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Recent posts by kylie cox

James Freyr wrote:I did a little searching, and I believe that's a wheel bug egg cluster. The brown color, whitish tops and hexagon-like cluster point to wheel bug, and let's hope it is! Wheel bugs are a type of assassin bug, and they will eat bad bugs that cause problems in the garden such as that japanese beetle in the second picture.

hmm, i also googled and the clusters have some similarities but look pretty different imo? i appreciate your research! nonetheless, now i'm learning about a new bug. interesting stuff.
2 months ago

Marco Banks wrote:I'd be curious to see what they'd hatch into.  

Is there any way you could snip that vine off the plant, put it in water, and watch to see what emerges from those little eggs?  Or just leave it out there and let nature take its course.  Who knows -- maybe its a beneficial insect that you want in your garden.

i like that train of thinking and it's a great reminder to remain curious rather than fearful, i've just had bad experiences lately with pests, but i can't let that control how i handle future situations that arise. so thanks!
like i said i already picked off the leaf and squished it. next time i'll think more before i act and see if i can run a little experiment! but definitely a controlled one haha. wouldn't want to leave that to hatch a bunch of dudes who will wreak havoc on my plant babies!
2 months ago
I usually can just google something up based on the right words, but i can't find ANYTHING that looks like this!
I'm in California Zone 9b and just saw this (i'm assuming egg cluster) on the leaf of my tomato plant. I'm extremely curious what little dude laid these, even if it was already picked off and squashed. RIP.
2 months ago
I searched to see if i could find anything previously, but am having no luck! I'm trying to think up an easy, sustainable and cheap way to give out excess veggies to my friends, family, neighbors, etc.

Usually i just use plastic ziploc baggies but it is driving me nuts.
it makes me feel super guilty, as it should.

I've played with the ideas of thrifting baskets for larger produce and maybe making envelopes for smaller (example - cherry tomatoes) out of newspaper?

But neither of those feel very good to me either. Idk.

How do you give away your veggies?

9 months ago