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My husband and I have decided to ditch the life that we are currently living. We live an hour from our jobs and work 8+ hours most days. By the time we get home at night it's hard making time to do anything that needs to be done including cooking. We have a nice house on an acre but have no time to maintain it or enjoy it at all. When the weekend comes around we are too tired to really do anything. This is our fault really for not wanting live in the city.
This is not how we want to live. Working everyday to pay your mortgage and keeping up with the "Jones". It seems everyone is more concerned about having the biggest house or having the most expensive cars. They base their self worth on stuff. We have had enough and it's time for a change.
If it works the way we plan we will pay cash for our property and turn a shed into a little cabin. We would be debt free as the only debt we have now is our house. We will have to sell a lot of stuff that we do not need to down size. Simplicity is key.
We will also be creating a YouTube channel so everyone can follow us on our journey. We are not going to claim to be experts at what we are about to do and in fact will be learning a lot. We welcome constructive criticism and will be reaching out to our followers for advice.
It's going to be a fun adventure!
Fallon, NV
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Toni Rinker wrote:Just wanted to throw this out there again ๐Ÿ˜œ

Does anyone have or know of any property for sale in the area of Coeur d'alene, ID. We are looking for 5+ plus acres with a spring or creek. Heavily wooded. Needs to be owned finance. We would have a down and will make monthly payments. The balance would be paid when we sell our house.

We plan on moving to ID in spring 2018 so we would like to obtain the property as soon as possible. Any leads would be great.

We have decided that we would like property in Bonner County, ID. If anyone knows of any property please hit me up. Same requirements as above. Thank you.
Just want to thank everyone who has been checking out our table. Please leave any feedback.
3 years ago

Toni Rinker wrote:Hi Hans,

I do not see a signature line. Maybe I need to be on desktop site and not mobile?

Never mind I found it๐Ÿ‘
Hi Hans,

I do not see a signature line. Maybe I need to be on desktop site and not mobile?
Hi Hans,

How much is the property and how big is it? Do you have pics?
Very well said! Thank you for that Paul!
My husband and I finally finished our farmhouse table. We have never done woodworking like this before and learned a lot. Thought I would share so everyone can see that they can do it too. It was fun and a learning experience for when we go off grid. Practice makes perfect right? Check out the videos and please like/subscribe and feel free to let us know what we could have done better.

1st video  
2nd video  

3 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Toni, have you checked out any of the listings at the "landwatch" website? Sometimes the sellers offer financing.,41;361,79036&r.PSIZ=10,120

Yes, my husband is always looking there. Looking more leads๐Ÿ‘ name is Toni. My husband (Stuart)and I are at the beginning of our life change and will be going off grid in Idaho in spring 2018. My husband is always on Permies and so I decided to check it out and found this site to be great! We have done a lot of research and believe we have what it takes although we will be asking for advice. We started a YouTube channel for people to follow but we have never done videos before.  I will include the link below if anyone is interested but please let us know what you think.
It's really scary and exciting thinking about this life change and only hope we succeed. We have a lot to do to get our house ready to sell and we still have to find property.

3 years ago

Kyrt Ryder wrote:The novelty factor of a spring or creek is going to drive the price of a small lot through the roof.

The big question is, how close to 'town' do you want to be?

We don't want to be too close. 30min to an hour out is great.