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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in TN
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Nice job!  Dump bags of vermiculite or perlite into all open areas?
6 days ago
Sort of boring.  I was awaiting results.  And just a build.  I have known TEC's are not efficient enough yet.
6 days ago
I  use open office that has equivalent functions of excel.  I set up a break even.  Lucky for me, myself and I only.  So show all expenses and income.   Plus produce a balance sheet.  I found one I did in Jan 2018.  I Just found my one done for income and expenses this Jan 2019.   Just updated it and ha ha shows me in red.   Just changed and now black.  Yes spreadsheets are great.
6 days ago
Not cable TV, TV period for me about 2 years ago.  I do not miss it a bit.

Formula for a half hour of news: scare you for 25 minutes, then the last 5 minutes "we are all family".
2 weeks ago
Meyer lemon, Fig are two that popped into my mind that can be grown in containers.

Here's some websites to search for trees/bushes

"Fedco seeds", "Norse Farms", 'Miller Nurseries", "Elmore Root Nursery", "St Lawrence Nurseries", "Henry Leuthard Nurseries", "Stark Bor's Nurseries", and "Nolan River Nut Tree Nursery".

What would determine? is what is he planting when cattle are not on land.  How long for these plants no grow, or it just normal grass pasture?
2 weeks ago
Google or get a book on author Sepp Holzer.  He is a fantastic person that has restored land in many places around the world.

Any plan you can repeat, you want to toss in nitrogen producers about every 4 tree.

A book by Sepp Holzer is "Permaculture A Practical Guide to Small Integrative Farming and Gardening."    He is consider a top Permaculture guru.

Bueno Suerte,
Looks OK, cool florescent can be used to.  

Generally for all indoor lighting you want to keep the light between 2-4 inches (~7.6 cm), above the plants.
2 weeks ago
Built two new 5x5 foot beds for spring.  Working on improving drainage away from back of house.  Today took down and packed away the Christmas lights.  Lost about six glass beer bottles (empty) in two mishap-.  Started a home beer brew 2 days ago and bubbling well.  And mixed and baked a successful stollen two days before Christmas.
2 weeks ago
I have a front yard and back yard.  The back yard parts are in a level 1 FEMA flood zone.   I dug two beds recently for spring, both about 5 feet x 5 feet.  We have been getting a lot of rain (4.5" last week) this fall.  The 2nd 5x5 I got lazy and just threw soil on the lawn in the middle, covering > 98% on lawn.  After getting 0.7 inch of rain last night I saw water showing up almost around the 2nd bed.  None on first, I looked and judged the first bed was higher in elevation.  For kicks (which I have done a few times) is dig a foot deep hole close to the second bed, sure enough water in bed lowered a bit, and the new hole started filling in with water.

I have been working on trying to get the drainage away from the back wall of the property.   Been stacking tons of tree parts against back wall then dumped soil/clay on top.  I had 3 channels dug by a tractor leading away from the back of the house, all 3 doing a good job at getting the water more towards the back.  I have dug channels in yard to tie in with one of these tractor channels.  These have also helped greatly.  In spring might dig a new pond in back.

As for improving soil I'll start with with cover crops which are already in 3 other 3x25 ft beds with wood chips between the beds.  At some point will grow comfrey and possibly stinging nettle to start with the teas, I could use a mint plant I have in a bucket.  My soil test showed 3.5% organic content before I started all this.
2 weeks ago