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I have read that relaxing helps heal. such as that people under less mental stress heal quicker.

thank you for this share!
2 weeks ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:

More than anything, a good education depends on a good, responsive parent. I wasn't well liked at my kids school, because I wouldn't tow the line. My concern is my children, period. I made it known in my district, that the money from my kids attendance was fully at my discretion, and I made them dance. That was in California, I will likely be the same here in Oregon with my grandson. My daughter and I are fierce, fierce parents.

As a current teacher with experience is various schools  with various types of parents...this is really important...make sure your kids are ready to learn when in school...


Have you considered home schooling?   Now seeing the system from the inside out... I can tell you when/if I have kids they WILL NOT go to school...
1 month ago
Interestingly the original nme of the song was "Everybody Wants to Go to War"...but after some thyme playing this song it was decided that the current title has a 'much better ring to it'....Welcome to...

1 month ago
I bet you know this, but if you don't wash the eggs, thy will keep a while longer than usual even if keep out of the re-fridge.

May-be try:

-3 eggs
-1 or 2 ripe bananas
- 1tablespoon coconut oil --and/or-- cream
Blend and drink! nice quick breakfast easily taken to go in a bottle

also: Egg/mushroom salad
-cook the mushroom
-hard-boil eggs
- chop/cube both
- add mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper to taste

1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Ben Gorski wrote:Gir bot is great overall...but it seems it allows staff to hide behind gir-bot a wield power without no chance for a discourse over what the issue may be.

You say that like it's a bad thing.   ??

It seems my thread which was posted inside the 'intentional community' forum is subject to such an attack by a staff member who is posted mocking responses in the this the purpose of gir-bot?

It sounds like you need to start a new thread in the tinkering forum to talk about a specific thing.  Make sure to post a link to the thread and your concerns.   Make sure your wording is such that you are seeking understanding and that you are not commanding the volunteer staff to serve you.

But this thread is for talking about gir bot, not about a specific moderation concern.

I got i was not commanding sorry if it came out that way. I was simply trying to figure out how my thread, calling for community so quickly turned into something other-than-that. I definitely should have been more patient and gir-bot is great at delivering 'goodies'/'candy'

thanks Paul

and thank you gir-bot for your time and work...i truly appreciate this site and the knowledge it has exposed me to as well as the people it has connected me with...

r ranson wrote:

Ben Gorski wrote:It seems my thread which was posted inside the 'intentional community' forum is subject to such an attack by a staff member who is posted mocking responses in the this the purpose of gir-bot?

Can you provide a link?

This might be a bit late but here is the link of the thread that I originally posted inside 'intentional community' but was placed there a reason why this thread was placed in another forum. I truly meant it as a call for/to community:

Chris Kott wrote:That's interesting. It looked too regular and patterned to be random squiggles.

But if I make extraordinary claims, I expect to have people ask for details, and maybe some pushback if we understand things differently.

I don't accept the assertion that because we don't accept one story based in one particular First Nations practice or tradition,  that we are guilty of a disrespect of all aboriginal peoples.

The end goals being discussed here, and the community-based methodology, are laudable. We all want free food and energy. I want to hear more about how we get from here to there, and how, exactly, we use community to do it.

If the engraved language is as Tyler says, could we maybe get a translation? I do wonder how it was that ancient knowledge was transferred for thousands of years by word of mouth, and then the invented language of the invaders was used to record it.

I would simply like to see more.


Yes i would like to see more as well and David says to ask questions as well, may be contact David with your questions as I am simply not in a position nor of knowledge to answer them at this point as I am very new to these Star Teachings.


If you are truly interested please look into David and listen to some of his talks...any thing "I" say is my own understanding which may be faulty, but as I understand it to 'read' the scrolls David uses his finger(after dipping it in water) and touches the scrolls and it is a sort of vibrational language...again as i understand it is not a one-for-one word or phrase or sentence translation, but it is equivalent to tomes of books, even whole libraries, on that one scroll.


I do not have all the knowledge nor much at all. From my understanding the knowledge is for community and would never be posted for sale nor simply posted for anyone to use as they wish...but I could be wrong I am NEW to the Star Teachings and still learning myself.

My life experiences tell me this is something worth my time and energy...I could be wrong of course, but I am NOT saying "hey this what you must do!"

what i AM saying is that We can stand to benefit from this and IF you feel this is for you, hey here I am let us do this thing together, because I think it is worth a shot.

More importantly David nor anyone asked me to post this. Again Nobody asked me to post this thread. I of my own accord shared this information here because I figured there are others people here who may be seeking such knowledge and community as I am...that is my one and only motivation for posting. I am not even sure if I should have done this, but hey I know it is worth a shot

I see there are posts concerning the building of pyramids, that I know i used as an example, a poor quick thought of an example, as this is not my point in posting this thread. So this will be my final comment on this thread concerning this, may be we can begin a new thread about such topics if you would like, but I saw that guy moving the blocks already and that does not explain how the pyramids were built...or the stone wall in Peru with no motar and no space in between the blocks for even a credit card...again I am here to gather a community not discuss such topics, so please start a new thread if you'd like to discuss such matters.

And yes discourse is welcomed, but plain mocking has no purpose in me posting this thread, which has the purpose of building community by putting out a call to those interested. I do not claim to have all the answers, sorry if this answer is not to your standard of proof. As long as we don't harm each other there is no harm in having separate beliefs, I believe.

I will say I did not expect such a response ...I figured those who are interested would go look into this themselves, go do the foot-work figure it out, because as I understand it the Star Teachings require such ACTIVE participation in order for anything to happen

I am not trying to convince any one that this is real or true I myself don't have any of these devices nor any numbers/proof/data

I am simply putting out a call, a vibration if you wish and if you 'get it' and choose to participate, then let's go brother and sister....let's get it done

thank you for your time

have a nice day, be kind to someone, begin that wave of kindness!

i apologize to anyone i may have hurt in any way with my well, be blessed, life in an experience, a journey, I plan to go

1 month ago
The standards should extend both ways, meaning I hope staff posts are also 'reviewed' and not allowed free-reign to do as they wish, as this may become a slippery slope.

I believe my thread which is a serious call for community is such an example as there are numerous mocking responses by the same staff member and it seems this has gone unchecked....another staff member even recognized this and extended support and understanding, but is there no way to prevent such cyber-bullying?
Gir bot is great overall...but it seems it allows staff to hide behind gir-bot a wield power without no chance for a discourse over what the issue may be.

It seems my thread which was posted inside the 'intentional community' forum is subject to such an attack by a staff member who is posted mocking responses in the this the purpose of gir-bot?