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I got a notification via email, not sure why, but my input was requested.

(I'm replying to ll the permies stuff lost track)

Dallas probably does have a crunch in materiaks.

You may not have a lot of foliage you can use to make raised beds.

In the old wealth parts of town they do have a lot of log-like stuff they have to have removed.

Get in touch with tree services and let them dump branches on your property.

Then you can cut the smaller branches off and foliage and use them for fill. Use the trunk limbs as the "railroad ties" in your Home Deopot style. raised beds.

Or make a swale and top the whole structure with THAT soil....

3 months ago
I ate some henbit once that upset my stomach.

I think part of it was "red thistle" possibly:

There's two "weeds that commonly grow in my garden every year. Henbit and a plant that has flowers that look the same.

I ate both; get a stomach ache and constipation.

I've been prorogating poke weed, but have never eaten any of it.

Nobody taught me how to cook it.

But my grandma used to have a sculpture of it so I propagate it.

I keep planting the berries.

What I've been told is don't eat the leaves near purple stems. Boil it, drain it, boil it drain it....

That's not enough information to EAT IT.

What's the truth on poke weed?

3 months ago
The other thing is there's really been bad mixes.

If we can trade seeds and plants easier we will get where we need to get fast.

I've tried to grow artechokes. I can't buy Jerusalem artechokes.

Or air potatoes.

Or Thai Basil.

Some of it will  grow noth and south of me.

Some of it ALMOST GROWS HERE to seed.

We keep trading these seeds.....and cuttings and plants....
3 months ago
These things may have been already said:

1)Peppers and squashes often have mature seeds in them  Tomatoes, many veg you buy at the grocery store has viable seeds in it.

When I core a bell pepper sometimes I dry the core(the stem area with the seeds) on top of my refrigerator.

When I was growing "pickling" cucumbers they grew way bigger than regular cucumbers and the skin went yellow and they got really big and bitter.


I put them on the compost pile.

And pickling cucumber vines grew.

Now I have a berm I put things on/in I don't want to use right now in the food forest.

Most of the veg you buy at the grocery store has potential to have viable seeds.

The veg you grow, always let some pants live the entire life cycle.

If you miss out on the seeds they make, if you remember where they can propagate by spreading the dirt.

3 months ago
I'm going to end up doing similar things to trees I planted.

I leave trees in place until they are harming the system,

but, -and-

You can leave a stump and populate it with shitake or other mushroom spawn...

It's a bit similar to raising hogs or cattle or other livestock when you kill a healthy tree, I grok it.

I have an issue now with ash trees

The ones that were present before I started my food forest. They have bore beetle problems.

It' not killing them yet but I am starting to need the sunlight for the designed space.

I'm waiting and getting used to the idea of removing them.

I'm not wanting to do it, but it will be better when I do.

I don't compost, I mulch.

Compost is like a bread leavening

I don't do that shit.

No bread at all. No yeast, no baking powder.

What I do is an old Floridian trick.

In the pre-columbian days what we did to grow corn beans squash and all the animals we hunted that stole out crops....

Clearcut a forest, plant corn beans and swuash.

Use the timber to build houses...

Hunt and eat the animals that try to eat the corn.....

And fish...crab...clam a lot...

3 months ago
Fiber is cheap.

RF/5G is really a waste of potential
3 months ago
Fiber optic cables are 1/8th the cost of twisted pair copper.

And 1/100th of the cost of wireless crap bullshit toxic bee killing shit.

3 months ago
Don't do it.

Demand fiber optics.

3 months ago