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I began homesteading in the early 1980’s. I presently live on 11 acres. I have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, KuneKune Pigs, bees, and an assortment of chickens. My driveway is the boundary between zones 6a and 6b. Annual rainfall for me is at 46 inches. I don’t consider myself an expert on anything. I am thoroughly enjoying myself in the adventure I created for myself.
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southern Illinois, USA
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Recent posts by John F Dean

As others have said, it depends.  I am a 74 yr male with a wife with multiple serious health issues.  We have been on our 11 acres for multiple decades.  Am I getting everything done so I want to ….nope.  But I am slowly completing old projects and launching new projects.  Our lawn is not as well kept as I would like.  Our house is messier than I would like. But I get up every morning, a little slower than I would like, and look forward to the challenges of the day.  The main thing that helps me is keeping a routine.   As a supervisor once told me when I started a new job, “ Every morning make a list of 10 things you want to accomplish. If you accomplish 2 of them, the day has been a success.”
3 hours ago
Hi Blaine,

I went roof diving back in ‘82 off a second story roof.  With my usual advanced planning, I was alone, a mile from the nearest neighbor, Christmas Eve, with a major snow storm rolling in.  I suppose it was a good thing that I hit the ladder on the way down, putting a serious bend on it.  I woke up on the ground with my dog in my face barking.  I was more fortunate than you. I did break my left knee cap in 3 places. Through some stroke of luck, it healed without major problems …I refused the hospital. There are days when every joint in my body seems to relive the experience, but Turmeric seems to address that.  Thanks for the tip on the Horseradish.
6 hours ago
Hi Colleen,

Welcome to Permies.  You never have to worry about the other members going easy on you.  We take our “Be Nice”policy seriously.
2 days ago
It just struck me this might be a head scratcher for some. The break ins happened in a small county….during a heavily contested, very dirty, election for states attorney…with the kid having the wrong last name.  His real crimes were bad judgement and bad luck.
2 days ago
I may have posted something similar to this years ago, but I just read a comment that triggered a memory.  I worked in a heavily regulated field of service when a gentleman in his 40’s applied for a job.  The state barred his being hired because there was a felony on his record.

He had done  a full 5 years in prison.   For whatever reason, I researched his background.   He was convicted of breaking into a number of stores. This happened on the night of his high school graduation. Nothing was stolen.  When arrested, he was very drunk. His record was clean since prison….that was about 20 years of a clean record.  He was able to obtain a letter of support from his minister, his attorney, the prosecutor, and the owner of each store he had broken into. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think he got a favorable letter from the local judge.  

I sent this information into the state, and they refused to clear him.  Maybe 7:00 on a Friday night I call the state office in the Capitol.  I am expecting an answering machine, instead the department head answers the phone. The department head takes the expected route. He is sorry, but he has to follow the regulation.  So, I asked him, “When you were 18, did you ever do anything that could have landed you in prison if you were caught.”  The phone goes silent. Then there is loud laughter.  

A couple of weeks later I received notification the regulation had been changed.

2 days ago
I have caught it eating.  It’s behavior is still off of center(withdrawn). I will be watching it closely the next few days.
2 days ago
I have a goat that is not eating this evening.   Any ideas?
2 days ago
Hi Andres,

Welcome to Permies.
2 days ago
I have had a solar oven for years.  I use it in the summer, as I use my fireplace in the winter, to offset my use of LP gas.  While I don’t use it daily …I live under frequently cloudy skies .. it does help.
3 days ago