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It depends a lot on the area you live in and what is available and or considered a waste product. Where I live I have never seen a wood chip that hasn't been trucked in that comes in a bag. But I also buy 4000 lbs of straw every year for 40 bucks, and that's even delivered.
1 week ago
While my backyards backyard isnt quite as close as yours I'm lucky that living on the prairies that there is 33 000 acres of nothing but forests and lakes just 5 minutes from me. I spend a lot of time there hiking.
3 weeks ago
When I began gardening I just did what my grandparents did and that is dig up a space that you want to turn into a garden, get rid of the grass clods by hand and then just plant your seeds, no need to do anything extravagant. Adding leaves or grass as mulch would be beneficial but there is no need to bring resources in from off sight if you dont have to.
Thank you for reminding me about the effects of stones have collecting and holding water I definitely will lay some down among the rows. It works well as the fence line 100 feet over has lots of good sized stone rolled under it.
4 weeks ago
A snipe in this sense is just a cheater bar that is placed over the breaker bar for extra leverage.

It is truly amazing how much torque the new Milwaukee cordless impacts put out. (They better for the price of them though).
4 weeks ago
Yes your impact will only be running at top torque for a few seconds with limited air capacity like that. More air capacity would definitely be something to try aswell as setting your air output regulator down to 90 or 100 psi as that's what most impacts are rated for anyways and that should give you a couple extra seconds at full torque.
1 month ago
Hello I'm looking to gather some different ways to help out a non irrigated orchard. In my area we get about 18 to 20 inches of precipitation a year with some of that coming as snow and entering the ground via snow melt. So my methods to help hold the moisture in the ground Is keeping the grass short so it doesn't loose moisture through evaporation, mulch mulch mulch around the trees themselves I've been using horse manure and straw. There may be a small area where water can flow down hill so I will be damming it up with lots of logs and other organic debris.

What other techniques are there for a dry land orchard?
1 month ago
I cube a lot of venison up into 1/2 inch or so pieces and make a lot of stir fries with it, I'm not much for venison steaks as they always are tough for me. Stir fry, sausage, ground meat, and roasts are how I package a deer.
1 month ago
Lots of ticks in Saskatchewan mainly in May and June they normally disappear after a good heat wave.

I went for a 10 mile hike in April a couple years ago and had to leave because I was sick of picking ticks off, i STOPPED counting at 300 and were picking them off even after driving home while naked they were just coming out of everywhere.
1 month ago