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since Jul 01, 2018
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My current fever dream is to make an earthbag dome house somewhere in North Carolina which meets code (or gets an occupancy permit somehow.) I love to exert myself building things under the sun then relax later in the home I've created.
Durham, NC
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Recent posts by Rob Lineberger

I can recommend pea gravel for a permanent location.  It is really heavy.   I know because I shoveled 13 tons of it.   But as a substrate it wicks water ok and is a good root support.  It is cheaper than many options, easily obtainable in bulk, and doesn't need replacing.
5 days ago
... but they use smartphones with 1,000,000 times the computing power to watch silly cat videos
1 week ago
Consuming media? Its ills are apparent.
Somehow I don't think that's what they meant.
1 week ago
Tinny is a weird taste we all know.
Kinda like pencils, earwax, and Play-Doh.
1 week ago
I dunno, perhaps we should try it?
I cant think of a better diet!
1 week ago
Today is a great day for garden work!
Unless you're okay with an empty fork.
1 week ago
To know when it ends, simply ask this first:
When is the heat death of the universe?
1 week ago