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Recent posts by Kerry Ceilidh

Hi Josh and welcome to the forum
Yes I'm down in the SW
2 years ago
They have it on Abe Books for £46 plus postage of £11 to the UK from america so that's about 59 USD plus local delivery.
2 years ago
Hi Amanda
Have you tried the UK and Ireland forum on here and also there's a permaculture ireland Facebook group?  Lots of Permies people in the South and SW.  
Glad you found love in Loughrea x
2 years ago
This is a really lovely post and very well written.  Good luck with your search.  I hope you find her really soon x
2 years ago
So Richard and Amanda are you still Sleepless in Sligo ? Lonesome in Limerick?  Kinky in Killarney? Or Married in Mayo?
2 years ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:

Did it look something like this? (was looking Hudson Bay's Wikipedia site and saw this)

Lol i did exactly the same thing this afternoon and saw that exact same picture
3 years ago
I'd love to know how you got on Kate.
The three year extension must be up.  Did you sell the woodland and find your perfect place?
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

The answer is simple and two fold:

A:  Pie

B:  Cream

The answer to all things should be thus.

I think you deserve some 😁
Oh that's so true.  I would be able to weave blankets or rugs.  Stuff that was pretty much finished and set as it came off the loom but I know I couldn't cut fabric I'd put so much time and love into.  I would be so worried I'd mess it up and it would be wasted.  I'd just end up with a pile of beautiful handwoven fabric

I often get stuck on big projects that i knit or crochet for myself.  I have come to realise I get worried that it won't be as wonderful as I picture in my mind so I get right to the point of finishing and then chicken out.
As I type I realise that I finish other people's stuff and make sure it is up to scratch but not my own.  Hmmmphh I think I've spent far too long putting every one else first and on the odd occasion I think I should have beautiful things as well I'm only giving it lip service.  Until it's finished I could still pull it out and make it into something else for someone else.  Gosh I'm bad.  Must get out some unfinished project and finish it for me!!

I think the jacket looks perfect in your beautiful soft fabric.  Please update the thread with the finished item I would love to see it
3 years ago
Your cloth is beautiful.  I only wish I could touch it to feel the softness.
Your post reminded me of when I used to work in potteries.  We ran a workshop and invited a Columbian pottery to lead a session and she decided to make small ocarina flutes shaped like animals. The people in the workshop were a mixture of potters, non potters and children.  
She showed us how she made the animal flutes. The heads were made hollow.  The potters said but if you do that it will explode in the kiln.  She said it's not a problem..
She  had different kinds of clay which had varying shrinkage rates from 13 to 25%.  She enclosed one type of clay within another which had a higher shrinkage rate meaning as it fired it would shrink more than the other clay section and so squeeze it and break itself or the other section depending which was stronger.   The potters said but it will break.  She said it's not a problem.
She embedded clay shapes and joined pieces not as a standard potter would using scoring, slip and creation of suction but by adding tiny clay nails to the shape and nail holes on the other pieces and putting them together. The potters said but but but...... She said it's not a problem.
When the pieces fired .... This is a true story... All the ocarinas made by experienced potters (who made them believing the Columbian potter was crazy/stupid/wrong, it will never work) exploded in the kiln.  All the other ones, made by people who just followed the instructions and did so without question, came out of the kiln in one piece.  They didn't put limitations on their work or put obstacles in their paths.
The only people losing out in the weaving situation are the people who say it can't​ be done.  Exploring the world and how to do things as a child would is far more rewarding and a far richer world to live in.
3 years ago