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Hi Ender,

Because society has been around for so long as a mainstream influence, you cannot just expect to have a clear path for yourself at 18 to take care of yourself, without someone projecting their past unto you. Just like any kind of attack, there is a process of learning to defend yourself well. Running away from your own defense is also a trigger for others to seek to defend you and take ownership over you as a tribe 'elder'. Those ownership and so called leadership values are very common throughout the community world and anywhere else I'm afraid.

I'm myself in the process of forming an answer to this issue, by making a community formed on at least social expectations as possible. Where free and wanting to be free people can live without papers and rules from top down. It is not forming in the US, but it is in America down south in Chile. My idea is in the community forum list. The basic plan is to start from nothing and have only true freedom people live there with their own plan and self development (in healthy ways). 'Leadership is decided on whether or not there is a connection between people that is naturally there without having to talk or share with other in any kind of ritualistic or routine fashion. As long as a person is connected that way, peaceful, not addicted to any major distractions and not aggressive or too damaged spiritually, they are welcome to live by their own rules. We would only need to see your picture and get a sense of how much space you want.

We are planning on buying 1 or 2 hectares close to a natural reservation.  People from all over the world would be invited over time to come help out, but the same rules apply to them. It should be an calm place for people to find their center and only reason from that point outward over time as to not attract the artificial world you mentioned.

This might not be exactly what you are looking for right now, because you want to join an active community if I understand correctly. But when you are young and thinking to be able to get your own space to be free, over time people will project on you for turning your back at your own abilities to overcome them. This is just common sense, but good to hear from people a bit older then yourself. Next month I turn 34 and I have a month old baby. When I was 18 I wanted to escape society too, and it SHOULD be possible, were it not for a major energy system in place to feed of your good intentions. Of course you are aware of this system already, but resisting them requires to understand many principles that I would offer upfront and not spread them out in 'getting to know you period while you are working for me'... I would test your intelligence to protect my area on where multiple people should feel welcome to be on their own, but together as well.

I'm sure you understand somewhat of what I mean.
Good luck in any scenario!


3 years ago
Hi there,

We are a couple in our thirties. Pregnant of our first baby boy. We are looking to start a sustainable and laidback community of like minded and very open minded people. The location might be near the beach in Bahia province of Brazil and definitely in the South of Chile near or in Patagonia area. We are currently posting all over the internet to find interested parties. Any tips and help from you how to find the right people for this project would be very much appreciated. The goal would be to set up a place that will allow for free camping and allow for people to help out during the work project at their own speed AND most importantly a friendly and/or neutral space to find each others companionship for being.

Our preference goes out to individuals that have a strong desire to become as free as they dream and feel a positive challenge in the consistent search for that experience. Feeling confident and secure about yourself and able to open up your deeper levels will help greatly in the formation of this community idea. It will be based on values like the minimalist life style, permaculture areas and working together on small projects to generate an income.
We have enough savings, good will and understanding to bring relationship and a property to a new productive green life, but we find happiness more important than to achieve the physical goal of ´living off the grid!' We would very much like to work together with you to achieve both goals. It is important that our efforts do not attract any spiritual pretentious people, for they are considered a corrosive factor in the cooperation. Many layers of duality and conflict has been placed over us to stop people from taking care of each other and the earth. You would have to feel comfortable researching yourself to find them. So you will be screened and expected to behave honorably to safe guard the integrity of the happiness project.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Greetings and Love,

Flora and Greg

PS: You can email us your story and questions at florafaunauniverse(at)
We ourselves have been travelers and nomad globally for almost a decade and will continue to visit similar places. Feel free to invite or host us. Here is our CS profile for social references.
3 years ago
@ Seva & Steven: I think I agree that I would not like to live in a 'frozen conflict'. We had considered the country Georgia, as it is beautiful & good climate. But the political situation of some areas is not as appealing.
@Lori: I will send you a PM soon!
4 years ago
hi Seva, we are from Netherlands & Germany.
What we do not like there:

- rules for everything
- too many people
- expensive property/land
- too many chemtrails / no proper blue skies
- most people focussed on career, and no open mind on alternatives.
- Germany has more nature and space, but it is above our budget & we dont want to spend our lives working !

4 years ago
R Ranson, thank you for your thorough response.
We also prefer Europe over North America; regarding food but also culture and people. North America has some beautiful nature though, especially the NW Pacific.
But anyways, immigration to Canada or US would be difficult for us since we dont have any career going on. Also wouldnt be within our budget anyways.
Regarding 'enough rainfall'... this has not only to do with gardening. But also climates we prefer. It gives the air a fresh feel and makes us feel good. In dry climates, I have had problems breathing (Perth, Texas, Morocco).
For us, certain streams of immigrants or minorities can be something to avoid. This is our opinion and experience and I am not here to discuss that specific topic
However an example that is not political of nature and wont offend anyone could be, combining the topic of climate change and refugees... where would 156 million Bangladesh people go if the country would be flooded (if that were to happen due to climate change)? This can pose a problem to neighbouring countries, perhaps even Thailand.
Yes, it will be hard to find a country that suits us 100%.
4 years ago
hi Rene, your place and posts sound interesting to us. I just looked into residency options for Colombia. It seems the one that is applicable for us would be the Investment Visa (T7):

''Investment visa (TP-7) – for a foreigner who invests in property or a business in Colombia. For property investments, Colombia requires an investment that is more than 350 times the minimum wage in Colombia or more than $73,346. For business investments, Colombia requires an investment that is no less than 100 times the minimum wage in Colombia or no less than $20,956.''

As we would be investing in property, it seems our budget would be too low. Do you know ways around this?
4 years ago

We are a couple from the Germany and are wanting to live a more simple and calm life. We are looking at countries where we can move relatively easily with a EU pasport. Our idea is to start a homestead/hostel/community/family. One of us has a Masters degree. But we are really not interested in working an official job. Ideally, we would like to live in Tasmania or New Zealand, but for such countries one needs to have a job offer and work fulltime. For us this is not an option. We have worked the last years to save up & now it is time to retreat a bit. A few hectares would be ideal (and we can build a simple house), or an older house with at least 5000-10.000 m2.

These are factors we consider per country:
-Relatively easy visa process
-Max. 30.000 EUR for a piece of land or house with some land.
-Temperate climate
-Not too much pollution and chemtrails
-A safe and stable country. Preferably no stream of immigrants.
-Climate change influence...?
-Enough rain and sun (for gardening & solar energy).
-Not too many rules and regulations. (for instance, forcing kids to go to school or get vaccinations etc).

Considering these factors, which of these countries could you recommend (or not)?
Or maybe tips for other countries/regions?

-Ukraine (hills, north west)
-Poland (hills, south)
-Baltic country
-Northern Spain
-Central Portugal
-Costa Rica
4 years ago