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Recent posts by Fox James

Thank you for your friendly advice Max!
i apologise to anyone who might of been interested in my experiments  but I won't be continuing my project on this forum.

9 months ago
Thank you Peter, i dont doubt your findings for one second but i have my own reasons for wanting a vortex .

My present rocket stove is already more efficient or perhaps more accurately .. more effective.. than I need and this one is indicating that it will also exceed my expectations.
I want to use the  Vortex effect as a decorative feature .

I found out this afternoon that i can easily obtain a double vortex but i really want to see the spinning flame exit the riser top so it can be viewed through a window.

Anyway I have definitely  managed to form a powerful vortex effect and it is definitely capable of spilling   out of the riser!

If anything it seems too powerful and was eating wood far to quickly, to be honest i have spent six hours on it today and i have not really got anywhere with the air supply as yet!
The throat size that seemed to work the best was 3’’ wide and 5’’ tall.

The ceramic board is getting more and more damaged as i have taking it apart several times, it is not something i enjoy working with, i think. I will use a  Compromising refractory mix for the next one but the board is so good for making ajustements or pining in an extra bit i cant think of a better material to use for experiments
I have been using lots of ceramic board over the last 7-8 years as it plays a part in my pizza oven construction where  a 2’’ sheet is placed on top of 4’’ of vermiculite and under the fire brick cooking base. However i have never had to cut it up and work with it.... horrible stuff really.
I will have a look at air inlets tomorrow but any advice would be very welcome....
9 months ago
I have spent four hours this morning trying to tune the fire.
I have used a few bits of glass to line the fire box and a 32” steel pipe riser.
At first it was not working as I hoped and in fact hardy spinning at all and the flame  was mostly going straight up the riser.
I also had black smoke puffing out .... anyway after trying out dozens of configurations and using scraps of fibre board to block off air and close down the throat I started getting better results .
However it has really made be realise how much experimentation it will take as the smallest changes can make a big difference.
I have a feeling my nice neat box will be trashed by the end of this ha ha ....
I am going back down the garden in a few minutes to give it a bit more, I have narrowed the throat right down from 5” to 3” but I want to try reducing the height next .
9 months ago
High temperature silicone and stainless steel screws .
I have just noticed a new product that I have not seen before, a hard surface, non insulating  fire board, i have just sent an email to find out its température rating .
9 months ago
I used up all the board with only the off cuts from the circular cut outs left! I will  have to use to them in pieces to finish the front  to get 3’’ all around.
I have glued and screwed it all together and I will build a box for it to go in with another few inches of rockwool all around.
I am thinking about lining the fire box with 6mm stainless steel, my friend only intends to use this stove occasionally  and for relatively  short periods to cook food so I think the steel should last but there is only one way to find out.....
I will make it as a replaceable  drop in box anyway.
9 months ago
A start at least.....
9 months ago
I have been asking question, watching videos and generally trying to gain information ... there so many opinions and designs with no real standards hence the problems with house Insurance.
It seems every country has its own version of a rocket stove and even what the term defines !
Anyway i have ordered some Ceramic paper as this seems to be the in thing for smooth and flexible lining ....

9 months ago
The design looks well thought out and I believe it has taken him many years of experiments to get this far.

I am particularly interested in the fact that secondary air is fed in to the heat riser rather  than before it.

Obviously  the use of metal allows the secondary air to be heated up to very high températures and that might not be easy with insulating materials.

I think the opposing air flow Is what causes the cyclone to form within the air barrier and i suspect that hole size and spacing must of taken a lot of expérimentation   to get working so well!

I would like to see what effect injecting secondary air Into the center of a vortex as this would be relatively easy to manipulate.
9 months ago
This guy has developed a fantastic cook stove!
He has quite a few videos based around the cyclone but this one has some great effects near the end.
I have seen his work discussed a few times on FB but I was not paying attention at the time so I cant remember much of the talk. I think the air flow forms an air barrier between the flame and the metal, working to both insulate and prolong the life of the metal?

9 months ago