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Recent posts by Sonja Draven

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:As a followup regarding the hardy kiwi that I transplanted into the field recently. Something (mammal I think) destroyed every plant. I'm looking forward to watching the local grocery store for more fruits.

:( :( :( 
13 hours ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:Joylynn - When I was looking at it, it seemed to have two columns for pricing, one for in store, and one for shipped. The shipping charges were per item, not dollar total, likely because the heavy things cost so much more to ship. Seeing the difference, I'll likely purchase from a store before I leave the Bay Area.

Stacy, if I'm remembering right and you are the one who is planning to move to the NW, I suggest looking into local Azure or Hummingbird buyer groups after you get here.  They are both great buying co-ops for bulk.  In Portland, you also have access to Bob's Red Mill which has great grain and related products.  If I'm remembering your plans wrong, please disregard!  :)
2 days ago
I'll help resurrect this one since it's that time of year and on my mind.  :)

I am plant-based and last year I made a nearly complete StraightUpFood menu (with some modifications as you can see from the pictures):

Lentil-Rice Loaf:

Quinoa Holiday Dressing:

Spicy Beans and Greens:

With all the new main dishes and work involved, I wasn't feeling like putting in a lot of work on dessert so I took a page out of Wayne's book: and made a crumble (or crunch as we called it growing up) with an apple/cranberry base. 

This year, I am not sure yet.  I am going to my homestead and have to pack several days worth of food so I don't know how much "extra" stuff I will feel like hauling.  I might just stick with my usual basics for most.  But I had great success with this tofu-pumpkin pie recipe last time I made it so there will at least be pie:

2 days ago
Somehow I missed this response.  Thank you John!
2 days ago
Looks super warm and comfy, Dave!
2 days ago
Nicole, I think it's perfect how it is.  :)
3 days ago
Yes, that's the one!

Between this thread and the pie thread, I'm getting antsy for Thanksgiving.  :)
4 days ago
I hated beets for most of my life.  However, several years ago my mom had a small garden where she grew beets.  She made fantastic stir fries and a few times that summer she added beet greens with baby beets attached.  They were ambrosia, seriously the best part of the stir fry.  I was hooked.  Over the years, I have slowly worked my way into eating full sized beets - but they are still only truly tasty when eaten with a big plate of steamed greens to help balance the flavor (and the smaller beets are still my favorite).
6 days ago
Yup, Judith is right.  They were collected and moved.  :) 
1 week ago

Greg Mamishian wrote:

Bethany Dutch wrote:If I hadn't been able to build my house with cash, I would still be renting and probably would still have consumer debt. Having built my home with cash has allowed me to pay off all my consumer debt... but I had to get that mortgage on the land to get to that point.

I did it backwards.

I was a renter until I was 50 and because I had no consumer debt,
I was able to buy land for cash and build our house for cash.

Me too! Since I took on the family homestead, I won't need to buy land but I still need to put a long-term house on it so that's where I'm funneling my money now.  Well, that and permaculture improvements. :)
1 week ago