on a budget most folks could not even eat on, and while I have quite a lot of friends, most don't live nearby and those that do mostly don't have the time to help with bigger projects or are not physically capable.

It'd be nice to see a least most of the projects completed by one or two people and without heavy equipment so the ideas are accessible to more folk.

I understand that the video footage is already captured and now it is a matter of editing, so too late for more 'doable' project footage. Given that, it might be a gift to many to have information  boldly placed so that before someone new to wheaton labs buys the low tech movie they know it might not show them how to accomplish these really cool things on their own.

With gratitude for all you do;
2 weeks ago
Daniel,the video is not so helpful to me. Would you post several photos, from several angles, with dimensions and materials used or cost to build: hard to tell if it would suit the needs of many (making it worthwhile to sell plans) from what I can see in the video.
2 weeks ago
In the past couple years I've taken to Duluth Trading Company Women's Fire Hose Flex Shift Relaxed Leg Pants: the pockets hold clippers, knife, cell phone, hankie, and much more, all without it feeling like my pants will fall off. They are IMHO, better built, (better material and fit) and yet less expensive than carharts. I like the idea of an apron but have the experiences others mention: things fall out when bending over, which I do a lot.
3 weeks ago
Thank you for flagging this, Jay: I would not have considered looking at it because I don't think of coastal PNW as suitable climate for trees with edible leaves. And thank you for the book, Joshua, I look forward to reading it.
1 month ago
Where can I see the table of contents? I looked at Amazon'e sneak peek, not there, at Permies sneak peak thread, not there. Help, please
1 month ago
I am concerned when people are upset that the prices at charity shops are "too high".  Lots of times when there are new items at the same price or lower it is because the quality is vastly different. Buying a used thing that will last many times as long as a low quality (cheap) new one will save money, not to mention minimize waste. I want charity shop items to reflect their market value: the money is going to causes I care to support. This is not because I have money I don't need for basics; it's because I want those who have even less to get the support they need, too.
1 month ago
A thing to keep in mind that a lot of folk (most?) don't know (in relation to not having enough time/money to clothe the family with hand-made woolens): when well made natural fiber clothing is washed with care and predominantly line-dried, it lasts a long, long, long time.  I have twos hand-knitted wool sweaters that are moving into their 3rd generation of use (they were knitted by my 83 y o Mom's aunt). Most folks have no idea clothing can last. So if one can get over the desire for multiple trendy options, far fewer items of clothing need to made/purchased.
1 month ago
I really enjoy this new website. Can the word and logo Kickstarter be removed from the youtube video image/insert? I think the video describes some things very well, but I can imagine being reluctant to watch given it seems to be (still) for the Kickstarter, rather than the program itself.
I'm preparing to grow more perennial veggies. Just read scarlet runner beans are perennial in zones 7-11. Has anyone in the coastal pacific northwest had scarlet runners produce for more than one year? I think I'm in zone 7b/8 so I have some hope ...
1 month ago
IMHO solar panels should not be arrayed in large numbers to be controlled by power companies, but be on individual buildings (homes and businesses) thereby not requiring extra land, eliminating the need for transmission lines, and making large scale power problems (due to weather, greed, or sabotage) history.
2 months ago