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Recent posts by Pete Podurgiel

For some reason, I'd be somewhat hesitant to rely on beeswax. My gut feeling tells me it's not 100% impermiable to moisture.

Perhaps consider looking into SPAR urethane. I have no personal experience with it, but it might work for you.

Nice window, BTW.
2 months ago
Mine is being in public without any pants.

Funny thing is, it's happened so many times I don't even care anymore (in my dreams!)  ....LOL :-)
3 months ago
Hi Anne:

I was recently researching the benefits of Lion's mane mushroom and recall an artical that mentioned it may act as a blood-thinner or anticoagulant ...I couldn't find the original article, but the following link seems to corroborate the finding:

Potential Drug Interactions
Lion’s mane mushroom may have antiplatelet effects, meaning it prevents blood clots from forming. This could increase your risk for bleeding, especially when used with anticoagulant medications, or blood thinners.

I'm not a MD, so please don't construe this as medical advice.

Hoping this helps you and your physician determine a course of action and you feel better soon.
4 months ago
I took some advice and planted chives around my fruit trees .....can't say that I regret it.
4 months ago
Quite the engineering challange you have going on with that door hinge.

Looking at it from a mechanical-design perspective:  for a door that opens inward, I envision the hinge being mounted to a hinge-plate that would then be mounted to two horizontal rails, allowing the hinge/door assembly to slide in&out before allowing the hinge to pivot open. The hinge plate could even be outfitted with a "power-assist" perhaps in the form of a spring, something along the lines of those "soft-close" drawer sliders but MUCH beefier ...or perhaps an electro-mechanical actuator that would open the door automatically, though it would be advisible to integrate some kind of emergency override/backup in the event of failure.

A rail system woudl also allow you to recess the door somewhat making for a thinner door which will be easier to get past once swung open.

<insert munching-popcorn emoji here>
5 months ago
A pirate walks in a bar.

Bartender:"Captain, how did you get that peg leg?"
Pirate: "A mighty shark bit it off"

Bartender: "And Captain, how did you come to have a hook for a hand?"
Pirate: "Some scurvy dog hacked it off but I sent him to Davy Jone's locker with my sword"

Bartender: "And that eye patch, Captain. How did you lose your eye?"
Pirate: "A seagull pooped in my eye."

Bartender: "I didn't know seagull poop made you blind"
Pirate: "It doesn't , it was my first day with the hook."
5 months ago
Sorry to hear that Re'.  If I may offer a couple of thoughts....

1) property taxes are going up everywhere, moving won't change this.

2) moving is expensive.

Personally, I'd hedge my bets and reduce clutter in your free time and make your property as "sellable" as possible (in other words, prepare for a move should you find a better option).

The other part is not as easy ( believe me, I know)  but I'd advise trying to develop various 'independent' income streams. Maybe you can try growing culinary mushrooms indoors during the winter and start a CSA if successfull (or sell to local restaurants/supermarkets)?  Also, you might be able to use your free time and organize the community to challenge the impending takeover by the City and keep your (and others) outlays to a minimum.

Wishing you the best of success in this time of transition.
6 months ago
Here's the rooster one,  see at 1:17   ...LMAO!

Honorable mention at 5:01  (chivalry is not dead)

6 months ago
Not your average animal video compilation channel....

Podbokin Positive

Here's one of my favorites....

I'll have to find the one with the rooster next ...LMAO!

6 months ago
First thing I would do is call the septic guy and ask why his "fixes" aren't working. Curious though, how many people in your household? The septic field may be undersized, but sounds like you weren't having problems untli recently.  

If you wahing machine is old then it probably uses more water than it needs to (my washer uses 30 gals for a medium load). They aren't cheap, but a new efficient washer would help alleviate some of the problem. My buddy tells me the new ones spin out very well so that puts less strain on the dryer and he saves some money there.

Other suggestions would include treating the system with Ridex or "green gobbler" septic treatment. These treatments take time to work so would be best to use a laundromat for the wash cycle, if that's a possibility. This will give your system some time to heal (maybe 15-30 days?). Sounds like you believe TP (I assume toilet paper) may be a contributing factor as well. Look for septic-safe brands (this goes for laundry detergent as well). If that doesn't fix the problem, I say you need to have your septic/leachfield inspected & repaired if you need to do things "by the book".
6 months ago