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Mimic a restaurant in savings with inexpensive appetizers... Two Breads in Bread course, Home baked white rustic and corn muffins... Real Butter... Soup Course.. Homemade from this weeks left overs and veggie tops... Main course with starch portion like potatoes or rice, large serving roast root vegtables, small portion of meat (if Necessary) or bean-based dish... Side salad, and Dessert of fruit and cheese... or pie... People should be stuffed by this...
3 months ago
For insulation, Stuff between the boxes with crumpled newspaper or straw.

Use flour and water paste or white glue to secure the foil.

recycle old window glass for cover.

Reed Urban Homestead
6 months ago
Heat rises. Anything you can do to drive heat up and out of your house works great.

At one point we lived in OK where it was 100 plus degrees all summer.  We had a very small one room air conditioner in the bedroom. That was it. By driving heat up and out with fans we were pretty cool. We had a fan that drove the air into the attic and then another that exhausted the heat from the attic.

My Hubby is more heat sensitive than me or would never have air conditioning.

7 months ago
To extract oil:

Boil whole hips and put through strainer to get liquid for rose hip jelly... Then crush the leftover pulp with seeds. Make sure the seeds are broken (mortar and pedestal, viti mix , grinder etc...) put in pot and boil the pulverized mass.After boiling,  Press down mass with clean rock, glass plate etc... Let cool. The extracted oil will float to the top. Chill and remove oil from the rest with skimmer.

8 months ago

when I was younger it was


8 months ago

Do you grow Sweet Potatoes (not Irish)? The LEAVES of sweet potatoes are very high in a substance that lowers blood sugar. There is a lot of research on this. Look into adding sweet potato leaves to your diet.
Research published in the Journal of Nutrition found that eating foods high in a naturally occurring nutrient known as myricetin can decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 26 percent. Parsley is one of the best sources of myricetin, containing about 8 milligrams per 100 grams of parsley. The study, known as the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (Epic), was conducted in 26 study centers in 8 European countries over several years.

A subsequent study of 12,403 people with type 2 diabetes showed a strong link between consumption of flavonol (a natural compound found in parsley) and a significantly reduced incidence of the disease.


Interestingly, when I looked up foods high in myricetin --I found the highest was Sweet Potato Leaves.

In Africa, most stews use Sweet potato leaves as a "green." Makes you wonder that when people were kidnapped to Americas this crucial info was lost.

Now that is Sweet Potato Leaves --- NOT white potato leaves which are poisonous.


Maureen Atsali wrote:Reevaluating my goals...

From the start my main objective with the farm was to be as self sufficient as possible.  Basically I wanted to feed my family.  Last year, we pretty much achieved that goal, eating almost exclusively from what we raised on the farm.  I was still buying tea, honey, salt and cooking fat.  (If I was really motivated, I could keep bees, plant oil palms, and grow tea... Then all we would really need is salt.). Occasionally the mono diet would make me nuts and I would splurge for store bought stuff... White rice, a loaf of bread, chocolate!  We had lots of animals, but since that's my main source of farm income, we were selling them rather than eating them... So my diet had become unintentionally almost vegan.

A little back story here: I have been obese most of my adult life.  I was over 300 lbs and a hardcore diabetic when I came to Africa.  Within weeks of arrival my blood sugar stabilized, and I was able to go off all medications, and over the course of a year I lost about 120 lbs, effortlessly.  I kept it off for 5 years and through two pregnancies.

But last year, I started to gain weight again.  And while I am out of strips to test, I think the diabetes is also back. (Ants in the pee bucket probably means sugar in the urine!). I was kind of mystified... I am working harder, physically, than I ever have in my life.  Most people would say I have an uber healthy diet.  

Then I had the lightbulb moment back before Christmas.  The farm diet is extremely high in carbs.  Sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, starchy banana and maize make up the bulk of our calories... And I think my insulin resistant body just can't process all that sugar.

So I have been thinking about how to change the farm so that I can still eat... Without overloading on carbs.  The answer I came up with is to focus more on livestock.  Still grow the starchy veggies, but let the animals convert it into energy I can safely consume.  The problem is keeping more animals means we need more infrastructure.  Another problem is that we sold off almost all of our animals to pay for Alex's surgery.  I have a handful of chickens and ducks left, a couple of goats, one rabbit and one cow.  So I feel like I am starting from scratch.  When we moved from my mother in laws compound to our own last year we had to leave behind the big chicken coop, the goat house, the pigsty, and the rabbit hutches.  So we have to build all those structures.  (Currently the chickens and ducks sleep in the chicken tractor, the cow and the goats sleep in the unfinished bathroom!)

Money, money money!

9 months ago
See if another ewe will take it on. If not you can bottle feed goat milk or milk replacer.

There are all sorts of videos and blogs on how to do this.

Good Luck!
10 months ago
you can make "cleaning grade" vinegar with fruit and veggie scraps. Toss fruit peelings, potato peelings, etc. In pot and make a sort of soup. Let cool and add yeast. Cover with cloth or screen. Let ferment. Strain when bubbling gets slow. Let finish fermenting. You can open it to air to add "mother" to turn the ferment into vinegar. Or add mother from live vinegar like Braggs... Let process into vinegar. It will get a gelatinous blob it it. Strain off mother for laundry use. This will work for cleaning and laundry use. and its free!!
1 year ago
MY son does this. He has accounts with upscale local restaurants . We started by growing for ourselves. Our neighbors is a Chef. He suggested we contact some local Head Chefs and bring some samples. Make sure you go to the kitchen door not the front where you will get way laid by Hostesses and Waitress who know nothing about food production. Just go to the kitchen door and ask for the Head Chef. Ask a  reasonable price that matches your local market (not NEW York City Prices!!)... Each week the Chef or Owner will tell you what he wants for next week. We do radish shoots, pea shoots and sunflower shoots. In the Summer we add corn shoots to the mix, but they do take longer to grow.

Good luck.
1 year ago