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Alicia Krick

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since Jul 30, 2017
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food preservation woodworking greening the desert
Trying to learn all I can about urban farming and eventually moving into homesteading.  I am looking to meet like minded people to befriend and maybe even a partner to share in the adventure.

I am an Arizona native.  Just finishing up my motherhood career and preparing for the empty nest.

I am educated, entrepreneurial, health and fitness minded and love to laugh and have fun.

I am not sure what else to put here that won't sound like a personal ad )  Open to good honest conversation.
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Recent posts by Alicia Krick

Hey jennifer,

Did you get to do weed dating?  Is there one here in AZ?

It looks like fun.

The Arizona girl wants to try.
3 years ago
Walter,  how goes the search? I am 40something but always believe you are only as old as you feel.  For me that is 33.  My baby just turned 17 and i am out of the child bearing game but i love kids and would consider adoption if it is ever an option.  Totally looking forward to being the young hip grandma in about 10 years.

I am an expert in sarcasm, love the outdoors and animals.  Especially my dogs.

I have always thought Montana would be a cool place to be but am afraid to be snowed in for too long.

But if it's meant to  be it will be.  

If you want to talk more i'm not hard to find.

The Arizona girl
3 years ago
keith, pretty sure I'm out of your age range and you probably get too much snow for my taste but i wanted to say i liked your post, love your dogs and the pictures are great.  I gave you a pie to help you find "the one" .  Good luck.

The Arizona girl
3 years ago
I wasn't sure anyone would get the joke.  Thanks Kevin.

There is a gun in the holster though.  My little 380.

Are there any shooters out there?

3 years ago
This post is 6 years old. I'm curious to kmow how your farm is doing?  

There is a youtube video from Agribusiness that has a guy living in a chandler HOA that has backyard birds.  He plants edibles in his front yard that look good enough for the HOA.

Hope all is well.
3 years ago
Ok Miles.  Here you go......and yes, the truck is a 4x4.
3 years ago
Looking for SM who can do monogamy.  It won't be boring I promise!

I am currently turning my suburban home into an urban farm and when it's done I suspect my last darling baby girl will be done too.  She is already starting to ditch me for more exciting things.  Though personally I think I am way more fun then most of her friends )

I am brainstorming what to do next.  I'm thinking some outdoor adventure and eventually settling semi-north with some seasons and better growing weather.   I'm thinking a modest homestead with a nearby farmers market to sell the goods should help fund retirement and a small town of good humoured, good natured people who like the occasional barn dance for some added fun.

I want to learn how to work with wood.  My dad was a carpenter but not a teacher.  If you know wood and can teach that would be cool and handy.  If not then a desire to learn with me would be fun too.

I don't want to get too windy here and if I tell you everything up front we will miss all the fun getting to know each other.

I am a worker bee and believe there is fun in working together.  We don't have to like ALL the same things; that would be boring.  I think we need to like and agree on about 80%.  The rest we can take turns exploring together.

I'm not financially rich, yet, but if you are that is ok.  I won't hold it against you  (That is a funny.  If you didn't laugh, procced with caution.) If you have not yet made your fortune that is okay too but you need to be able to at least manage your own well enough as do I?

A sense of humor is a must!  I love to laugh and have fun while i work.  I like, at least, an occasional intelectually stimulating conversation.  I have an insatiable appetite for learning.  Hope to be the best grandma ever when grandkids come along.  Though my kids tell me that is waaay waay off in the future (bummed).

Must love dogs!!

Oh, and I own guns.

If you are still reading and want to learn more shoot me a moooosage or response somehow.

My name is Alicia, the Arizona girl.  It is a pleasure to meet me: I mean You.  (Another funny  Smile.  Life is short.
3 years ago
Hey Daniel,  can you give more information.  How old are you? How young are you looking for?  Where do you want to live? Children?  Etc.  

Good luck with your search.

The Arizona girl.
3 years ago
Jennifer,  i was scouring this site hoping to find something with permaculture communities or the like here in arizona.  I am interested in learning more and participating in a living community project. Be it a transition town, co-op type community living with permaculture as the base or working a farm.  If you know a group in town or have any information i would appreciate being informed.  Thanks for asking.  Alicia
3 years ago