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Recent posts by Dominic Crolius

I just got the Cob style rocket mass Heater streaming from $10 to $7.  I rated it five stars!  
Audiobook please!  You have lots of podcasts.  The market is there.  It would also make it more likely that children will be listening.  Infecting the young with these ideas seems like a good plan.  I would very much appreciate the audio version of this book.

I have wanted a version of the PDC/ATC that is edited for audio.  I can listen, but not watch, them at work.  I'm guessing many do the same.  Many of the speakers are teaching by showing, but interspersed in the video is tons of really good teaching.  I've sat through twenty minutes of shoveling noises and people tromping around just to hear a snippet of advice.  A great example of this is the group work on earthworks where they created a small version of a dam and spillway and poured water over it discussing flooding events in real time with buckets of water.   It was great, but it took wading through a lot of prep work to get there.  More people would watch/listen if it were edited down.  That sounds like a butt load of work, but it's content you've already created.  If that is a possibility I would pay for the PDC/ATC stuff again!
4 years ago
I also vote for #1.  Heads up on the most recent kickstarter email.  I tried to click like and the link is broken.  Being unlikable seems bad!  Hopefully it's just mine.
5 years ago
I really liked this podcast.  I would also greatly appreciate you doing an audiobook version.  Maybe make the audio book version a higher contribution in the kick starter, because I would jump all over that!

Thanks for spewing rainbows into the world for us all!
I meant to add I think this would make a great kickstarter.  I imagine people from all over the world would be interested in throwing their money at you for making a documented attempt at a large battery bank for Wheaton Labs.    
5 years ago
Lead acid batteries suck.  The price is very high.  They are disposable after about 7-10 years.  They are full of toxic materials like lead and emit toxic gases.  They also require gentle care and the slightest snafu will destroy all of them.  I have done a bit of research into the Thomas Edison nickel iron batteries.  They seem low tech, safe, cheaper, and they get better with age.  I worked on the railroad and they had some from the land before time that still did a great job.  (I'm guessing 40's)  They lose charge quicker than lead acid, but if it lasts for a hundred years does it matter?  Holy crap are they heavy, but they can be treated like crap and still work wonderfully.  Some of the methods used to make nickel iron batteries seem doable.  I have seen folks on youtube making tiny versions only.  I have read the few posts on permies regarding them.  Great reading, but the only options seemed to be Edison batteries, the commercial route.  $1k for a 12 volt 100 amp Edison.  One of the biggest costs would appear to be nickel at first glance.  I do pottery and powdered nickel is not very expensive.  I would put 200 toward a good how to video or a horrible failure with lots of expletives.

As a lover of all things conspiracy I'm guessing the Exide company stopped making these batteries because they lasted too long.  It didn't work with our planned obsolescence society.  Enter the compact fluorescent.
Helpful reading if you choose to accept this challenge:
5 years ago
Aah, sorry.  You have far more experience than I!  If it helps at all I use to identify down to the species, or a handful of possibles.  I would then do a google image search for the specific species I think I have with the almost 100% chance of someone posting a microscopic picture of the spore.  I rarely see a spore print online.  When I do, it was collected and photographed with an unhelpful resolution.  If you find a source I'd be interested!  Good luck!
6 years ago
You are playing with fire!  I would recommend looking online for a community of people who hunt mushrooms in your area.  Usually a picture posted online will get quick responses from other hunters.

This is a good guide: Mushrooms Demystified

I would wait for qualified mentor confirmation before noshing on the ones you find and think you identify.  The book has lots of spore print pics.  It does, unfortunately, focus on Western varieties of mushrooms.  It is mildly terrifying how a poisonous species can look exactly the same as an edible one, grow next to each other possibly even touching.  Close examination of spores reveals one will result in death, the other a happy tummy.  If you were going to forgo the mentor route I would not rely on the naked eye when looking at spores.  A good microscope would be a wise investment.

Maybe I'm paranoid.  
6 years ago
This interview was awesome.  I would like to see Paul Wheaton chilling with Joe Rogan.  That would be a good Podcast!  It would also splatter permaculture into the faces of a lot of new folks who might be interested!
6 years ago
Both purchases done with paypal and they both went very smoothly.  The receipt and notifications were sent promptly and the video was available in both tests.