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since Jul 01, 2018
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My current fever dream is to make an earthbag dome house somewhere in North Carolina which meets code (or gets an occupancy permit somehow.) I love to exert myself building things under the sun then relax later in the home I've created.
Durham, NC
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Recent posts by Rob Lineberger

If I had, would I talk about it?
19 minutes ago
The rules are simple.  Your answer must end with a question mark, in response to the post above.  Let's begin.

Have you ever played a game of questions?
26 minutes ago
Although I have never knitted myself, this rings of such truth that I can't help but giggle.
1 hour ago

Jay Angler wrote:

it did sprout a cantaloupe melon plant,

I have melons sprouting in my compost right now!  But when I try to grow them they fail!  What's up with that??? Yes, I am yelling!
1 hour ago
If you happen to be near a tall cliff, or on a roof, or a high building, you are about to fly.
If you are flying, you are about to plummet.
If you are plummeting, you are about to have a transition so bizarre it would even make Fritz the Cat confused.
1 hour ago
Lucid dreaming!  It's so cool.  I was taught to keep a dream journal, which prepares your mind to remember the dreams.  When you are doing that consistently, then begin practicing ways you could have turned that dream into something you wanted to do.  Then you also need to practice a dream cue.  Some symbol, word, or totem that when you notice the signs that you're dreaming, you invoke that cue to tell yourself that you're dreaming.  Then at that point you can take control of the dream.  I was able to do it a few times.  It was a very cool experience.  But it also turns off whatever messages your mind was trying to raise to you, if any (that is a particularly controversial area.)
5 hours ago

Tereza Okava wrote:
If you haven't tried malabar spinach, you might want to. I've found it finicky to get started the first time but then it comes back forever and ever, it doesn't seem to get affected by mildew or any bugs, tolerates drought.

I agree with everything you just said but in my case it was a horrible mistake.  I planted malabar spinach thinking it was spinach.  I've watched in fascinated horror as this beautiful, vigorous vine has completely taken over my raised bed, covering the chicken wire to the point that it is choking out all other life in the bed.  And I have a feeling I am going to be fighting its remnants for years to come.

Beautiful, hardy, edible plant but you better make damn sure you want a tall, lush, sunblocking vine in that location forever.    NOT the south end of your raised bed.
8 hours ago

Bethany Dutch wrote:

Robert Nicks wrote:Hi. I’m very interested in your homestead.

Yep, me too.

LOLOLOL you forgot to mention your sense of humor.  You're a dream come true and I hope someone in your area realizes that soon.
9 hours ago