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We have it EVERYWHERE here and was wondering how y'all prepare it?
1 week ago
Yes, this is a mulberry. Please make sure you have a proper identification before eating any plant. Some environments have few poisonous plants, others a lot. Past my warning, you can easily propagate those by stem cuttings. They root very easily.
1 week ago
The maypop is wild everywhere here and I use them on unproductive trees because they die to the ground each winter. They also do not outcompete with the trees. When I pull the vines out at the end of the season I dry the leaves for a nice calming tea.
1 week ago
While I am unfamiliar with Washington, here is a university link that you may find further information:
Five-Lined Skink

From the University of Kentucky website:

Food - Various insects, spiders, earthworms, crustaceans, millipedes, smaller lizards and frogs, sometimes baby mice
3 weeks ago
I have a makeshift greenhouse that lizards absolutely adore. This guy was actually kinda curious about me and came up to check out my hand while filling my seed trays with water.
3 weeks ago
I keep all my trees close to around 12 foot tall. My orchard spacing is close and narrow and so shorter trees work best for me. Smaller fruits on bigger trees like Autumn olives can be shaken off though.
3 weeks ago
Cutting each section of glaucids off or burning seems tedious. Can you not just fillet them?
3 weeks ago
I have a section of currants, gooseberries, and hardy kiwi growing in about 4 hours of sun and they are doing excellent. I was wondering will lovage tolerate this and if so will it growing heavy clay?
3 weeks ago
Considering most orchard trees may not grow true to type and most areas in the States have access to apple/pear/plum/etc wild rootstock it doesn't make sense to grow from seed what we can dig up. I can see valid arguments for several tropicals, but if you have access to usable rootstock locally I suggest digging them up.
4 weeks ago