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Thank you so much for the feedback!
2 months ago
Hey guys I am working on a capstone project for my Master's and would like it if everyone could take a little time to take my survey to provide me with some information for my work. The questions could lead to a business someday. Thanks guys <3
2 months ago
I am making a list for the sake of writing a book on herbaceous temperate perennial vegetables. Right now I am still compiling my list and while I am not ready to post it just yet, I have 76 total perennial vegetables that meet certain criteria:

-Hardy to at least Zone 7b
-Herbaceous (Except for bamboo)
-Must be palatable
-And cannot include berries or herbs (Fruits can be included if they are herbaceous, like ground cherries)

If y'all have any odd perennial vegetables that meet these criteria, then please post them with their scientific names.

My main goal is for the information to provide the individual with information on lower input food sources, and by proxy less dependence on agencies to provide yearly seed, fertilizer (Non-permie or organic), and food markets. The pandemic is a prime example of how commodities can be ravaged pretty quick.
8 months ago
If they could I would think about playing plastic beneath them and shaking them and laying to dry like raisins. Thoughts? They prolly need greens and and mix of things to go with it. Like plaintain and giant ragweed right?
9 months ago
MY wife recently wanted us to get back into poultry, but feed prices exploded. What are y'all using for feed alternatives?
9 months ago
I've seen a few, but honestly cannot think of many very good options except like sorrel and such. And I am mostly talking season long greens, not early season leafy greens like dandelions and such. I eat Rose of Sharon early leaves, but I am looking into leafy greens that are season long available and perennial. Even if they're not cultivated/or wild, but common and don't need to be boiled like pokeweed. What are some perennial greens you've grown or wild harvested?
9 months ago
Hey yeah they make perfectly usable rootstocks for European and Asian pears. I regularly use them in my orchard and they do just fine.
9 months ago
Anyone know of a cultivar hardy to zone 6? I dont want to have to cater a microenvironment for them on my family farm since I will have them out in the open. I am in zone 7a and if they are hardy to zone 6 they'll survive here fine without help. Anyone know? I was told they have an excellent tuber for eating.
9 months ago
We have it EVERYWHERE here and was wondering how y'all prepare it?
1 year ago