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Recent posts by Wendy Nevers

I use a billhook for harvesting comfrey; some of it is dropped in place and some out in the vegetable gardens. I also use it for trimming willow rods for garden stakes. You're supposed to be able to whack down 2-3" saplings, as with a hatchet but I don't have the technique yet.
5 months ago
We haven't yet prepared for natural disaster: ours would be fiire or earthquake. We do prepare for frozen pipes... There is one spot we haven't fixed and won't. We fill about five gallons of plastic dispensers for drinking water and several five gallon buckets for flushing. We use baby wipes for sink baths. (At least up to now. Until very recently we bought wipes by the case, for a disabled family member. While they're not eco friendly, they are convenient and store for many months.) We also fill large pots, such as canners, to heat for washing pans, and use paper plates and plastic ware. Our climate is mild and six days was the longest we had frozen pipes. That strategy wouldn't work long term.

April to October the gravity fed Irrigation water runs. If the pipes don't break, that could be a source of water. Some winters there has been enough snow on the ground that we've melted that n buckets for flushing. Again, this is adequate for short term temporary inconveniences. We'd be hurting in a regional disaster.
1 year ago

Toss gloves into the bucket or wheelbarrow, not the pocket or the ground. If you have long sleeves, gloves can be tucked there. If wearing a tuck-in shirt, gloves can go down the shirt front. :-)
1 year ago

João Carneiro wrote:Hi Paul, this is the third video of the series.

The first one i saw was hosted on vimeo, had to reduce the quality to 360p to get it working without pulling my hair out. It was justin rhodes 45min video.

the second one was hosted on youtube, whent OK, no problem at all. it was care for RMH.

this third one hosted on vimeo claims i have an unsupported viewing environment, so things aren't getting better.

would really appreciate if you could resolve this problem.

best regards,


Using Opera browser (fairly tightly locked down) I got the same message. Switch to FireFox (pretty much wide open) and the video worked fine.
2 years ago
Admittedly, my head is full of snot this week and probably also my thought processes... I think part of the "problem" for me is too much to do, timing, and confusion.

Too much to do:
My email box is usually over-full and I do a quick scan, deleting things I am not going to read or followup on, responding immediately to bills and family, leaving the "review later" until reviewed or deleted.  For example; we have full-time jobs, home/field/garden/you-name-it maintenance, help parents, and physically disabled teen to launch. Plus 4 in-laws stayed with us for a week and now we are all sick. While I support what you are doing, the permies projects and forum are recreational for me, not a high priority (sorry Paul). I did read the emails and will fund.

Timing: It is summer here in orchard country/Central WA with lots to do outdoors, fence, refinish decks, fix ramps, build tomato cages, etc. Not so much time for web-surfing and e-mail perusing. I am even slow to respond to my family and friends.

Confusion: First thing I see on Kickstarter is the project is well over-funded; stopped reading (refer to "too much to do"). Third email went back and read Kickstarter plus this thread, see the stretch goals,  and now have better understanding of the thing. Might be better to create separate Kickstarter campaigns for each stretch project. For me, who works in a perpetually understaffed engineering department --and it's a good fit, ha, ha-- and being short on time, seeing an overfunded campaign means "be happy for them, stop reading, go to the next thing."

Edited to add: We run on a monthly budget and if we are not willing to alter current budget midstream, the spending will have to wait for the next month.
2 years ago