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professional fisherman and master bater. Global trouble shooter.
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Sooooo... Trying to get shit done for the last few years and i just got tired of having everything spread out. This spring I built my MGRDT (mobile get er dun trailer). She houses a 10k gen, wire feed welder, air compressor, oxy/acc torch, small tool box, larger "job box"ish and a few other little things. been using it for around three months and am very happy with it!
Lets see them trailers! I know ya got em!
8 months ago
That's flattering but I'm not anywhere close to imposing my views on permaculture. I do get what your saying though, that view is something eh! My wife was like "It's red white and blue!" Completely accident that it looked bad ass.
I need to tune up my grammar a bit but I like the idea of a "view from the solar panel". I'll consider some content but I never fancied myself someone that has something to say.
1 year ago
Thanks Patrick, I reckon every bit of knowledge helps...or hurts depending! What do you mean by series? More ways to save?
1 year ago
I aint trying to change the world, that would involve changing human habits. Not my gig. I did learn some things recently and thought I'd pass it on. Let me know "in true permies fashion" if this video sucks.
P.s. I know I said "comed" LMAO.
Thank folks!

1 year ago
Oh! and no need for anything fancy on these roads. We have six miles of non maintained primitive road and the best vehicle, after all the trial and error, was an old Honda CRV with studded tires. I have a snow plow on a k-5 blazer with chains all the way around. plowing isn't that bad.
1 year ago
Hey Mark, I'm in Stevens county and if your looking in the valley it is prone to flooding brother. Last year it got so bad some roads were closed. We are way up in the mountains which as you stated has its own problems but we love it.
Couple of things your realtor wont mention...hunters and huckleberry pickers. We wanted isolation and these folks rob us of that for a few weeks out of the year! Put on your tin foil hat and really take a look at the neighboring properties...and the ones that are close to them.
1 year ago
So long story short it was on sale. The temp is rising for some weird reason so its not freezing in my outdoor freezer. I was wondering if anyone had cured a store bought ham? As I understand they are already wet cured in a brine and I have no idea how long it will last as it is not frozen.
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of sissy swear words IE frik, gosh, darn etc. I don't trust people who don't curse and less even the ones that fake it! It's the whole people who go to church need church theory. Oh and I'm getting tired of the word or words "off grid, offgrid". Just loosing its meaning but I haven't found a suitable replacement soooo...
they're more proven than ya think. There are a myriad of youtube videos of people living with them in their houses. I would hesitate to run one if I had a day job because you need to spend quality time with it every day. The times vary and I'm sure some folks have it worked out but it is the necessary truth. Once its done 2-4 hours and fully charged then your free! Really the same thing is true with my current wood stove. I cant leave for more than 6-8 hours max or shit freezes up. I would invite some qualified help on this one and get it done right. Some one here wants to go to Canada for free beer!!!
1 year ago
I'll start with I'm not a pro RMH builder. I have built one. There are many different styles and types of heaters. Mine is just stuff we had here (fire bricks, clay, small 35g barrel etc.) As my first build I would not use this one to heat a house, but I would not hesitate and in fact will heat my house next winter with a larger one. My house is 1600 sf. and not an open concept. You should be able to heat your house no problem with a fairly inexpensive build. I would recommend building one or 9 outside to get a feel for it and figure what works for you. Its not hard to build one but its hard to get one right.
1 year ago