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Onalaska, Lewis County, WA
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This year of 2022, we had a historic cold/wet spring - and the worst pollination anyone in the region has ever seen, even growers with 35-50 years' experience on the land. What I learned from this situation was the intense value of spreading out my window of bloom, and diversifying pollination methods.

Cornelian cherry, being self fruitful, wind pollinated, and very hardy, thrived and did better than ever. In fact, the self fertile trees mostly set at least some fruit, even if only 3-5% of what they normally do. But the late bloomers and wind pollinated plants like elderberry, mulberry, chestnut, heartnut, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, grapes - that's what I'm eating this year. Everything else tanked.
1 year ago
I've been doing research on using limecrete on top of a plywood floor, as a mortar for laying tiles as the final floor finish. Our floor is raised about 2.5 feet above ground level, on top of a post and pier foundation. What is the style of floor you are looking to use limecrete on?
3 years ago
We live just down the street from this very cool, very large house that has just gone up for sale:

Minutes from Burnt Ridge Nursery and a few minutes more from Raintree Nursery, 15 min east of I-5, this could be a great situation for combined woodland/market garden cultivation on 5 acres. You'd have to like the smell of cows, however - this property is north of a rather sizeable dairy (1200 head). Lewis County has a fairly active permaculture community, and has decent access to Portland, OR (1.5 hours), Olympia, WA (1 hr), Tacoma WA, (1.5 hrs), and Seattle (2 hrs). Plus we are only 3 lots away - with our 10 acre homestead, food forest, orchard and all the permie bells and whistles ;)  This property and house strikes me as ideal for an intentional community setup.

Lots of size on this lot, plus all the shop space...come build tiny houses! Cottage industry potential galore! Come be our neighbors!
4 years ago
And Brandon! Missed your addition to our little chat - ring me up and let's chew the fat - suet, lard - whatever!
4 years ago
Hey, Austin!

For certain, give me a call! Happy to meet you or talk by phone and see what you're doing. I'm a huge fan of natural building; we are building a pallet/claystraw slip cottage this summer. Let's talk!

Hi, Beth - wave at the eagle for me, ok?

-Laura Sweany
4 years ago
Hi, Beth! Glad you hit that send button.

James Landreth and I have become best buds from this thread, so I'm delighted you reached out. My cel is 360 and 880 plus 24 and 24. Ring or text. There are lots of fun things going on around here and you should know about them!
4 years ago
I happen to work at Burnt Ridge Nursery, and have for the last 4 years. I remain consistently in awe of Michael Dolan's ability to source top-quality plants, grow what he cannot find, and sell every level of plant with conscious thought about keeping prices low. Nuts, for example: he sells seeds (at approx. $.25 each) so folks can grow seedlings of their favorite varieties (pollinated by the championship genetics of his orchard), or all ages of seedlings ($4-$12), as well as grafted versions ($20-$40) of the really stellar varieties. How he thinks we can be productive when he is selling chestnut trees for $4.00 is beyond me - and he does it for the ethics of having something for everyone. When we are selling a seedling chestnut for $6-$8, and other websites sell the same age and size for $30, I know I am practicing right livelihood - and so are Michael and Carolyn Dolan.
Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchards
Fall Farm & Nursery Tour September 14, 2019
Event 1 - 10am to noon
Event 2 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Join us for a public Farm and Nursery Tour, with our founder Michael Dolan leading the way as we share with you our 20 acres of organic fruits and nuts, with a special focus on elderberries, kiwi berries and other fall fruits and nuts. If you have never visited our farm, you are in for a treat! 39 years on the land, and you can see all that can be developed as a thriving permaculture business!
You will have a chance to see our mature sweet chestnut, hazelnut and walnut groves, as well as the Certified Organic fruit orchards, commercial kitchen, retail nursery, packing warehouse and coolers, greenhouses, and get a chance to sample and compare different varieties of fruits that are ripe.
Admission is $15 per person, or family of up to 4 for $30. Limit of 30 guests will be strictly enforced due to parking limitations; please carpool if you can.  Two tours are available, with starting times of 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Tickets should be purchased in advance at, by calling our office at (360) 985-2873, or in person at our Olympia Farmers Market booth.
4 years ago
Now you can see the Pre-Event Tours page on our website:

We've scheduled the tours at both Burnt Ridge and Raintree nurseries so you could see BOTH on your way to the Convergence, and still get to Camp Singing Wind in time for Opening Circle at 1pm. Whether you are heading north or south on the I-5 corridor, or coming west on Hwy 7 or 12, access is great for either location. They are only about 30 minutes apart from each other.
5 years ago
Thanks for your feedback, Jocelyn -

We've got all links working. We appreciate your sharp eyes!

Not only is the full weekend a super fine deal, but the Sunday-only price of $20 for adults (plus $10 parking pass) would get you two workshop sessions, breakfast and lunch, AND the keynote with powerhouse educator Michael Becker! We've kept this day's price very low to encourage local teachers, administrators, and homeschooling families to attend. Kids are only $5 for the day, and we will have Kid's Programs during both workshop sessions - an amazing deal for EVERYONE in the family!
5 years ago