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Distance does concern me, and not having abundant money, being in California, I would yet afford to go such distance for where I am sure I would stay and settle down at, I would not want to go such distance to look, to decide whether I would choose such place or not, and then return and have other places to look at that are good distances away too. So it will mean I want to know a whole lot about such place I would consider, what issues there really are there, as there is no paradise I am going to find, there are then issues, and who else may be there or come there. I do not want to be alone in this, a small group for a kind of community is desirable, but there is still the issue of whether I can continue a vegan way of living, which would not be hard if others there are vegan as well. This is desirable, living simply and growing everything for good and materials that are needed and most desirable is a very good way to come to for a small group in community, and makes little demand on this earth compared to other ways.

I could respond a little more frequently through email, it could be considered.
I can't express how hard it is to find others to join in with who will include such simple living I see is important and who are vegan.
I would not mean to cut nothing down, but to minimize that and need less, for having a simple home. It would involve use of some wood and available material there rather than involve transport of materials from elsewhere, other than myself and what I bring whenever I would come if this happens. I would try doing that while it does not indicate you should not have your approach. Some may call the simple home I could manage if I make it myself a hut, but I would have it made to be comfortable enough, while this is primitive. I would live there with what animals are naturally there, I would not think of bringing animals there myself, but I would bring what I might for growing many of the things that can be grown there, where there can be space had for that, and some space from terracing can help for that, and I could willingly do what I can in helping with that.
2 weeks ago

C Oakes wrote:

Fred Frank V Bur wrote:Hello, I can also be reached in other ways, including with my email at

Thanks for your response! That was eloquently stated. I myself have been vegan for about 7 years. In 2019 I ate mostly raw for the whole year which helped heal my chronic eczema condition. I believe if we start something with vegan values in mind, then the result will be worthwhile.

A little more about the property... right now I only own about 1.5 acres which is not enough to form a whole "ecovillage", more like an "ecohomestead". There are other parcels for sale in the area and it is my hope that other vegans will acquire this land. I am hopeful that my current property will be able to sustain a handful of people. It is wooded, with a south facing slope of about 27 degrees. About 4/5 of the property is sloped and on the north boundary it levels out, enough to build some large structures, and then it starts to descend. There is alot of work to be done, trees need to be cut to make room for fruit trees. There are many pine trees and birch trees. I imagined digging and building rock wall terraces but this will take much work and I am wondering if there are alternatives. I know digging is distuptive to the soil ecology, and I want to preserve its fertility. Maybe I can seperate the top organic layer and then replace it once I have created the terraces? I am also planning to build a passive solar greenhouse and other structures. There are currently no utilities on the property and I like it that way. The property doesn'y even get cell phone reception, but if you travel up a large hill nearby there is a signal. I feel like I am being pulled in two directions: the easy, modern, technological solutions vs traditional, simple and environmental side of things. I want to build a traditional structure such as a timber framed house. But also I have purchased dimensional lumber secondhand and from a hardware store, and I have also acquired power tools. I dislike using the power tools because they are noisy and dangerous, but they also appeal to me because of their speed. I am inspired by the youtuber Mr. Chickadee who does timber framing using only hand powered tools and I have been doing much research into these methods.

I would be most interested in simple dwellings, with areas for growing the vegetation for what is needed and is useful, for food, remedies, and materials, where minimal effect is done to environment in location. So I am aware that cutting a number of trees down disrupts the living systems there, and would want that minimally done, leaving many more growing in the area, seeing value of living systems continuing. The group living this way can be community, but I don't mean as large as communities might be, just a small group of people together in this will work fine for this, where they can work at some things together for it, voluntarily, that makes that go smoother.
3 weeks ago
I'm looking for responses to me looking for such. I want others with me growing things for what we need, having sustainable ways to become independent that way as a small community.
4 weeks ago
Hello, I wonder how many responses this might get of those who would be interested. I am, I was trying to appeal to interest in something very much like this years ago, before the COVID issue. I am California, if I could know this would be right to join and to stay with I would go. I have wanted to be with others who join for a small community separate enough from cities and civilization to be independent together when they can manage that growing everything for what is needed and is desired, for food and things. I would not have dependence on animals, I know for myself it is not needed, I and others have lived well for years without need of things from animals. I gave up meat a long time ago, and all animal products since at least ten and a half years ago. I learned the very healthy way to eat having no processed foods or anything from animals eight years ago and I stayed with that, while still trying to find others who would join in living somewhere for that life. I am only less able to start something for others to join now but I would try communicating to others for where I would go, that they may join there, when I would know where I can go for it.

If there are animals cared for in such place, it would be preferable that they do not need to be predators, I do not think it good for people to bring in predator animals with them, and it is desirable to minimize affecting the environment. Yet any food should be what is available from growing there. Such that would be predators might only be justified with having been rescued, there would have to be ways considered for how to accommodate those animals, as things from slaughter is not desirable from this.

I can also be reached in other ways, including with my email at
1 month ago
Have you tried jackfruit?
1 month ago