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Hi Kat!

A friend and I graduated from university this year and we've been biking around the Oregon coast wwoofing at different farms.  We love permaculture and are doing a PDC next year to stretch our minds' horizon.  Your offer seems awesome since Humboldt is our next stop after Oregon.  Would be cool to to see what you have in the ground and be a part of your project, let's set up a time to talk?  
Sounds sweet, I'm exploring the idea of doing a coastal bike/surf/farm trip.  In the case I do, I'd love to come stay with you.  Similar to wwoofing I'm assuming?
4 years ago
I've recently gotten into mushroom foraging.  It's quite easy to notice the immense variety of fungi..  they come in all sorts of shapes, forms, and colors.  The easiest mushrooms to find are often those with bright and vivid colors

Are mushrooms ever used for dying?
If so, are they effective?
4 years ago
I'm exploring how to make a drop-spindle using natural things from the land.  Could you describe how you made it?  Would love to know what wood you used and your technique in shaping the acorn.

Also, I've seen someone use clay for the base - know any other ways to get creative?
4 years ago
Don't mean to ask obvious questions on repeat but just to be clear because I'm seriously considering this given the current open spot..
~If I show up can I immediately start in the boots program or do I have to climb the ladder Gapper, then ant, then boots?
~$100 gapper fee allows you to work 18months as a boot.  From there I can pick my plot without paying anything?
4 years ago
Thanks for your prompt reply, guess I'm still confused, it could be that I'm doing research on this while studying for finals.
Why does the $ amount change from year to year.  What is the $20K that people are investing?
4 years ago
Given that I graduate in a week, this opportunity is too good to pass up and I'm eager to learn more.  New to Permies and I enjoy figuring out the layout & Paul's terminology.

Is there another thread on the boots program? Any open spots?
I read through the Deep Roots page but I'm still confused what 'getting an acre of land' means.  Why is money involved and why does it change from year to year, what is the $20K
that people are investing?
4 years ago