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since Jan 30, 2018
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Do you see any benefit to feeding fish waste from an aquaponic system into a compost tea? Can you describe any systems you might have seen employ this method. I've been told that most recirculating aquaponic systems will generate too many nutrients for most small hydroponic systems too handle. Thanks for your time and consideration. Cheers.
2 months ago
Has anybody here heard of the Xanadu domes in Wisconsin Dells and Florida? Ive posted to permies before about my geodesic domes.
8 months ago
Do the folks here think that silt socks have a place in permiculture design? There are fabrics that will biodegrade.
11 months ago
I created a device to fill silt socks by hand. These are usually filled with straw using powered augers and/or blowers. Silt socks are usually used for soil erosion, but they can also be used for composting and/or whatever....

I plan to wrap my geodesic domes with them so my dog has an insulated home for the winter.
11 months ago
I building to two different locations. In Southeastern Wisconsin I can get cheap limestone. In Central Wisconsin I can get crushed granite.

John C Daley wrote:I guess going back to the original comment.
Are you using crushed rock which is usuallysourced from igneous rocks and is hard, or crushed limestone which is a completely different material, and may be suitable.
Pleae clarify which you have in mind.
PS I am a road builder, which is why I focused on 'crushed rock'

1 year ago
Hello Kelly Hart,

Do you have any experience using crushed stone with earthbags? I live in a town with a large limestone quarry and heavy clay soil. I'd rather use the crushed stone than the heavy clay. Can you point me to some resources that might help me use crushed stone with earthbags.

Also, I can obtain crushed granite for a very cheap price too. Do you think there would be a marked difference between the types of stones using this construction technique.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Andrew Cegielski
Waukesha, WI
1 year ago
HI Heather. I think its totally feasible. One just has to be smart about the construction process. Are you still interested in Geodesics? I live in Waukesha, WI. And last year I invented a new way to build geodesic domes. I'd be very happy to work with you and send you a kit for free. Let me know! Cheers!
1 year ago
Hi Kelly. Last year I invented a new way to build geodesic domes. Here is the lastest video that I posted to Youtube. This was my first wooden dome (There is a smaller PVC dome inside it). The wooden dome is a 2V / 12.944 Diameter. The wood was cheap 1 x 2  furring stips ($1.10 for an eight foot piece of lumber). I can use metal struts for a more sturdy structure.

I'd like to cover or wrap one of these domes and then plaster over it. I was also thinking of wrapping the dome using a silt sock (filled or unfilled) instead of covering it with a 2D sheet of canvas and/or hardware cloth.

There is an example of a filled sock,which is kind of like an earth bag:

The sock would most likely be filled with a lightweight material like straw so I'm thinking this would be similar to covering an earthbag home and/or a straw bale house with plaster.

What do you think of such a building method. I'm thinking that by using a geodesic dome one could build a bigger structure.

Do you see any potential problems that I should be aware of?

I plan on using a mortar sprayer and surface bonding cement. Does that sound about right, or would you suggest hand troweling a different kind of plaster?

Thanks for your time and consideration.
1 year ago
Hi all,

I've created a new geodesic hub design that offers a cheap and easy way to build domes. And I think it would be very useful for building chicken coops.

I'm basically re-purposing an existing packaging product that is currently used to suspend spools in square boxes. This is typically a throw-away product, which is why it is so cheap. Let me know what you think.

I recently showed the hubs at the Milwaukee Maker Faire. I had kids building a small dome inside a bigger dome. It was pretty fun.

The domes also held up pretty well to two days of abuse by the little ones.

Here is a close-up of a hub from a small dome that I built for halloween.

I've also posted a couple videos on Youtube:

In addition to feedback, anybody who is interested in getting there hands on them should shoot me an email at If you are willing to build a greenhouse and let me know about your experience, I'd be willing to ship you a kit of hubs. I'm interested in working with folks who can help refine the design; especially how best to cover it.

Thanks for your time. Andrew Cegielski. Milwaukee, WI.
1 year ago