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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in crab orchard, TN
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I thought the idea of hugel beds (without using walnut logs ha ha) is to build up soil, and minimize watering.
3 weeks ago
I have a free food offered next to me by 2nd harvest and volunteers.  They only want cans, etc.  It has to be commercial, I offered dried herbs in zip lock bags and was rejected.

Quiting money, the last? guy was talking indirectly about population reduction!!!?
ID favorite tool to work with on yard and garden.
3 weeks ago
I attacked water flow with a pool with inlet and outlet, and a number of 'channels' to get the water away.
3 weeks ago
I try to ignore gravel, do you see gravel in low areas by chance?  Plant daikon radish to open up soil?  Or just try farming on areas with a simple hoe? just to loosen the soil a bit?
1 month ago
They are nightshades so I hate to be the person to tell you wait until 1st frost free date in your area and try planting out.
1 month ago
Plan to build a chicken tractor and move them over wood chips.
1 month ago
In winter poison ivy has hairy things coming out of the vines.  In TN I see it growing up near trees.  I usually cut it off at base of a tree, ~2 inch vines by using a pick axe or maddox.   I found some growing right in middle of wild asparagus patch last summer with it's white flowers.  So did my best at cutting it with pruners a couple feet at a time and initially just tossing pieces on lawn, then got rid of it somewhere.
1 month ago
I did put a lot of wood chips directly in large areas of yard where water was, so no created a mowing obstacle course.  
1 month ago
Cover hole got all wood like stated above.  You can see flooding in back yard where I'm throwing down wood chips.  Wonder if I should bury all wood chips that would be a monumental task.  Maybe in several areas, getting rain today.
2 months ago