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Thanks, gir bot! You're fabulous!
I'm very glad you fixed my post.
I hope you receive mucho tacos.
You haven't updated, but I hope the journey is going well.
We're interested in the Roanoke area as well, maybe in 2019.
3 years ago
Thank you, Jonathan. We are still looking for the right opportunity. Hopefully by 2019.
3 years ago
*Spring 2018-Autumn 2019?
We're keeping our eyes on Roanoke and the surrounding area.
Several fixer-upper homes in town with 1+AC under $100k have sold recently.
I've looked at a few intentional communities online that are in the general area, but none are conveniently close.
A few apartments or homes for rent look appealing, but aren't the situation we would like to move into.
3 years ago
I'd be very interested. I'll show this opportunity to my dear BF tonight.
I checked out the home listing and looked on the map. Your property is suburban ☺
Helping with the site's development for a couple of years while taking a PDC, developing a blog, and re-acclimating to life in the East would help us develop our own plan for the more restrictive urban Roanoke area. We are looking at properties which could anchor a community block with a network of gardens, like
We are currently near Boise, Idaho at a rental property learning the permaculture homestead life. Working with people who are all on the same page would be a delightful change. Our local landlord is not environment-minded (massive lawn), and only 3-4 households out of 10 are interested in using the garden. I have come to terms with the fact that a move to Virginia would mean no more chicken breeding or dairy goat, but quail and rabbits would be more suitable for urban density.
To see our progress, zoom the western portion of the green triangle (chicken habitat unchanged, compost bins and raised bed garden updated since last photo) 17855 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Kuna ID 83634
I'm a massage therapist, my BF is a delivery driver/manager. We're developing a significant communal garden and chicken flock with several neighbors where we rent, but realize paying $700/mth and working away the better years of our life is a dead end.
I have tax and student debts I have no intention of paying (long story), but his credit and accounts are good. I have an adult son who would have no interest in a homestead life, my BF would like kids but we haven't had luck on that front for two years so we would have no one to inherit. My point is that I wouldn't want a share in ownership, just a place to build a life and work happily until I die.
We have no way of knowing how serious this offer would be, and 'unable to disclose due to legal BS' doesn't instill confidence.
I've been studying permaculture and associated homestead skills for several years, and would joyfully build an earthbag/greenhouse earthship home, tend livestock and plants, and drop off the grid until I'm buried in a grove. (Maybe visit family every couple of years?)
As for generating income on the homestead, I can breed some excellent animals.
But as part of the community, 1) Making myself available to relieve muscle pain/dysfunction from non-ergonomic activities and older injuries via therapeutic massage would be an on-going task. 2) I could prepare meals for the entire group. 3) skills to help where other participants may lack.
Yes, there are serious people who would be interested. We're in Idaho now, and real estate is ridiculously expensive (per acre/production potential) compared to Virginia (our current target area). Looks like you'd get more for your money in the midwest.
3 years ago
It's good to see other Boise people here on Permies!

We're renting part of a triplex, south of the prisons and Boise airport, east of Kuna.

We are unable to make any property improvements, but learning in order to plan our dream homestead.

Our current projects aren't too impressive:
90 assorted chickens, 2 dairy goat doelings
Greening the desert with used bedding to build soil...
And a garden shared with FFA/chem-ag experienced neighbors that didn't get started this year...

Nina and Tinker
4 years ago
Sent, and thank you.