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Recent posts by Milton Dixon

Hi Friends,

Announcing Bending Oak's 2024 Permaculture Design Certificate Course!

The course will be held at Bending Oak Permaculture Farm, in Youngstown, OH, July 29 - August 10, 2024.

The price is $1749, early registration price is $1549 ends April 29th.

It will be taught by Darrell Frey & Elizabeth Lynch of Three Sisters Permaculture

Meals and camping included, cabins are available for an extra fee.

If you have any questions let me know!

I've got one starting August 1, 2020.

You can watch  all of our lectures at our Introductory Permaculture Course. We combine all of those with reading to form a basis for in class discussion.

It really works well for us!
4 years ago
Hello Again Friends,

With so many people stuck at home the Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative has deiced to make our Introductory Permaculture Videos available online for free.

We've got 28 videos that we use in our PDC's paired with questions for reflection.

Topics include: Patterns, The Local Ecosystem, Trees, Forests, Plants, and Cultivated Ecologies, Tropical, Arid, & Cool Climates, Broadscale Landscape Design, Urban Permaculture, Ecovillage and Neighborhood Design, The Built Environment, Energy & Appropriate Technology, Garden Design/Seed Saving/IPM, Waste & Bioremediation, Climate & Biogeography, Home System, Soil, Aquaculture, Design for Catastrophe, Access to Land (Settlement Patterns), Intro to Permaculture, Design Methods, Goals, Mapping & Process, Systems Thinking & Pattern Language, Ethics & Principles, Patterns & Pattern Application, Microclimates, Water, Earthworks, Animals, and Economic Systems.

We'd love for you to check them out and value any feedback!

4 years ago
Hi Friends,

The Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative is announcing our 2020, Chicago PDC.

COURSE DATES: Six, weekend classes, 72 hour course
August 1-2, 29-30; September 19-20; October 3-4, 17-18; November 14-15

LOCATION: Chicagoland (venue tba)

COURSE FEE: sliding scale from $700 - $1,400+, with a suggested base price of $1,050.
A deposit of $200 will reserve your spot. Convenient payment arrangements are available at all levels. No one will be turned away -- please inquire for additional details/options.

I hope you can join us!

Hi Friends,

I'm announcing a Free Online Course that I've put together with the Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative.

GLPDC Intro to Permaculture

Subscribe with your email to enroll in our free “Introduction to Permaculture” course over the next six weeks, delivered to your inbox. Each email includes a video and specific questions to help you begin your own journey towards a specific permaculture design for you, your family, and your situation. This is just for the course, we won’t send you any additional emails through this list.

We would love and value any feedback. I hope you enjoy!

4 years ago
Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative

COURSE DATES: Seven, weekend classes, 84 hour course

April 7 & 8, May 5 & 6, June 23 & 24, July 7 & 8, August 4 & 5, September 8 & 9, October 13 & 14

LOCATION:  Chicago, IL (exact location TBA)

COURSE FEE: Early Bird Discount: $975 ($325 deposit required before February 7)

                          Regular Fee: $1,275 ($425 deposit required after February 7)

Course fee includes textbook and all course materials • Convenient payment plans available • Deposit pays for last two weekends

This course dives deeper than traditional lecture-based courses into the design process through case studies, hands-on activities, games and stories to build a quality foundational experience. Also, the location based nature of the course builds community that will exist after the course, giving it more impact in the local area.

Register Here
Presented by Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative

Hi Friends,

The live q&a is all edited and uploaded. I'll work with Amanda to figure out the problem. Might just not be linked yet...

7 years ago
Hi Friends,

I'm announcing the 2nd PDC by the Great Lakes Permaculture Design Collaborative. You can register for this next course and see recordings of our pre-course lectures and primers at

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Milton Dixon
7 years ago
Hey, thanks for posting about our course! We've totally filled up enrollment after having it out in the world for about a month, the first class is starting in a few hours...

The extended schedule is going to be a challenge but that was a direct result of how we went about creating the course. We got a group of educators together and asked them what it would take to make this course possible. Four hours a month was what was reasonable for them and that's what we went with. They were also able to offer resources to make the course viable at the price it was.

I think the response speaks for itself. It just makes me wonder why, as designers, we haven't done more to iterate the format of the PDC. I think there is a great need to get this information/knowledge/experience out there but the standard course design just doesn't work for so many people.

For sure we're going to have to tweak things so that we can use the extended schedule to our advantage but that seems a reasonable task.

Wish us luck!
9 years ago
Seth Godin is a great resource!

I've worked for a long time to transition from the existing world into a more permanent one, recently made the jump to full time permaculture. That does not mean I'm a farmer or only teach PDCs but those are two elements of my overall design plan. Right now I'm looking at myself as a producer of media: anything from videos & websites to gardens & community groups (gardening people).

You are the only one that can know how best to do that for yourself. How can you leverage your existing skills and situation into permanence? Where are the major leverage points of action so you can get the most reward from your efforts?
10 years ago