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since Dec 19, 2016
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regarding the social acceptability of being barefoot (especially in areas where people don't know one another as well, like in cities), my self-awareness of others' perceptions sometimes reminds me of that scene from the "Terminator 2" movie (1991) where Arnold Schwarzenegger walks into a bar !without any clothes...
6 months ago
speaking more literally of "the agreement going south" - Josh Ritchey, i like this idea (good values, land stewardship, and like-minded neighbors), but feel i am more fitting for a place closer to the equator... like southern india, mexico, etc.  any ideas?

and yeah, i can make more-normal money and purchase land... but, this deep roots type of good work for 2 years to earn the land is clearly a better way to me. like when i KNOW this (permaculture stuff) is good, fitting work, it would be less of me to make money in more conventional ways... but of course, if i don't know specific places/communities offering this kind of opportunity, then ?i may have to settle for the more-normal money making now? timing is important, but again, any ideas of this opportunity more south? i'm thinking the fellowship for intentional community may be able to help here now..

also, i guess if people got land there, then wanted to settle somewhere else, they could sell it, but especially with the very-to-radically different values from more-normal society we permies seem to share, ?is "time sharing" (but for settling, and not necessarily the currently common vacationing-use) relevant here?

thanks for ya'll help!
8 months ago
it's true that i am trotting the web with a fox browser now , buuut...

Joseph, yeah "pay attention to where we walk" while barefoot, and as Casie Becker points out,

Barefoot, you tend to be more aware of where you put your feet

and then there's a reduction in injury-risk, right...
but ?fox-walking?! sounds bad, and unnecessary in most-most circumstances (not buying Casey Pfeifer's scientific-sounding reasons for fox-trotting from a year ago - 1st page of thread).

I'm getting stabbed in both hands and feet while weeding. Seems like a worthwhile trade-off to me. - Joseph Lofthouse

"worthwhile", and moreover, unlocking the potentially-desirable disconnection from Nature (as well as "honorable", perhaps)

 I'm loving that my toes keep spreading wider apart. - Joseph Lofthouse

seems to indicate a non-hoof-like (or non-"blob at the end of my leg" ), human-duh, subtler functioning of our feet's 5, different appendages (a.k.a. "toes")

!good post, hidden-named poster between Rahul and Mike (from a month ago).  these words of wisdom can generally apply to how somebody can approach Nnaturepath transitions by going slow, from deeply habituated, familiar behaviors (the more habituated and familiar, the more difficult), and ultimately self-knowing or revelations as you listen more to your natural body and, environment... to get to that correct balance...
9 months ago
and i believe this comic appropriately reflects my value shown here
10 months ago
Thanks Amit...

Yeah, switch the L3- and L4-, I see that, and very good, (you're coming) from a more environmental or ecological perspective especially!... but let's not forget about the very important social, or human-human, (cultural) understandings too, right?

Also, have you heard about "the triple bottom line" valuation understanding (i.o.w. social, environmental, etc./"economic")...
10 months ago
(not sure if this post would be better in the "science and research" subcategory or even an "awareness" type of category, but...)

i'd like to share a perspective of our connectedness to "the food system" in "10 levels of L.E.I.S.A. (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture)" document, but below is a (less detailed) preview of the positive half (of the reflection).  i'm thinking it can be used for multiple purposes from educational awareness, to (permaculture) planning, and maybe even to policy-making or video-game programming.

comments & suggestions are appreciated (and considering using too), thanks!


L5+ : transitioning mass/commercial/industrial-scale (or “bad scale”) agriculture lands to environmental sustainable, Nature-friendly, good, healthy, human-scale  (or “better-best ways”) L.E.I.S.A. (e.g.  NRDC, financial trusts, EPA, USDA, USHHS, etc.)
L4+ : practicing environmentally sustainable, good, healthy, human-scale L.E.I.S.A. on other lands than L5 that were not being used in better-best ways (e.g. gross-ery stores, warehouses, socially-downtaking uses, etc.)
L3+ : practicing environmentally sustainable, good, healthy, human-scale L.E.I.S.A. on virgin lands, invading Nature (which could even be used for demonstration purposes) (personal experience examples - ?White Rose Catholic Worker?, Maitreya Mountain Village, etc.)
L2+ : experiencing “stepping stones” to then go to higher levels, but not necessarily “LEISA” (completely), and more practically working with or in the lifestyle they are currently in (personal experience examples - Huerta Del Valle community garden, CSUF composting class, Amy's farm, probably many WWOOF opportunities, etc.)
L1+ : supporting farmers' markets, CSAs, “local” branded foods (like at markets and gross-ery stores), “food waste recycling”
10 months ago
objectively/not knowing Toby, whoa,!what an honorable, fitting time of year to go (end of fall / winter solstice)...
2 years ago
really good, thoughtful, creative ideas on this thread, but out of reality-based games, video games, card games, and board games, reality-based games is the best idea IMO (like "GreenApes"  or even liveRealer with something like Paul Wheaton's PEP 1 (i'm still yet to read more about this)), and so far from this thread Nick Heyming's "seedsthegame" potential gets my vote.

given video game development (and hopefully it's be using and encouraging players to use renewable energy while playing), for the sake of the parallel between more simple/static programming of growing food / farming simulation and conventional, large, machine-scale farming, it may be better to actually preset undesirable values (other than, arguably, self-interested profit for some people) as game objectives, effectively allowing the video-game player to learn what not to do in actual reality (but of course this reverse-objective is fine (especially if players using renewable energy to play), time-accelerated, and educational in virtual reality). so 2 modes can be "profit over all" and "complete destruction of environment" (but still only using real "profit over all" farm equipment )

note: i myself am currently not using renewable energy that i know of

Ken Peavey wrote:It is the fundamental nature of man to want to control his own destiny

IMO this is interesting because it stimulates very deep consideration(s).
2 years ago