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Recent posts by Valerie Dawnstar

Welcome, Leigh!  Can't wait to get into this book!  I have 17.77 acres (crazy, huh? but that's what the survey says) and it is more than a handful, for sure!
2 years ago
Thanks for showing up on Permies, John!  Are some varieties better than others?  (I imagine you probably address that completely in your book.)  Mine came with the property and other than being able to identify that they are elderberries, how do I tell what variety they are?  And is it crucial that I know?
2 years ago
I found mine after I purchased the property.  They seem to be growing along a soggy field.  I don't know what variety they are.  Just how important is that?
2 years ago
Welcome, John!  So excited to have you here and looking forward to getting a look at that book!
2 years ago
I have built (not all by myself) a RMH after hosting a workshop with Erica and Ernie.  The photo is of them testing it out.
2 years ago
The tree seems to be getting lovelier each year, if that's possible.  No new traditions here.  And thanks for the puzzle!  Fun!
3 years ago
Do you have a waiting list or some other alternative for those of us who missed you kickstarter?  Sometimes life just gets so darn busy...
3 years ago
Inspirational!  Thank you!
4 years ago
Looks great!  I will want a piece of this!
We hosted Ernie & Erica for a workshop in April 2015 (has it been almost 2 years already?) and our RMH is - of course - working perfectly!  I love to show it off but if you'd like to come you do need to plan ahead because I'm not always online.  We are at Sterling, New York.  We discovered a great source for insulation blanket, fire brick and clay in Syracuse, New York, too!
5 years ago