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Recent posts by Pamela Richards

Another way to use eggs.

Boil, cool and shell then mash up with a fork. Add sweet mayo. Use it as a sandwich filling with chopped lettuce or celery.
An even better sandwich filling is to add curry powder and again add lettuce.
1 year ago
I am in country WA. Recently I bought comfrey seeds from The Seed Collection in Victoria, so why not grow your own. Also available from Eden Seeds in QLD.
2 years ago
Eden Seeds  is also a good source for seeds. Dedicated to old varieties. Http://
2 years ago
Thanks for that information about the cold. I live in a temperate Mediterranean type climate here in Australia.
We don't get a huge amount of frosts but it has been very much cooler than usual this last year.
I will probably use straw bales to protect the trees for the first few years. First I just have to find the seeds or trees out here.
Very very strict quarantine on plants out here but for our own safety. Appreciate the information Crt Jakhel.
5 years ago
Manuka is the plant which is a bush and not a tree called Leptospermum scoparium occuring naturally in New Zealand.
The New Zealand name is Manuka.
Australia also has Lepstospermum scoparium occuring naturally and our general name for it is Tea Tree.
There are many different tea tree range in the FAMILY: MYRTACEAE of Leptospermum.
These plants are very pretty and occur mainly in red, pink and white.
Bees just love them as they do with the Acacia, Eucalypts, Banksias, Corymbias, Callistemon, Grevillea, Melaleuca, Hakea and Kunzea plants of Australia.
There are many many plants from Australia that suit bees. The great thing about Aussie plants is they mostly survive on neglect.
5 years ago
I am looking to buy seeds or plants in Australia for a Bee Bee Tree (Korean evodia - Tetradium daniellii ).
I know that they are sometimes called corkwoods or evodias in Australia.
I can get a pink one under the name of Melicope elleryana but I would like to be able to get white as well.
This is for my honey bees.
I would also prefer to be able to buy within Western Australia as our state government is very very strict on bringing any plant life into our state.
But I would buy from other Australian states as well and go through quarantine.
It would be great if there is a lovely Australian person on this forum who could answer my question.
I am a newbie here and look forward to reading a lot on all the topics.
5 years ago