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Our Stuff:
30 acres (15 acres hardwoods and 15 acres meadows with 7' welded wire fence for free roaming or pets and animals [when practical])
All of the rock we could ever want in about 1 mile of field stone fence
Clay sub-soil
Gravel sub-soil
Our summer project:
Round house
Living roof
Straw bale and earthen plaster exterior walls
Radiant earthen floors
Rocket boiler with 5,000/10,000/15,000 gallon reserves up to 140 F/60 C (We have (3) 5,000 gallon poly tanks)
Straw bale and earthen plaster and living roof batch rocket boiler enclosure shed
Rocket stove/oven/heater
Compressed earth interior walls
Compost toilets
Solar water heating
Off-grid photo-voltaic
Future upgrades:
Winter greenhouse
Bio co-generation
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Northern NY, Zone 4a
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Stacy Witscher wrote:Heather - It's not how I feel about it either, that was just my kids perspective. Particularly because the land wouldn't be his/hers, as in ownership. My daughter has had similar problems with boyfriends. They just don't like walking into a situation that's already established. They want everything to be ours, not yours. The property belongs to my family, myself and my kids. Partners will never have ownership. Apparently for a lot of people that is a problem.

Heather Staas wrote:No opportunity for ownership would be a problem for me.   I'd be looking for some sort of mutual compromise or moving into a shared ownership relationship.   It's "fine" in the beginning while getting to know someone.   But long term?  Nope, ownership would matter to me.   I am sure, maybe especially here on permies? that "ownership" is an ideal folks have moved away from.   Maybe someday I'd be able to appreciate and be comfortable with it, but I doubt it.   It just matters to me.  I've considered long term "land lease" type situations and while I see the benefits,  it's not for me.  I want ownership not just of property but of decisions and changes as well.   I want the freedom that comes with not being beholden to someone else's good will and for me that is some ownership investment.  I've dated here and there over the last two decades since my divorce;  all too often once that first crush wears off I find I'm expected to drop my life and be inserted like some sort of weird puzzle piece into his life.   I'm not about that.   I don't expect that from another either.  I'd want to see a future of consolidating situations,  or combining resources to start fresh.   And I'm up front about it.  I don't need rescuing or being taken care of, and I don't want a partner that needs that either.  If the right person comes along and our ideas and goals align, wonderful!

I use to dream of finding someone who had property and a lifestyle like homesteading in process. I loved the idea of being able to help, but that is who I am. I was not a person to care if I owned things. Never owning property, I was ready to move on from wherever I was. But I was renting, I needed a place to stay. I eventually had someone ask me to stay with them to open a business. I figured what the heck, I'm game, Something else to add to my experiences. I ended up living with them/him after their divorce for another 10 years until my future wife found me.
Where was I going with this? Oh yeah!
I would have loved the opportunity to work with people to directly impact my and their life. Growing food, raising animals, constructing shelters and workshops. Maybe having a small business for necessary cash for expenses and a bit for the pocket. I'm not ordinary. Most others require more than I do, I'm of simple pleasures. I hope, for the sake of others like me that they can meet up with each other and be happy. Happy as I have been to meet my wife. I don't think marriage is always the answer, but when our system of insurance, healthcare, social security and such is geared for the married couple, I cannot blame others for getting married to get reduced coverage. Besides, my wife REALLY wanted to marry me.
Since my wife met me before I found such an opportunity like you are suggesting, I have become the one offering such an opportunity to a special person or couple to join us for what I would have loved to find when I was younger. With us, though, we have no children and no other heirs. So, we may transfer our property to the other soul(s) who share our lives. Or the property will go to a land trust to local universities as teaching tool/opportunity for future students. BUT! Since nothing we do is ever done and we are always adding projects, we will never die. ;) We are open to discussing most anything. Not saying this is for you, but just to let you know that if I was looking for a situation like you may offer, there has to be someone else who would be right in your situation.
8 months ago
I often wish I had children. Over writing that wish, quickly, is the knowledge that I have yet to be ready for the responsibility to be a father, mentor, teacher, best friend...a dad. It makes me sad, but I have made the right choice (and the responsibility to do the right thing). I have seen too many parents not be a mom and/or dad and I could not do anything about it. I have also seen parents who were mom and dad. Those children are fortunate.
8 months ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:Personally, I think the best way to never get divorced is to never get married. Getting married to my husband was my single biggest mistake. I've had a lot of bad things happen to me, but those things weren't choices. He really never wanted to be married or have kids and I don't think that he thought that was an option. It's sad really because his ignorance hurt a lot of people.

I would like a partner. I've never had a partner. But it's seems unlikely because I just won't put up with bullshit and there's a lot of that around.

My wife and I met in our 40s. Neither of us had ever been married and have no children. I don't think this is the best way to put this, but we each brought along less baggage than the average mid-life people. People tend to get married earlier than they should, for one reason or another. Only they can say.

We are very close in our thinking and desires that is is almost like being married to ourselves. What each of us lacks in experiences and/or desires, the other fills the void. We both spent many years single, knowing that being alone is better than being in an inappropriate relationship. We didn't marry our lover, we married our best friend. I wish everyone could do that.
8 months ago

Leo Paska wrote:Hello Anthony Friot - I would love to get that Cinva Ram/Brick press from you - I live in northern VA near washington DC; any idea if we could make that happen


Leo Paska

I am so sorry. I wasn't notified of your post. A couple of months ago, I must have removed the notify flag. The press is not longer available.
8 months ago

John F Dean wrote:I tend to use Open Office by Apache.

True, I have used Open Office on both Windows and Linux platforms. I currently use Libre Office for office applications. Both Open Office and Libre Office can open and convert Microsoft Office files to native formats. But as far as I know, only Libre Office can save files in the DOCX and XLSX formats.
8 months ago
I read through some of your other posts. Interesting that you look for alternative methods and understand why and why they do not work instead of insisting they do or will. Is there a design you have settled on for your home? Have you had progress?
8 months ago
Did you go to school for your game development? Any titles that might be known that you have your initials on? There are so many games out on so many platforms that is it mind boggling. Computers and programming makes it easier to work from home, doesn't it? It is refreshing to see the many types of people with many interests on Permies.
8 months ago
We had maybe 2000 linear yards of polyester fabric 60" wide. We tried selling it on Craigslist and marketplace for a couple of years. Not a nibble! So, we needed fabric under our stone what we were putting in our driveway.  4 rolls wide overlapping half-way. We used it under 600 feet of driveway stone to keep it from sinking into the muddy abyss. Worked great! Cheaper than road fabric for us. We bought it cheap at auction so we were not out much, plus we gained some storage space.

Then one day, I realized the local Amish wore the same royal blue color in their shirts and dresses. I asked a friend if his girls used polyester fabric. "Sure!" he said. I sold what we had left to him and he, in turn, sold what his family would not use in the next few years to the rest of the community.

Crazy, but true.
8 months ago
This may not belong here, but I haven't seen another topic like it.

Saint Lawrence County, NY

We are not single. My wife and I have been married for 7-8 years. Please, forgive me not knowing the exact number of years as I will just tell you that time flies when we have fun, but drags on when we don't. Still, we do not regret what we have started. Unfortunately, it feels like we keep starting every new year. The new years starts and we make plans that we think will be attainable. Spring comes and we get mired in mud...literally. Our driveway is over a quarter mile long and we have a myriad of ways to trick our vehicles to make them get out on their own. Mother nature is much more persistent than our vehicles are. But I am persistent, too! Either by tractor or backhoe, our truck gets towed to safety and we can get to town. We drive in as far as we can safely drive and still get back out and walk the rest of the way in. That was the previous 7 years. Last year we were able to bring in many loads of rock for the driveway and we have some drainage dug to help water leech from under the driveway. Anyhow, I got off track. Yearly, we have gains like stone on the driveway or some foundations dug only to have something happen to deter us from our goals. I don't mind writing this because, if you are on Permies, you are familiar with the time it takes to get anything done and the amount of labor it takes to get it done. We are fortunate because our 30 acres is high, amongst the first lands in the area to get sunlight, has many types of soils, grows lots of vegetation, has lots of lovely hardwoods, close to 5 universities, has lots of potential and is paid for. What we have difficulty with is getting things done. My wife works in a career she loves and is great at. Much of what we need done requires more than I can do by myself. We are in our mid 50's and honestly, needing someone that wants this type of life and is willing to work. Not hard, but slow and steady. Not hard enough to get worn out, but be able to help get tasks accomplished. We are both LGBTQ friendly (He is bi/she is open to the idea), lean left, educated and open communicators. We have amassed much stuff to make homesteading work or be able to make other things that will help ease burdens. We love tools and equipment and have a plethora. We just haven't put it all together into a functioning homestead. We have many great neighbors familiar with this life, but they have their own properties, businesses and families. We started late in life and ... well, we are not 30. We have no children so everything we have goes into this property and each other. We are debt free. We don't need money, but we know a good and honest life has balance. We are not looking for any particular type or person/people and we don't discriminate. We want good, honest people to reply. Experience is not a requirement, but a willingness to learn is.

Please feel free to introduce yoursel[f/ves] and provide a bit about the who and why you are and what you would like. Contact is not a contract. You are under no obligation. You may use the Purple Moosage (Now that I know what it is) or email me sl33k3r over at (edited to keep scrubbers from getting email)
8 months ago
You may look at Gnucash. Free, as far as I know and availabl for Windows and Linux flavors. I don't think it is difficult to use. Problem with free programs is the lack of documentation or/and support. We seem to repeat old sayings like "You get what you pay for", but I find that it is not always true. Big name software packages, yes, but lesser are rolling the dice. Check reviews from well-known sites remembering to look for available support options. Even if they don't have good support on-site. there may be great user communities that offer fairly quick response. Good luck!
8 months ago