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Recent posts by Gary Kersen

I think it's a great idea!!
4 weeks ago
Absolutely beautiful!  A great addition to my library. Thank you.
6 months ago
Thank you all for this resource.
6 months ago
You sound like a wonderful person.  If I was unattached and quite a bit younger, I'd love to get to know you; and learn from you.  As is, I'm happily married to someone who would not understand the draw of the lifestyle you live, plus old, tired and set in my ways.  Good luck finding someone to appreciate you and compliment your skills and beliefs.
6 months ago
Already clicked the "notify me" button the other day.  Looking forward to the end product and all the goodies too.
8 months ago
Welcome Ginny.  I hope I'll be able to learn a lot from you, as so far I've only read about grinding grain.  We all need to learn how to do this ourselves, as you can't get fresher than grinding yourself.
1 year ago
Count me in if this goes to a Kickstarter.  
1 year ago
I was too late to set a reminder, but I did watch and subscribe.  That sewing bird would be handy for other things too, such as when braiding several cords together.  Also, beading a necklace etc.
1 year ago
Love this feature.  I have too much going on to keep up with everything I'd like to, and this feature always shows me items of interest.  Thanks.
Thank you.  This info is food for the mind, body and soul.

1 year ago