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Michael Moreken

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since Jan 06, 2018
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I now (2018) live in east TN. Plant green crops in first three or four beds for gardening in spring 2019. Dealing with being surrounded with black walnut on 3 sides! Cutting down a lot of trees too. Zone 6B, Ph 7. High P low K.
On the plateau in TN
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I was wondering what I might be able to plant in it.  Edible or a great cover crop?
1 month ago
I have to keep in mind effects of having black walnut on three sides of property for ~next five years.
Plenty of Jade beans, had a dozen come up but half got eaten by mice?
Fava beans all died.  Planted in fall, maybe spring here better?
Not one ground nut (not peanuts) came up.
All the field peas in a company's winter mix, died of cold, but more likely fungus got them.
Two garlic plants came up with about 12 not coming up.  I initially planted too deep, should have put them down about 2 inches in my zone.
A pound of perennial rye seed?  never came up.  ha ha got black slugs, plus slugs with shells roaming garden/lawn.
Saw bees busy pollinating weeds in my lawn.

Silver lining, whatever did not come up either fed something or composted.
Your index finger are stained by dirt from pulling up weeds from lawn.  Pulling up purple dead nettle, hairy bittercrest, and dandelion and violet flowers.
1 month ago
I heard in a Master Gardener class to not plant Bradford pears, they turn into 'calibor' plants pollinated into an invasive at least in TN.  This invasive has huge long thorns too.
1 month ago
Now have a plastic one in a V shape so frozen will do no damage...
1 month ago
One sort of cracked in half, but each one had bottom 'cut off' in pieces, there were no freezing temps just extreme wind and rain.  Some of the plastic holding the glass tube was also damaged.
2 months ago
in or during the storm last night.  It could have been an animal?  As the rain gauges survived about 6 months.   Now have one plastic one as of today.
2 months ago
I'm pulling up weeds like hairy bitter crest and purple dead nettle in my yard.  Plus dandelion and violet flowers.
2 months ago
One street closed, lost power for 0.5 hour, luckily almost no evidence next day.
2 months ago