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Mike Barkley

gardener & hugelmaster
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since Mar 01, 2018
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After a long career electro-geeking for R&D labs in the electronic industry Mike has checked out of the rat race & moved to the woods. Not entirely off grid but trying to achieve that goal. He raises a few animals & enjoys growing healthy food in various gardens. He is a life long nature lover, adventure seeker, & to a certain extent a minimalist. Eventually bears will probably eat him & turn him into compost. He is ok with that.
Gulf of Mexico cajun zone 8
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Recent posts by Mike Barkley

Today's wake up music. They're starting to get the hang of it eh?

6 hours ago
The first one is excellent with headphones. Close your eyes, tune out the world, & just listen to the music.

2 days ago
Went into town yesterday to get cell phone coverage. Missed a turn on the way home & got a little lost. Couldn't find a good place to stop & dig up my gps until I saw this beast. Whee.
3 days ago
... meeting a large prehistoric looking orange & black beetle that seemed to want to be friends.

... discovering a few more piles of wood debris from hurricane Katrina. Perfect hugel food now!!!
4 days ago
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Electricity.

In this Badge Bit, you will perform maintenance on at least three lead acid batteries.

Some related articles
  - Basics of Watering Your Lead Acid Battery
  - How to Use a Battery Hydrometer to read specific gravity
  - How to Clean Battery Terminals
  - How to Use a Multimeter to Test Lead Acid Batteries

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
Lead Acid Battery maintenance on at least three batteries
  - add distilled water if needed
  - clean posts if needed
  - test if battery is holding a charge
  - not AGM batteries

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must provide:

   - a picture of the initial water level of all the cells
   - two more pictures of the worst cell:
         o an action picture of you adding distilled water to that cell
         o a picture of the cell with a proper water level
   - demonstration and explanation of the state of charge of each battery
          (measuring voltage with a multi-meter or with hydrometer)
   - one of the following:
         o if at least one post needs cleaning
               - a picture of a dirty post
               - an action shot of the post being cleaned
               - a picture of the post with clamp, cleaned and ready for action
         o all six posts are perfectly clean
               - a picture of all six posts
               - pictures of the tools you would use to clean the posts (including wrenches)
   - OR a two minute (or less) video of you doing all of this

5 days ago
Yes, that would be magical. If only it were that simple. There are serious complications that you might have encountered as a park ranger. Some bad apples around these parts.
5 days ago
Please don't misunderstand. I do not want to harm or eat the otter(s). There are plenty of predators that will keep them in check if they become too numerous for Mother Nature. There is also more fish & traditional game animals here on any given day than we could eat in 10 lifetimes. It might not even be otters. It could just as easily be osprey, alligator, bobcat, coyote, water moccasins, turtles, nutria, or beaver. All indications are it is otters though. The basic problem is this particular pond is part of an educational & recreational program. Mostly for disadvantaged kids & disabled persons. This is all about helping them, not performing stupid human tricks.

Haven't had a chance to watch Burra's movie yet. Found a bit of info about the Bullock brothers but nothing otter specific yet. Will dig deeper into both as time permits. Thanks!

6 days ago