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Recent posts by Trace Oswald

I don't think this goes against the idea of not giving advice on what to eat or not eat or what have you, because it probably fits in with any other things you are already doing.  You may be doing it already.  Many people find fasting to be beneficial for all sorts of issues.  
I did the same.  I've also stopped showering more than once or, rarely, twice a week.  The only place I use soap is on my hands because they won't get clean with only water.
4 months ago
I guess I'll be the voice of dissent :)  My previous house had, if I remember correctly, 6 skylights.  My parent's house, which my father built himself in 1982 has a large skylight in the upstairs bathroom.  It has never leaked, and neither did any of mine.  Skylights let in a tremendous amount of light, even on well moonlit nights.  On nights with any moonlight, I could easily walk around my house without turning on any lights.

In one sense, no penetrations into the roof makes sense.  I would say that no penetrations anywhere would make the house far more efficient.  The problem of course being that you could never leave (or enter)...  Everything is a tradeoff.  My personal, and granted, pretty minimal, experience is that well installed skylights do not leak and have some very nice benefits.
4 months ago
My lady was driving down the road about a week and a half ago and sees a cat sitting in the middle of the road.  Being her, she stopped and went over to see if it was okay.  The cat didn't even move as she walked towards it.  She could see that it's ear was kind of torn up, it was missing clumps of fur, and one ear was very disfigured from some long ago injury.  My lady, still being her, picked the cat up, with no protest from the cat at all, loaded in the car, and drove to the nearest house to see if it belonged to them.  We live in a very rural area and houses are not close together.  Well, the people didn't know whose cat it was, so home to our house it came.  We looked the cat over and it was a little scuffed and beat up, but nothing that seemed painful or life-threatening, so we gave it some food, made up a bed in the garage so our other twelve cats couldn't harass the little guy, and put him to bed.

Next day, my lady calls the nearest shelter and tells them the story.  They put the cat's picture on their Facebook page, and lo and behold, someone calls and says it's her cat.  The shelter gave her my lady's phone number, and the story goes like this:  She didn't have a place to live that she could keep the cat, and wouldn't until January, so she found some people that said they would watch it for her until then.  When she saw her cat on Facebook, she called the people that were supposed to be watching the cat, and they said they were sick of watching it and threw it out the car window and abandoned it.  My lady asked if she had anyone that could keep it for her until she had a place, and her answer was no, the people that had it were the only ones she could find.  My lady told her she was taking the cat to the vet to be checked out, get it wormed and meds for it's ear or whatever it needed.  If she wanted to pay the vet bill, we would keep the cat for her until January.  Predictably, she didn't want to do that, so we have another cat.  She wouldn't say who the people were that threw the cat out on the road to die, so that saved me a charge for battery.  The vet said the cat is going to be just fine, and he is a super friendly little guy, especially considering how he has been treated.  He is fitting in just fine.

People suck and we have another cat.
5 months ago
Animals need love far more than they need space, within reason.  As long as the cat gets time to be outside too, it will be fine.

This isn't an anti-cat post, we have 13 ourselves with the new one we just got because some giant steaming heap of shit threw it out of a car window onto the road to be killed.  I'm just curious, why a cat rather than a dog?  As I said, we have both, but I find dogs to be far better traveling and adventure companions.  Both can, of course, be great company and great friends, just curious why you want to go cat instead of dog?
5 months ago
I have been rear-ended on my motorcycle six times.  Five times I walked away without a single scratch or bruise.  In two of those cases, the motorcycle was totaled.  In one of those, it was broken entirely in half when the car that hit me smashed me into the van in front of me.  

One time I was riding motorcycle through Eisenhower tunnel and saw a naked guy driving through...  I may have made that one up.

5 months ago