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Disclaimer: That is not me in the bee suit. Found on the internet. Would like to try just for the experience but I have too much respect for bees to subject them to that. Would be shameful to accidentally kill a queen for a stunt. Not going to happen here.
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I forget the spec but they can be off a few degrees. You could see the tv's from 20-30 degrees off center. The sweet spot is the exact center though.

I don't think an entire geodesic dome would be necessary for the small lenses. I believe a slice of the dome is enough since the (more or less direct) sun won't reach all sides of a dome during the course of a day. Would be an interesting experiment.
2 days ago
Utah bee plants.

I've always had good luck with pollinator mixes available at garden centers. In addition to your local wildflowers try adding buckwheat & clovers to the mix. Bee balm is another good bee plant. Borage. Mexican sunflower. You might want to contact other local beekeepers to see what they grow. Good luck & welcome to permies.

2 days ago

I'm no particular fan of online storage

Ah yes. The cloud. Just a marketable word for someone else's computer.

I once installed Windows 95 or 98 on an 8088 processor. Technically it worked. Far from fast though. Click. Make a sandwich. Click. Walk the dog. Click. It was like that.

Verify the specs for the computer are compatible with Windows 10. The computer might be too outdated to really handle the new OS. A bios update might help but that can be tricky & risky. A simple memory upgrade might be all it needs. Check that all the drivers were updated. There is software available to do that automatically. Might even be part of Windows10. Not sure because I don't use it.

Windows 10 has a LOT of "features" designed to make "sharing" your data as easy as possible.

2 days ago
I have one of the large tv fresnel lenses. It can burst a 2x4 into flames almost instantly. A project for this year ... hillbilly hot tub. Gravity fed into a holding tank in the garage. Small pump to refill the tub the next sunny day.
2 days ago
Good list. My chickens don't bother Swiss chard. Sometimes they do peck at a few squash & baby pumpkins so I plant extra for them & other hungry critters. Plenty to go around.
2 days ago
Been digging into this some more. So far have found no documentation of hive beetles eating wax. Found this interesting article about the beetles though. Specifically the nematodes that kill or disrupt the beetle larvae. Going to run it by Dr. Redhawk so as not to derail this thread any further. Hoping it will be a good addition to my bee gardens of oxalic acid bearing plants.

Now .... if I could just train wax moths to find & eat the tiny plastic fragments that resulted from cutting a piece of blue carpet months ago. They seem to reproduce like tiny blue smurfs.
3 days ago
wax worms eat plastic

Chris's post prompted me to look this up. This article is about wax moths rather than beetles. Apparently they DO eat plastic. I learn something new every day at permies.
3 days ago

   Pearl Sutton wrote:

       Mike Barkley wrote:
       I used the wrong word. Not shucked ... de-husked.

   What is the difference? I thought it was the same? I'm not up on corn growing though....

I think it's a 'regional' thing and can be interchanged.  

Looked it up. Both words mean the same thing. I was cornfused.

3 days ago

We are raising bees. This year will be the first we can collect honey. It will definitely be incorporated into our daily diet!!

This may or may not help. Some people it helps a little. Some people it helps a lot. I had a co-worker whose 13-14 year child had severe allergies his whole life. About a month after he starting eating my local honey he was suffering less. About 3 months later he had no more allergy problems. They lived about 20 miles away but honey from your own backyard is considered better for allergy prevention. Good luck.

4 days ago
I used the wrong word. Not shucked ... de-husked.
4 days ago