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Julie Wolf

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since Mar 10, 2018
I am constantly recreating myself, so lets see what I say here on the fly. Interested in all things spiritual and healing, I love nature. I live on my 10 acre forest in a small lake community and am looking for a way to grow food in the sun (see my clearcut garden post). Lifetime vegetarian, meditator and Taichi "dancer". I also love organizing people and things and love to be of service to others loving themselves and others and bringing their own dreams and creations into the world. I have always been aware and feeling of the great contrast between what we have done here on earth and the beautiful loving possibilities we can create here.
Anything is possible! and I see-feel such hope! Born in 1957, I see much of my own dreams coming into being in the world. I still do not know my part and am waiting to know it more clearly.
Tahuya Washington
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I JUST found out about this....

When I came back home from NW Permies Convergence last Sept, I didn't know how to connect and continue the conversations that so inspired me.
This time will be different - what happens after the Global Earth Repair conference is going to more powerful. This webinar will help....

What does it take to create system change? NETWORKS. What does it take to create BIG system change?

Wednesday April 24th, 10:00 am - 1:00 PM, the Network Weaving Institute is offering a 3-hour online webinar training on Developing Facilitators’ Pools, which are a strategic tool used to facilitate the collaboration in networks. While sparked by the upcoming Global Earth Repair Conference (GERC), with participants coming from all over the world, this webinar will be apropos for anyone who wants to gain critical skills in network collaboration. The webinar will focus on key steps in building successful networks including:

Relationship building
The basics of self-organizing, and
Tools for facilitating and coordinating collaborative projects.

2 months ago
James is very passionate about natural bee ... stewarding (better word then keeping). He came to my land and helped us choose a big 33 year Cottenwood tree to take down for more light and for bee logs. We want to create a network of wild bees across the land to help spread and build their genetics.

He also inspired me to read Jacqueline Freeman's site and her book

Song of Increase

Very inspiring.
It teaches us to interact with bees (and all of Nature) in a respectful manner.  You will become a better keeper of bees and through your behavior a better human being.

You can click the book cover on her site to read some of the book.

James lent me the book and its amazing. Thank you James for helping bees and all life on  Earth!
2 months ago
Thanks James for subscribing and watching and sharing that cool video called  'Real Wealth' by John D. Liu on our new Global Earth Repair channel.

Yes the before and after images of the large scale esosystems (the land) being restored are pretty cool!

Thats the one Russ loved too and wanted to share with someone at the college, so I made it public. Did you know John D. Liu will not only be at GERC (Global Earth Repair conference) but will be a Keynote speaker? He also will be giving an Intensive Workshop on May 6th, summarizing his view of the May 3-5 conference (presentations of earth repair experts) and offer a state of the planet now. I just made a GERC blog post about that:

... found a broken registration link there, off to fix that.

Everyone, thanks for subscribing to our new YouTube channel we need 100+ subscribers to customize the channel name to Global Earth Repair. and of course to spread the good news about permaculture!
Thanks James!  

I am so encouraged and full of hope for what we can do together to heal our Earth. This is a brand new YouTube channel for Global Earth Repair with lots of Playlists we are building up. We will be reaching out to all the presenters and keynote speakers on YouTube and other social media to collaborate and support each other and get lots of engagement and attention to this conference and topic.  Permies and earth-save people are so supportive of each other, its refreshing!  so yes please visit, enjoy and subscribe, choose notifications, comment, share, etc.

Here is a link list for sharing on social too:

* YouTube :
* Twitter :
* Instagram :
* Facebook Group:
* Facebook event:
* WORKAROUND BLOG (for Facebook posting) - (proof that some people do get angry unlike us here at permies)
* Global Earth Repair Conference Registration
* Global Earth Repair Conference site

Thorough 2017 list Laura! Can you use this again with tweaks?

Love, Julie

PS have you seen how the Nortwest Permaculture Instagram channel is coming? Have a peek
4 months ago
Wow thank you so much Stuart Sparber! I will use it. Would you like to write a caption or description for it? Its awesome and I love it!

Dustin I am about to add your hashtag suggestions and realize I do not know what some refer to, like:


I would love to hear more about these.

Thanks every one for your help! We are approaching 100 followers in less then 24 hrs.
Come see :


4 months ago
Thanks James and Dustin. You definitely added a few I have not used yet Dustin. I have a group of local #hashtags like #Washington #Oregon #PNW etc

It was a challenge to find a way to split the many permaculture #hashtags up into smaller groups.

Here is what I have tried so far.....
I created 6 Groups of 25ish hashtags out of the aprox 140 I collected from my permaculture Instagram research. See them here on Google Sheet:

I would love feedback.
Are their any I missed?
Do you have any favorites to be sure to include?
Should any be excluded?
Do you have any questions or ideas?

Here is what to look for. Find the worksheet (bottom tab) called '6 Groups of 25ish'.
These were created by categorizing all 140 hashtags into 4 major groups:

1. Local (Washington, Oregon, etc)
2. Permaculture (has the P word in the term)
3. Food, Plants & Medicine (often gardening, farming, homestead related)
4. Sustainable - 5 sub-groups:
  • sustainable, regenerative or resilient
  • community
  • health
  • recycle
  • nature, earth

  • Instagram works best (makes us more findable) with more hashtags. Each post can have up to 30.

    I will rotate the 6 groups of 25 hashtags with each picture posted.
    Using 25 (vs 30) will allow each picture to have room to use upto 5 hashtags that are very relevant to the picture (ie #kale),
    right in the caption, using the file name.  

    You could also pick your own favorite 30 permaculture terms for me and that would also help.

    Thanks for your support everyone,

    Julie Wolf

    P.S. Once the hashtags are done, and we start posting @NorthwestPermaculture here, our Convergence's new Instragram account,  we can all start engaging in the conversations around permaculture, commenting, liking, following, tagging others and sharing.

    4 months ago

    paul wheaton wrote:It sounds like Allison will be picking donkey up and bringing him here!

    Way to be an abundant community! We're awesome!
    8 months ago
    Your email got my attention to come over here and collaborate our feedback.  I went on over to contribute to the kickstarter (Glory) because I am new to this 'World Domination" project and wanted to start perticipitating (watering the seed thought - I could never be as funny as PAUL but I can try!

    See you at the Permies Convergence in Sept. I will be cooking healthy (vegan & GF) food for you!

    Looking fir Like-Minded Locally!

    Julie Wolf  

    PS thanks Laura Swany for letting me know about "GoodEnough' community - practically my neighbors!
    11 months ago
    I just joined permies forum So gld to hear (see) a PNW forum.  I am interested to play somehow. Thanks Laura for posting this.
    1 year ago