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Recent posts by Danny Matteo

These are really helpful tips and suggestions that you all have shared!
1 month ago
Hi all,
Which is your best fishing experience? Would love to hear.
2 months ago

Dan Grubbs wrote:GOOD edge tools have had temperature management used in their creation. There's not only the heating, but how the steel is cooled once heated, both are factors with various tools. I agree with William in that a bench grinder can be a challenge when using them to shape or sharpen edge tools. Most people trying to hone an edge on a cutting tool with a bench grinder would raise the temperature of the steel too high. This will actually change the structure of the steel and may cause the edge to fail, or even the entire tool to fail. However, some cheap tools have been frequently sharpened on bench grinders to the satisfaction of the user. I confess to putting a new primary bevel on my garden hoe with a bench grinder, but to shape and sharpen the cutting edge I use a file. For gross tools, such as a hoe or spade, I've seen people use a grinder to hone the cutting edge. It doesn't last long due to what the tools are used for. The issue would be safety in my mind. Putting a cutting tool in motion while in use and it fail could eject shards or pieces of the tool when it comes in contact with something else. A file is just fine to put a sufficient cutting edge on gross tools. For fine tools, such as axes, large knives, a kukri, a machete, etc., I would favor a puck stone to hone the edge. For finer knives, I would use the wet stones.

You'll discover there are some very strong opinions on knife sharpening. It's a deep hole with turbulent waters if you decide to jump in. You've been warned.

Thanks man for your in-depth insight! Appreciate it.
4 months ago

William Wallace wrote:You have got to be careful when sharpening any tool with a grinder.  The high speed of the grinder could pull any heat treatment away from a blade. 

Yup, that's a thing everybody should be careful when using a grinder!
4 months ago
This is a cool video of sharpening your machete by a grinder!!

Do you like it? What is your technique when it comes to machete sharpening?
4 months ago
Hi guys,
This video really helped me out to have my tools sharpened the right way. You can have a look if you are struggling to find the right way!

5 months ago

John C Daley wrote:very informative, thank you

Good to know that you liked it!
5 months ago
This is some good techniques that really helped me out!! It will make your machete experience much better for sure.

5 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Danny Matteo,
I have merged your threads together. We have a neat feature here on permies where one thread can show up in multiple forums. If you want yours to show up in two forums, you can hit the little "report"  button and mention what forums you'd like it to show up in. Or, you can get PIE, which will give you the ability to add any thread to three forums by yourself. I hope that helps!

Thanks man. Didn't know that.
5 months ago