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Recent posts by Sonja Draven

Beau Davidson wrote:

Mike Haasl wrote:Changing cardboard to paper would save 4 characters...

Thought about that . . .

Think I have it sorted by swapping "others" for "others call it", see above.

Fresher brain or something this morning, and IF you want one more tweak, you could make it less passive and say:

Call it "carbon neutral" or "carbon negative" but reduce global problems and heat your home with yard waste and cardboard!
2 weeks ago
The intro text ends in the middle of a sentence:
"Heat your home with yard waste and cardboard while reducing global"
2 weeks ago
I feel your pain! I have a set of silicone spatulas similar to these

I use the very smallest ones as much as I can. It works pretty well on the bottom and sides of the jar. I admit that I then use my own finger to remove the last of the corners at the top shoulders! It's either a clean finger or the food is going on my plate anyway.
2 weeks ago
Thank you all for your great responses! I feel very encouraged. :)

Unfortunately, right at this moment, I still have a lot of unknowns with how the roof downspouts will drain and exactly where / how the fire vehicle turnaround will look (required by code where I live) and those things will affect where I can put even things like containers and whether a true kitchen garden is feasible. It sounds so lovely though!

However, I've been keeping all your suggestions in mind as I look at what I have and where I think things will be and I have a tentative short term first year plan.
2 months ago

kevin brooks wrote:greetings miss or mrs. draven,
appreciate your caring thoughtful questions. i sent you a moose-age.
sincerely, kevin

I didn't receive your moosage. Please post the info here anyway so anyone interested after reading it can followup with you.
2 months ago

kevin brooks wrote:greetings, family of eight !
i research into farms to connect with them for organic farm products. i know of a few that host woofers,
"the more the merrier" in their eyes. they're more in the stream of social focus, music evenings,
some handicapped, most just bruised souls looking for healing...
let me know if you are still looking.... truly, kevin
gad [at] saphar [dot] net

Hi Kevin, I noticed you've posted in a few community threads about the communities you're familiar with.

For those who are interested but not comfortable emailing you, can you answer these questions:

Are these various communities you've mentioned associated with each other?

If not, how do you find out about them, and/or how are you associated?

What are the rules to live there? How are those rules enforced or changed?

What does leadership look like?

How do members support themselves and/or the group? How does the community sustain itself?
2 months ago
Justin - welcome back to permies and thanks for your book giveaway

This question is for you (or anyone so this is perennial),

I've been on my site a few years but am just now finishing my house build. Changes had to be made to the site to accommodate the build including removing a couple trees, thinning others and similar. While I know overall sun and wind patterns, I also know that I've made changes that will affect those things along with water flow, where heat and cool collects and I need to figure the new patterns out.

I know best practice is to observe and chart things for a year first. Then make big plans and add design features before adding gardens and things. I know that is logical but I also desperately want to plant some veggies this year. How do I balance the longer term rational planning and omg, I need veggies now? Is there a way to have a quick win that I hopefully won't have to completely redo next year?
2 months ago
Absolutely, activities are the best ice breakers, followed by food. Maybe combine your meeting with a garden/plant based potluck? Or an exchange of everyone's leftover bounty? (I'm thinking pickles, jam, sauce, etc.) People could also share their favorite recipes.

As far as discussion topics, what about asking each person to share their best garden wins and failures, feedback on what grows in your area and what doesn't? What are people planning to try this year that's new... Techniques, seeds, etc? If you're not comfortable talking and presenting, asking followup questions can really help with continuing discussion. Depending on how big your area is, maybe you could find speakers to teach something?
2 months ago
I don't know how I've missed this thread before, George. I'm so glad I stumbled on it! It's inspiring and positive. Love the pics and the over-time updates. Thank you so much for inspiring smiles and a lighter heart today.
2 months ago