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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in crab orchard, TN
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Arthur Angaran wrote:Hi,  Without knowing about the type of property you have (city lot, country lot, acres etc...) it might be difficult for people to suggest something.  I have a rye grass that grows to about 1 foot tall for a field grass.

a year or two ago  I planted I forget, italian rye grass that will die, any how planted a 4 foot x 4 foot square of it, It was beautiful about 16 inches high.   Then 'motel' the neighborhood dog laid down right in the middle of the patch, and flattened most of it!
1 week ago
I would try to grow French marigolds, think they are eatable?
2 weeks ago
I used wood chips for hugel beds.   Hum I have a huge pile (free) of wood chips   Maybe I can take a few wheel barrows trips to fill in gaps of hugel beds.
2 weeks ago
I see a lot of 'compost' these days is dressed up small wood chips.  Then sometimes rained with chemicals.
2 weeks ago
I primary use coffee grounds, and occasionally with man made stuff.
2 weeks ago
or lack of potassium in soil?
2 weeks ago
I took the MG classes, hardly learned a thing.  Actually participated for missing info.  Never mention hugel beds or Al Setzer.   I got a few hugels on property.  I guess didn't learn much in class, since i read a few books on gardening.
Permaculture is a great goal post.
2 weeks ago
I use a garden fork, and a wheelbarrow.  Takes time.  I have a pile sitting there,
2 weeks ago