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bee food preservation forest garden
I still have much to learn and am thankful for this forum and the people that make it an educational and overall nice place to be.
I have been gardening for over 10 years.
I have experience keeping bees.
I have experience grafting trees (scions onto rootstock and scions onto existing trees.)
I have experience with picking wild mushroom and medicinal plants.
I have experience with the 3/4 sisters garden.
I like to save seed and am hoping to soon be able not to buy seed and produce enough locally adapted seed to be able to trade with others.
I like to leave a light footprint and am working to eliminate as much of my footprint as possible and educate others along the way as well as learn.
I am very interested in learning the 'OLD' ways of the peoples who were able to sustain themselves for generations.(If you have any recommended books/places about such knowledge please share) thank you
I hope one day to have a 'natural farm' similar to the Fukuoka's mountainside farm that works by nature.
USDA zone 6a/5b
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Recent posts by Ben Gorski

People may be patient. Think of this like sowing a seed
1 month ago
it is a food cover with holes on the 'black nipple' so that it air flows!
2 months ago
Thank you for taking time out to offer the seeds.

If you may please contact me about sending:
-Echinacea augustofolia
-stinging nettle
-zuchinni & squash
-Landrace Tomato
-Polish Linguisa
-Big Rainbow
-Aunt Gertie’s Gold
-Black Krim
-Sara’s Galapagos
-Tasty Evergreen
-Costoluto Florintino
-Japanese Trifel
-Achillea millefolium

If this list is too much just send what you may

PM and we can exchange info and I can pay for shipping costs via paypal
From my brief contact with the company they have stated that they have ' funding approved' to build their first factory and are currently waiting for the funds to be 'released' so tat they can proceed with their plans...

Is this normal procedure in starting a company???
2 months ago
Nice thank your for the link!! The material is similar I don't think the least that is the claim here by Habitus.

Interesting to note that this 'tech' is already out, even though the details of the material may be different. I am saying this because owner of HAbitus claims there is a huge demand for their product and they are gearing up to build their first factory...yet I just learned of this.

SO it seems Habitus really changed up the formula and their 'propriety' material blend is indeed better or they their manufacturing process is better ...OR a combo of the two factors improved ...otherwise it seems like 'old news'....but news none-the-less to me.

I will have to look into this dome type some more as it seems rather convenient to work with and sturdy material  
2 months ago
Hey Brigitte could you supply a name of the youtube video you found this on??
2 months ago
Here is a quote from the company overview:

"proprietary custom blend of high tech, high grade, PolyUrea called Rockard®, an extremely resilient, elastic material, used in many high stress applications. For optimal insulation, we use a filling of PolyUrethane, to give 6” (15.25cms) thick walls, for an insulation value upwards of R42. "

Yes shipping would be an issue but they are planning on setting up Plants/Factory internationally given enough interest as the it would be cheaper for both parties.

The cost of a basic unit in the USA would be about 20,000$

From the looks of it the pieces fit snugly together and there is no seam. Also the pieces are light enough to be carried by one person.
2 months ago
I recently came into contact with the owner of Habitus domes their site is The domes are constructed out of eco-friendly materials and do NOT off-gas, they are easy to put together, cheaper than a conventional home, and virtually indestructible!

Here is a quote from their site:

"Here’s what is needed, to erect a Modulus® Basic dome;      • about 30 minutes     • 3 unskilled workers    • some simple tools and     • 20 minutes training"

these domes are great for those of us aware of the earth changes and are permies at heart as per habitus:

" Habitus® domes are extremely environmentally friendly and they create ZERO
construction waste, ZERO pollution and have virtually ZERO negative environmental impact.
A Habitus® dome, offers the greatest amount of usable space, using the least amount of materials.
They can also be buried underground, so you would hardly know they were there."

I am considering this and will most likely be purchasing a dome once I settle down in my future home-land.

If you decide to contact mention that Blaze told you about them !!

This is dome reminds me of the Wofati as it can be buried and doing so will increase the insulation which is already R32.

Has anybody heard of this company?

What are your thoughts on this dome?

Are you interested? Maybe we can form a community using this as our housing?
2 months ago
There is a company based in Canada that is gearing up to produce domes and from the site it seems they build grow-domes:
2 months ago