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since Dec 07, 2017
I live in central Fl. And raise perennial edibles for the most part while starting my "food forest". I am getting serious about my composting. And I would love to hear from other like minded growers in my area. Or, any where else for that matter.
Mims, fl
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If the duck is eating well while loosing weight, I too think it is likely worms.
I worm my fowl, be it chickens, turkeys or pigeons, with Ivermectin liquid form orally.
Designed to worm cattle. I do this twice a year. Early spring and late fall.
5 drops down the back of there throat so as not to get it down into their lungs.
And I know lots of people will raise hell about this idea. But I have been worming
horses, dogs (large and small), chickens, turkeys and pigeons like this for 45 years.
And I haven't killed one yet. I have a pair of pigeons 13 years old and still breeding.
Hell, holding the dropper in my mouth while grabbing the next bird I have accidentally
wormed myself a couple of times. No ill effects. LOL!
2 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I have grown regular sweet potatoes from vine cuttings. But heard from one of the many videos
on Youtube that the "Purple" sweet potatoes needed slips directly from the potato. I figured I would go ahead and
ask because I didn't want to waste a growing season if it were true.
Thanks for the help.
Can I just plant purple sweet potato vine cuttings for slips or do the slips have to be off the purple sweet potato itself?
I love my ESEE "junglas" great edge retention. Big enough but not awkward. Great for down here in Florida.
And in the garden I have found many uses for a grass cycle. Especially when cutting back my ginger.
2 years ago
About the only contribution to biochar from nature would be lightening.
Cultures throughout history have used designated dump sights for waste that included broken pottery, char, shells and bones.
But only a few burned areas on purpose for planting. And fewer still realized that burning was helpful to their crops.
2 years ago
I live in Florida and my fig trees never had good growth until I mulched with compost mixed 50/50 with woodchips and watered them a couple of times of week.
Made all the difference in growth and fruiting.
2 years ago
Yep, great idea. I have the same arrangement with a raw juice bar picking up their waste pulp. I get anywhere from 20lbs to 50lbs per day. A buddy and I split it. And I still have trouble keeping up collecting enough brown waste to balance it out. However, if you make an arrangement like this, be sure to be regular with your pickups. Or they WILL find someone else. Or worse yet deny the next person of a great opportunity to maximize their compost.
3 years ago
Try that sea water on your Brocolli too. They love it.
3 years ago
That is outstanding! I'm so glad you've made the most of it with the Moringa. It is well worth the effort.
I agree with your idea of growing spring-fall and drying enough for the winter. That stuff is like gold
for your health. Hang tough.
3 years ago
The only problem with raising "meat pigeons" which are a heavier larger breed is that the larger
the breed the slower they reproduce. I raised some that were a cross between the typical
homing pigeon and what is known as the "show type" homer that is much larger than the regular
homing pigeon. That gave me a good sized pigeon that I think would be plenty big enough to eat.
And they still breed as fast as the regular homing pigeon.
The pigeon manure is easily as good as chicken manure. Since they are built to eat grain, they do not
graze well on their own. They will graze but not enough to sustain them very well when limited to one yard
or small property. Not when they have been loft/pen raised. But since the idea of having them for us growers
is to harvest the manure, you would want to keep them feeding in the pen to keep the manure available.
As I said in an earlier post, they do very well on chicken layer mash/crumbles. So if your keeping chickens
you don't have to buy a different feed.
Pigeon manure and bananas trees go well together.
3 years ago