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Recent posts by Robert Yaklin

i'll have to say "it depends". If I were to build a wofati where we live in the desert I would have to purchase the logs from a distant location that were grown in a much more distant location since the likelihood of finding locally grown trees that would provide suitable logs and in sufficient quantity and that needed to be cut down would be virtually nil.
3 months ago
I know there has been some genetic modification of papayas and if I'm not mistaken it has mainly had to do with trying to combat diseases caused by mono-cropping. So I'm thinking what is needed is greater genetic diversity and some efforts at landrace papayas. It is a little too cold in the winter here for them to survive without a greenhouse which I plan to build. Does anyone have seeds from even some less desirable heirloom or wild papayas that could be used to add some genetic diversity to the mix?
4 months ago
I would not incorporate in any way shape or form. Instead I would recommend researching becoming a citizen of the state you live in as opposed to holding any national citizenship. There is a huge difference and I believe it will give you what you seek.
7 months ago
Wife: Hello, please send a maintenance person, my husband is about to jump out the window! Hurry!
Apt Manager: Ma'am why do you want maintenance?
Wife: The window won't open!


Bernard: Milton, why are you so short?
Milton: Ever since I was young, I was orphaned.
Bernard: What's that got to do with it?
Milton: Hello!?! No one raised me!
1 year ago
A patient enters the clinic...
Patient: Doc, please help me. I feel I am ignored by people!
Doctor: Next!
1 year ago
Teacher: Imagine being a Millionaire. Write down your activities.
Class: Yes Ma'am!
Teacher: John why didn't you write anything?
John: That's my secretary's job!
1 year ago