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Former Co-ordinator of a Home Composting Education project for Metro Toronto. Established 10-week training program province-wide for "Master Composter" volunteers who went about educating city residents in the art of backyard composting. Aim of project was to divert as much household organic waste as possible from landfills. Became immensely popular, eventually 500,000 backyard bins were distributed throughout the province. How-to -compost sheets and designs for home-built compost bins also distributed. I speak German, and understand (most) of what Sepp Holzer says. He speaks in a dialect not too different from my uncle, in fact he reminds me of my male relatives! They are all very funny and flamboyant talkers.
Toronto Zone 6a&7a and Havelock Zone 5a&b, Ontario The Canadian Shield
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Paul Andrews wrote:Why are we the only animals that need toilet paper?


Animals, for example dogs, apparently produce a mucosal casing around their poo and when it leaves the body the contraction of the anal sphincter "pinches" closed the casing, sealing feces from any  contact with the anal area. Humans can do that too, if we have the right microbial flora in our guts.  Few of us have the right kind  anymore. Antibiotics, even one dose, can kill off 90% of all gut flora, not just the bad bacteria. The 10% of bactetia that are left have to try and proliferate back, but it can take up to 2 years to restore them. In the meantime people will often  have yet another round of antibiotics. At  3 doses of antibiotic per day, usually for 10 days it's a wonder any of us can digest our food and make vitamins. (Your intestines if healthy make B vitamins.) Probiotics in pill form have only a vety few strains of bacteria,  and many of them aren't alive by the time you buy them, anyway. A study was done recently to measure gut flora in nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa who live in the same way as our ancient ancestors. Their stool samples contained 6,000 different flora from their gut. Modern 'civilized' folk have around 1,000 gut flora. Makes you wonder what all those missing  gut flora could do for us. I discovered this when I started taking a specific probiotic to help with my 'leaky gut'. I can't say whether it helped with the leaky gut, but I experienced the mucosal sac (yes, you can actually feel the difference) and discovered a clean area down there with absolutely no need to wipe. It was very surprising, I can tell you. I put two and two together from my reading about animals and having started a new probiotic. (I don't remember the name of it and I haven't any on hand as I don't use it anymore.) I'm good with the spray-pump idea!
1 year ago
Howdy, everyone, from beautiful Ontario. This news article from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is not exactly on topic, but I thought you all would enjoy it, as it is part of apple history in North America. Hallowe'en is coming up, and 60 years ago McIntosh apples were a typical Hallowe'en treat handed out to us kids, every year. The original McIntosh Apple farm is up for sale, and yes, there are trees on the property descended from the original McIntosh tree.

Don't know if the following video link will show up here as clickable but if not you can copy and paste it to your browser.

1 year ago
Hi Cassie et al,
You could look into natural eye drops containing N-acetyl-carnosine.  I used something called "Can-C" back 25 years ago and my floaters (there were lots) reduced about 95%. Can-C is still available.    

Vitamin company AOR also carries a product, Ortho-Eyes, containing N-acetyl-carnosine .  I am using that now, as I got a lot of new floaters over the past year.  My eye doctor tells me my vitreous humor (Ha. Funny) is drying out (Not Funny) and is losing it's matrix. I don't know if that is the cause of the floaters.

I have seen some improvement in the floaters, however,  over the past 4 weeks of using it. Maybe 30% better. So I feel comfortable saying Ortho-Eyes is working.

I will be adding the frankincense / lavender essential oils to my regimen. Thank you to the person/s who posted that info. I feel so grateful to have the permies forums available.
Thanks to Paul and this merry company of permaculturists.
3 years ago
Don't know if you have seen these, Rad.

Desert Swales built in 1937 in Sonoran Desert
- created an area of lush green plants and trees
- self- seeded and not irrigated (purely rainfall and earthworks)
- note the swale banks are very high and wide. Swales can be seen on Google Earth
- Sonoran Desert can get between 3" - 15" rain per year.

Flat Land swale  
- on flat land with a 2.25 % grade (3 1/2 inch drop)
- swale captured 12,000 gallons of water (45,000 litres) from a 1-inch rain event  
-this  includes catchment from rooftop and road

Al Baydha Project in Saudi Arabian Desert
-land gets 3"- 3 1/2 " of water per year
-Temperatures of 100 degrees, evaporation currently at 15% (will go down as trees and plants grow over time).
- Al Baydha project land got no rain for 3 years. Installed earthworks in the meantime.
When rain fell the earthworks captured 13.5 million litres of rainwater.
Water comes off the mountain nearby, which you don't have.  
But berm is interesting -reminds me of the swale banks in video of Sonoran Desert, which is mostly flat.  
   Neal Spackman.  This video is also on this forum, elsewhere.

Building a berm  

Underground storage of water;  stepwells and rooftop catchment — Ancient water harvesting technology
- in Golden Desert in India where much of ground water is saline, can't use wells
3 cm-16 cm of rain per year

3 years ago
I forgot to mention some things, regarding the low level-laser device in my post above, which information may be useful in making a decision to investigate it further. 1. It is not like other devices that have been around in your chiropractor's or physio-therapist's office. Not that there is anything wrong with the older technologies, it's merely to point out there IS a big difference in the Bio-flex device. I can say I've experienced many types of laser and electrical-stimulation devices, with varying degrees of success. But this device is far more effective: healing takes less time and heals many more issues. 2. It is not too expensive to buy, if you take into consideration how valuable something like this is to the community at large. It could be commonly shared to treat injuries of all sorts, from burns, to deep, long-standing diabetic ulcers that ate right to the bone, long-time undiagnosed concussion (my issue), broken bones (also my issue-2 in the spine), degenerated discs- the list goes on. It actually re-grows tissue. If you read the book, you will be astounded by the documentation of what this device has accomplished. (Again, I have no financial connection involved with this device. I just think it is a miracle) Best of luck Paul, and Paul's care-givers. I can tell the community really loves you. Balls to the wall, pal, we need you back.
4 years ago
Hi, I'm new here. Re: Paul's pain. It might be worth reading The Brain's Way of Healing, Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity by Norman Doidge, M.D. “Mind-bending, miracle-making, reality-busting stuff,” according to The New York Times. Libraries have it.
1. Chapter 4 is on the work of Dr. Fred Kahn of Toronto, who developed a low-intensity laser device in conjunction with Ryerson University that eliminates pain and promotes healing. You have to read the chapter to grok the scope of what light frequencies can do. Note: Healing bulging and even herniated disks is on the list. See Case profile here: Dr Kahn is a farm boy from Ontario who later became a vascular surgeon, switched to studying light technology. He's treated athletes like Marc McGuire, also Blue Jays and Raptors team members. I used the device to accelerate healing/eliminate pain in 2 broken vertebrae in my lumbar spine. It worked. His company is Call him to see if a health practitioner in your area has his device. Device can also be bought or rented for home use.
2. Ok. next up is from Chapter 7: A research lab called TCNL at the University of Wisconsin at Madison is doing the impossible (so-called) like healing multiple sclerosis, severe brain injuries, stroke, post-concussion and Post- Traumatic Stress in soldiers, etc.
3. Lastly, Chapter 1 is on Dr Michael Moskowitz and how to train the brain to unlearn pain.You can read much of the chapter here 1 The Brain's Way of Healing
4. You can google search any of these modalities, there is lots more on the internet.
(I have no financial connection with any of these)
All the best for your recovery.
4 years ago