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Recent posts by Nikolas Salokin

How can we create transition towns in places with populations that aren’t really bothered about sustainable energy?

I live in a small village of less than seventy people, and the majority of the population are in the later years of their life. The village has changed a lot in their lifetimes, with massive depopulation, loss of cultural capital, the introduction of electricity in the 60s(!), and tourism becoming one of the primary economic incomes for the area.
At the same time, people still grow the same food they’ve always grown, and  share similar values to previous generations.
As I’m sure is the case in many towns, some people have lots of energy and vision for building sustainable community, and some people just aren’t bothered at all. They might not actively oppose new ideas, but just complain, grumble or shrug at their suggestion.

So, how do we push forward the ideas behind transition towns in places like this, where the main obstacles are pessimism,  unattended community meetings and a general dislike of change? How do we engage the unengaged and interest the disinterested?

With Love and Hope

3 years ago
I was recently fortunate enough to observe the growth of a Magpie Inkcap over four days. It was truly fascinating.

I invite you to read more about it here:
5 years ago
Hello Tom, Nigel, Tom and everyone

I too have been scrolling through these pages for a few months now and have been mentally designing a rocket mass heater.
My girlfriend Elena and I moved to Asturias a couple of years ago and we have been living in an old cuadra turned cabaña in Villanueva de Santo Adriano for nearly a year.

I need to take some measurements and draw up a design more sophisticated than a few scribbles for this beautiful heated booth I'm imagining. When I do I'll be sure to share it on here.
I've also read Ianto and Leslie's book and am now looking for materials.

We started a permaculture "Round up" group with a few couples and families in our valley who are rebuilding houses, creating food forests or have an interest in permaculture and the associated lifestyles. The idea of the group is to do a permablitz on someone's project and do in an few hours with a dozen humans what would take one of us several weeks. It's also a great chance to meet up and eat good food together. You're very welcome to join the next time we get together, and a couple of us are interested in RMHs too.

5 years ago