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Chris Wang wrote:Are their any benefits of longer fasts that you don't get by eating once a day? I don't have any trouble losing weight, are there other advantages to fasting 2+ days?  

Yes!  All kinds of benefits, but the one  I am most interested in is it can cause your body to shed dead cells and then rejuvenate by activating stem cells.  Explained way better here:

The podcast also talks about a 5 day fast mimicking diet whereby you get to eat limited calories in very specific macronutrient radios.  The easy way to do it is to buy the prolon food package mentioned in the podcast, but I preferred the challenge of making my own food.  

I created my own modeled after this guy:    I did do a little more calories than I was supposed to.  I did the same calories as Bob, and he weighs 172 pounds (I only weigh 120).   Mainly because I was scared.  :)    But it wasn't bad and next time I will scale it back.  

My plan is attached.

Your other question: google food combining.

1 week ago
I also recommend Salt Fat Acid Heat.  It's nice to learn a few basic concepts so you can eventually learn to create meals without a recipe based on ingredients on hand, or what looks good at the farmer's market.  

Don't be afraid of salt, fat and spices.  Most modern day recipes are way too stingy on all three of these, and if you use good quality salt and fat, they are good for you!  And can make a huge difference in the taste and nutritional value of a meal.

My advice: if you have a lot of carrots and spinach, google "carrot and spinach recipe" and choose something that appeals to you.  Use the recipe you find, and be generous with the salt, fat and herbs.  Taste and adjust.  

Eventually you'll be able to create meals without a recipe, which saves time and is more fun!  But when you have extra time, 's it's always fun to google or consult cookbooks to find something new (or consult blogs.  I love the Dakota Dessert idea mentioned above!)

One last bit of advice: don't be afraid to substitute.  Don't use onions in the spring when you have beautiful leeks growing that time of year.  Don't use cucumbers in the fall when you have gorgeous celery you could use instead.  Use what's in season and it will taste better and nourish you better (the whole point, right?)
3 months ago