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Recent posts by Fox James

Hi Justin, lots of thing may be possible but we dont know enough about your proposed heater, how much mass you want to heat etc....
5 hours ago
As Gerry mentioned you could look at alternative designs that dont require a tall riser.
5 hours ago
Yes it looks like a multi function object but it is difficult to see exactly how it fits in place from the photo.
I assume Peter Had a lot to do with the design ?
The actual casting looks to be a work of art and built to a high standard, I dont think it is still in production and might even be outdated now with ceramic fibre board and ceramic fibre being readily available!
3 days ago
Yes there is quite a bit of choice from tried and tested designs but it is fun to adapt or design your own version and i certainly dont need the ultimate burn just a smokeless outdoor cooking stove.
I notice that when the Dragon core was available it had what looks like a metal cap on the burn chamber, i guess that is to prevent abrasion and help pre heat the air?
3 days ago
I just have a general interest in all forms of rocket stoves as I gain more info for my next build that is all.
I am half way through an outdoor kitchen build for a friend (customer) and I want to build a top loading cook stove but I have not decided on the design a yet.
4 days ago
Yes there are some crucial measurements missing and none of the photos  are very clear but fundamentally he has made a simple design that appeared to work extremely well!

I realise that lot of guys who post on this forum are understandably very interested in numbers and proven statistics  none of which are available however just the concept of completely burning a log inside a drum without smoke is a hugely interesting  in my book.

I would be concerned about the hot gas build up and also I do wonder about consistency when used with different sized logs.

He seems to imply the air flow is always strong and available due the sunken tunnel under the log and more air flowing around the log and then all mixing together on the other side.
I can see that but only if there is one large piece of wood that is suspended over the channel, if there were small pieces they would sit in the channel and the air would flow through the wood rather than around it?
4 days ago
I have been busy studying various rocket stove designs.

Facebook offers some incredibly innovative designs, largely based on metal cook stoves but there are plenty of super insulated high temperature builds too.

I got diverted to log burning stoves and found some interesting seemingly smokeless designs but funny enough the log burning discussion finally  lead me back to this forum and F Styles build here

I have read through the thread and find it very interesting.
However unless I missed a few bits of conversation, it seems the design works best or perhaps ‘only’ with large logs?

It looks to me like the 6” half circle in the burn chamber needs to be covered by the flat base of a large log and smaller diameter fuel might not work?

Apart from the slightly scary ‘flash back’  risk this seems to be to be a fantastic design!
He talks about 1000f on top of the barrel with what must be a short riser and using quite basic materials.

4 days ago
Thank you for your input Peter, i read all your post i can find and i know you prefer the double vortex.

When I first built my stove it ran as a pretty standard J tube with very good insulation and a one piece cast core, after a few months of use  the max temp i saw on the top was  around 500c
There was no restrictions other than a barrel and I used a well insulated chimney and to be honest i was very pleased with its performance.

Over the last year or so I have made a few modifications, each one added a bit more heat to the top plate.

I increase the fire box size from 6x6 x 8 to 8x8 x12 inches deep and added a P plate. This made the fire much better for me to use and increased the temp to 517c

Next I added a small triangle restriction at the end of the tunnel to resize it from 6x6’’ to 6’’high and 5’’ wide  This forced a vortex to form.
I also added a glass lid and a ajustable vent for the primary air supply.

With the glass lid fitted and restricted primary air the P plate really pulls in air and once the fire is hot, the top plate will go well over 600c and glows bright red!

Of course none of that proves anything apart from the top gets hotter!
However it is interesting that all the mods seem to have a positive effect for own personal goals which were to be able to load more wood and achieve a higher temperature in the centre of my hotplate.

I am keen to listen to any input from anybody and only to happy to use a double rams horn or consider any other ideas but my main goal is to maintain similar performance but with a max 28’’ high riser.  
1 month ago
I made this model a few years back that is based around a vortex design and big fire box, i know some folk dont think a vortex is a very good method but it remains one the most popular designs on some of the forums?
What do you think?
1 month ago
Only the front and top of the fire box would be double glass but I could add insulation to the front if necessary it is more about preheating the air than viewing and glass seems an easy material to use for such a job.. however this is just my ideas and any criticism is very welcome the more we talk and discuss the better.
1 month ago