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I’m in central Texas, if you’re not afraid of our weather, I might have a place for you.
1 month ago
It likely needed more water earlier during growth. Or, it is too hot. When it gets warm and your growing lettuce, baby leaves are the best. No big deal, just try again.
7 months ago
You may be hard pressed to find a farmer in all of the south with a deer "problem". However, wild pork should be easy to procure. Everyone and their mother has problem pigs. Many have issues letting strangers hunt there land, but you should be able to find some. I won't let you hunt, my place isn't big enough, but may let you build a trap. Send me a Pm.
10 months ago
The variety from Reimer does not set seeds in 80 days nor in 120days. I would avoid ordering from Reimer all together. I grow  2 acre market garden.  I've received many incorrect varieties and unviable seed from them.
They are big enough now, that you can easily check. Flip them over and check out the plumbing. There are videos online, its pretty easy.
1 year ago
I'm in Schulenburg. glad to see more in the area.
3 years ago
I am down in Schulenburg. I have a small farm and use a scythe to cut cover crop, you are more than welcome to come down and and have a go at cutting. I use a blade from scythe supply, and I have more than enough wood around to throw together a snath that fits him. Saturdays I am home in the late afternoon, we will be selling at the markets there in Austin starting next week.
3 years ago
This has a pretty good explanation of starting the seeds.
I've had poor germination rates from seeds my wife purchased, but all reading we've done says germination can take a month or two.
3 years ago
I use the following  site often. It's hard to guess the name put if you hold your mouse over the name of a plant a small picture pops up. Its not perfect but helps sometimes.
3 years ago
Don't be afraid to call the tractor guys and go take a look. They buy farms around the country and repair and resale the equipment, most of it here because they have better sales here and they live here. I decided to get a different tractor then I originally went to look at. They usually list the tractors they've fully repaired and repainted. I'm mechanically inclined and don't care about paint, so I got a tractor they hadn't done much to plus some implements at a good price, they even delivered it, When they start talking fast they can be a bit hard to understand sometimes, the irish accent gets thick when they speak fast, but they are great guys, can't suggest them enough.
3 years ago