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I used my own design as my model on the previous  page.
I will make a video but the fire is not really in use at the moment as it lives in my outdoor summer house and as it is summer, it gets far to hot inside.
I will post more results in the autumn when it will be used a couple of times a week.
I really don’t know why it works so well ... maybe the vortex or maybe the more fuel in the big box?
I don’t know if it is producing more air pollution but it heats up real quick and gets far to hot for cooking or standing near unless I restrict the air supply .
I am using my 5 min riser with 2” of ceramic fibre, I have not tried my cement riser.
1 month ago
I have made a new vortex engine with a big fire box, many implied it wouldn’t work but on it’s first run we saw over 600c that was when the glass cracked and I had to use a sauce pan lid... that started glowing red after only a few minutes!
The refectory is still fresh and wet so I guess it will go quite a bit higher after a few burns.
1 month ago
Ok well I guess we are all trying to learn on this forum but I was under the impression that the high temperatures required, were achieved at the end of the tunnel and the bottom of the riser, not at the top of the riser?

Anyway, anything that I can cook in a wok I can cook on my hot plate. 530c is extreamly hot to directly cook on! In fact i avoid the centre hot spot and cook on the 200-300c area.
It is crazy hot, so hot it frazzles virtually anything that touches it, I think that even the best high temp oils combust at 270c.

However a flat bottom wok works fine or I can cook directly on the plate for anything without a sauce. I can also expose my riser and place a round bottom wok on that.
Although I can understand your concerns, I must say that at this stage in my life, after a life time of cooking over open fires, barbecues, pizza ovens, washing machine drums and now rocket stoves, personally I don’t share your worries and I am not is the remotest bit concerned about a few stay fumes!
4 months ago
Ok so I am a bit confused now!
So you want to cook over the exposed top of the riser and that temperature at the top of the riser needs to be over 800c?
Or am I missing something?
Like I say on my fire a can get just over 500c on top of the plate but I have no idea what the temps is at the bottom of the riser or mid riser or even under the plate or at the top of the riser?
In any case I won’t be breathing in any fumes... will I ?
Sorry if I am being a bit thick but I still don’t quite get what you are aiming for?
4 months ago
Hi Graham, getting 400c while gasifing small amounts of wood is pretty good in my books!

I don’t know what you want to see from your stove?
A top loading compact stove that has a big fire box, good cooking hight and economical wood consumption all appeal to me.
Like I have said Potty’s videos are well documented and there are lots of them but if you want gas analyser results with more technical  evidence, then stick to Peters designs.
There are other videos where his has his stove at max load with full air and the top plate, through under plate baffle and the top steel is over 1000f
In my own stove I can get over 1000f too and that is through 6mm steel, if I try to measure the actual top of the riser,  my gauge just goes off the scale.
I have tried pointing the temp gun down the riser but that goes off the scale too.

If you look at the video at 29.00 you can quite clearly see the secondary air working.
4 months ago
Thomas, now you have your P plate fitted, you could easily play around with gasification just by fitting a lid.
In my case I just have a piece of glass that fits up to the plate.
4 months ago
This 2015 vid talks a bit about secondary air and also shows it working but not until right at the end...
4 months ago
I am a bit confused, what are you going to do exactly?
What it that thing wrapped in cardboard and cling film?
4 months ago
He has lots of videos including one with all the dimensions, the riser is only 29” from the base to the top so it would fit in a barrel just fine.
However he does use quite a high chimney but even then he says it will still work fine with a much shorted one.
Anyway that format suits me and it has been tried and tested for 5-6 years now!
My new fire will be based around that design and as I don’t weld, I won’t be useing much sheet metal, more ceramic board and bricks.
I have been useing my fire in gasification mode for a few months now, I blast it with full air for an hour or until I have done my cooking and the room is warm and then seal it down with just secondly air. I just wish I had a much bigger fire box!
4 months ago
Graham, you just need a bigger fire box with a lid!

4 months ago