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Recent posts by Dustin Rhodes

Konstantinos, I love this thread and your mission; we have similar problems here in the Southern California area of the USA.  Original trees burned down, and do not come back, animals quickly eat reforestation/seeding efforts, hot and dry for most of the year.

What are those low-lying bushes in the photos; could they be trimmed to encourage vertical growth(become more like trees over time)? This could potentially provide more opportunity for understory plants to grow back and replenish/hold the soil?
1 day ago
J davis is right, the mold/fungus(from the air/soil/woodchips) will help and yes, it will take time - there is no fast method.

BUT - you could install a raised bed or container garden over the spot while the soil recovers.
1 day ago
I know nothing of this topic, but ACV and coffee are both pretty acidic, so if you're supposed to be drinking alkaline water, these drinks are probably not helping you to get the full benefit from the water.
1 day ago
aluminum OHV truckbed ramp

This is what my uncle liked to use to load his dirtbikes into his truckbed, light, folds down, and easy to load engine driven equipment(rolling non-drive-powered heavy equipment up that ramp would be quite a chore).

2 days ago

Krystal wrote:desert willow (Chilopsis)

learned something new - Chilopsis linearis= desert willow.  Not willow(Salix) that grows in the desert - please forgive my ignorance :)

Alexis wrote:I found your website (I think). The ChickenShaw is RAD.

Alexis - I SO wish I was Justin Rhodes(chickshaw guy) - amazing person, wonderful content; but I am not.

I'm cursed to have a name-doppleganger in most of my interests:

I wrestled in HS, who also is a wrestler? - Dusty Rhodes(Golddust)
I play Country Music? - Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Baseball? - Giants' hitter James "dusty" Rhodes
Permaculture - Justin Rhodes

If there's a woodworker named Dusty Rhodes, I'll be all out of potential for notoriety :(
2 days ago
Shawn, can you add a link to the wiki you made into this thread?

I would add broadleaf plantain, sow thistle, purslane, and wild fennel(seed, bulbs, either) - maybe cattail corms?

many more that are region specific, but these are pretty broad-ranging.
2 days ago
Lovely ideas, y'all!

I was thinking it would be good to have one on creating a household budget, not just of expenses, but forecasting profits from ventures, managing resources, etc. I suppose this could be in the "commerce" section, but it's important for homesteading too.

There might even be enough here for a whole section/badge scheme of itself - Documentation? Business Development? Household Management? or Emergency Planning?
it could include:

Zone Map/property map
Homestead Budget
Work/chore schedule,
seasonal crop/livestock schedules,
Harvesting/sales ledger or journal
Household maintenance schedule(or vehicle maintenance schedule)
Tool or supply inventory
"Scrounge" list of items to pick up for re-purposing, maybe with list or map of likely places to procure(like the business down the road that puts out pallets to take, or used buckets from the grocery store, ugly produce, day-old donuts, etc.
Emergency binder(contacts, First aid information, disaster instructions, evacuation routes, important documents
Legacy binder((basically instructions on what to do if you die, not just a will,but also instructions  on how to pay bills, other bequests, contacts that need to be made, where things are stored, how to run household systems, etc.) - Edit to add: WIFI password and listing of accounts/investments - this was a big issue when my grandpa passed away recently!

and, if you want to have a "prepper" tinge included here, you could add:

GHB/BOB/INCH and/or car/home emergency bag
Emergency food storage inventory
Important documents/ skills library  backup on a thumb drive
SHTF Plan - whether it be bug out, bug in, relocation, whatever, your family needs to know what to do, and you won't have great capacity to think/communicate in a heavy situation.

Could get it all set up in a big binder or a Bullet journal, then it's easier to document your plans, see your progress and make changes, rather than just "wingin it."

I've already setup a few of these (my preferred method is Google Sheets + the Notes app on my phone, shared w/ my wife) and it helps me stay organized and on track when a flurry of tasks comes crashing down on me.
2 days ago
Kindling is sticks and twigs, for me, but I'm using them to start bonfires and fireplace, not stove(just yet).

Trying to split kindling sized pieces of twisty, knotty Brazilian pepper and eucalyptus branches would be a nightmare. (If you're wondering why I burn this junk - no forests to harvest here, indoor-grade hardwood is expensive, and I only NEED heat 10 days a yr.)
3 days ago
In terms of getting things off your chest and time commitment, it seems like, since you do not believe it will sell well, you could do a low-design, nondescript E-book release format for the Community book(getting the valuable info out to those who need it more quickly) and then you can take your time doing the design/publishing elements of the Hugel book, so your energy spent is more profitable.

Both books get out, and you get the most "bang-for-your-buck" in terms of time investment.

Do you use dictation software? I bet if you ran your podcasts through one, and had a few wwoofers glean through that backlog, you might have half a book already written...sorry if i'm not bringing a new idea to you; I sometimes get stuck in a rut, thinking that the obvious is profound.