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Paul, sorry for brevity and typos but on phone while traveling...suggest to Waive gapper fees for anyone supporting at $200 level and up? No expiration date on use.  
1 week ago
So many tough, parallel journeys we all end up traveling.  It hurts to read about the damage done to caretakers and how difficult it can be to create boundaries, for so many reasons.  

I feel for you, Jennifer, and appreciate all the support and wisdom shared here for you.  I am glad you are able to hear it and make some plans to change things.  

I just wanted to add that IMO if he's "with it" enough to handle his own affairs and have it be a fight for you to get POA, you REALLY shouldn't feel guilty about taking time for yourself.  I also agree that if a few days cause him to be worse and punish you, then take more time.  Don't visit or answer the phone until he either A) shows gratitude or B) is actually incapable of handling his affairs and you can use his money to hire additional help without such a fight.

Also agree on prioritizing finding a good therapist since it sounds like you don't have a good emotional support system.  In my experience, and based on what you described, he will keep ignoring your boundaries and he WILL break you if you don't have something/one to shore you up.
2 months ago
I am sorry too. That sucks so badly. ;(
2 months ago
I love this idea and would definitely want to attend if my schedule allowed.  I would be more apt to attend in the spring or fall when it's lovely but not too hot or snowy and my "feet are itchy" to hit the road.  MT isn't too far away either.  :)

I like the ideas outlined so far - especially Nicole's.  Agree to focus on women energy, not "girly" stuff.  (Also not into facials and makeovers - but I kind of can't see that being a focus for permaculture women in general.)  I'm also into the kitchen / herb / fermenting / garden crafts.  Plant/mushroom ID yay.  Not very good at things like cross-stitch and beading but I always plant along if it's what everyone's enjoying.  Like the idea of a cob or small RMH build - both things I've learned/heard about intellectually but haven't participated in directly and would love some hands-on instruction with someone experienced.

I also really value the alone times.  Love to get together for meals and learning / building and have solo nap/walk/journal/breathe solo time where I don't feel like I'm missing out for taking me time.

One retreat I went to had a drum circle which ended up turning into a dance too (it was impossible to resist starting that) and that was very fun.  I think that could be fun women only or comingled.  I don't have a drum and haven't drummed other than that time - I just thought it was great.

As a female, I would want to know that my needs would be taken care of if I happened to arrive during my "time of the month."  Is there bathroom privacy or just the outhouse with no running water to rinse out a cup or dispose of related products?  If the retreat was a week is there laundry services we could use to wash same products or clothes if needed?  Is there fridge space for those of us who aren't omnis/gf and might need to bring some of our own food?  What would the sleeping facilities be like?
2 months ago
I found out about this through the RET class I'm taking and wanted to share in case anyone out there is interested:

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2019.

Info from site:

Kurz Industrial Solutions Wind Energy Scholarship Fund
Wind Farm

With a vision of sustainable, green and renewable energy, Kurz Industrial Solutions embarked on the journey of Wind Energy just six years ago.  Today, we are awarding (2) $1,000 scholarships to two candidates willing to propel the growth of Wind in the states for generations to come.
Should I Apply?

You are passionate and invested in wind energy.  You believe in the importance of renewable energy for our present and our future.  You’ve decided to make the commitment to innovation, excellence, and technological advancement. Whether you’re climbing wind turbines or developing better software monitoring systems for renewable resources, we want you to have every possible opportunity to further your education and become a leader in the energy evolution. The recipients of this scholarship will have the utmost expectations of pushing their peers, professors, and programs to continuously improve and accelerate the advancements in wind.
Scholarship Guidelines

Our ideal candidate will have enthusiasm, strong leadership skills, integrity, and a demonstrated commitment of growing Renewable Energy in their communities. High school students, college students, and non-traditional students from anywhere within the U.S. that have been accepted or enrolled in an accredited university are free to apply.  We want you to be rewarded for the tremendous work you’re willing to invest in wind and renewable energy.
2 months ago
The response to this is probably a big fat DUH (although said with more subtlety because that would violate the "be nice" rule ;)), but I'm going to say it anyway just in case it isn't.  I request/hope that an email is sent to all of us who get random emails from permies that JUST highlights this kickstarter once it posts so that it doesn't end up in the "I'll read it when I'm not so busy in a couple days" email pile and those of us who would love to support in the first 48 hours miss it.  Thanks!
2 months ago

Trace Oswald wrote: with liver,  you may as well just shoot and save the time you would have spent threatening.  I don't find either of them bitter,  but certainly vile.

I understand why you hate it but... My mom used to make liver and onions when I was a kid and I always liked it fine with ketchup to disguise the liver taste.  In more recent years she really perfected it with lightly cooked grass-fed beef liver, lots of sauteed onions and organic/local bacon.  Tasted so good, no ketchup needed.
3 months ago
Jan, IF you want to try grapefruit one more time, (assuming you haven't tried this already) the next time he offers one that's "sweet," remove the thin skin/white completely from the section so all you're eating is the internal juicy "meat" of the grapefruit and eat that.  In my experience, that is the sweetest you will ever get and it can be better amazing.  But I do like grapefruit.

I agree it is bitter, as well as some greens, but most are either sweet or appetizing in some way to me.  Bitter is definitely a difficult flavor to quantify.  Most of the foods mentioned in this thread don't taste bitter to me.

On a side note, I used to really hate cilantro but I acquired a taste for it after some exposure and now I like it (although I never buy/add it to the food I cook, I only have it in food others cook).
3 months ago

Greg Mamishian wrote:

Sonja Draven wrote:I wouldn't have believed it before I watched her die and I don't expect anyone here to either. It is just my story. She is just one person and one anecdote.  But there is a link if you want to follow it.

Your experience says... everyone dies from something.

Over the last three years, I've spent time with hundreds of dying folks, and they are teaching me a valuable lesson that there is ~something else~ going on...

...and it has absolutely ~nothing~ to do with "science".

Well, that was harsh. And some of the science I was referring to was in the links I added.  I acknowledged that my experience was anecdotal. My experience just made me open to the science.
3 months ago
Research and information from a doctor with many years of service as a heart doctor and who isn't into the flash like Dr Greger:

For what it's worth, i am not trying to convince anyone. I mostly keep my mouth shut about food and nutrition around here. I know the prevailing belief and understand. I watched my mom follow Mercola and Weston Price for years. I did it too albeit less devoutly. But she was perfect in her practice, and had great genes going for her too.

Organic,  no plastic, no microwaves, no processed food, no eating out, no sugar, natural sweeteners in small amounts, minimal (soaked) grains, fermented foods, grass fed local meat, coconut oil,  spring water, etc. Exercise and hard work, etc Etc. She was healthy into her 70s. No Doctor visits. Clearly the healthy way to live,  right? And then she wasnt feeling well for a couple months. Probably nothing. And suddenly she had a colon cancer diagnosis and died 3 weeks later.

After that it was clear to me that something I had believed and she had followed was wrong and lots of research led me to go to plant based whole foods.

I wouldn't have believed it before I watched her die and I don't expect anyone here to either. It is just my story. She is just one person and one anecdote.  But there is a link if you want to follow it.
3 months ago