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Recent posts by Valerie Dawnstar

The tree seems to be getting lovelier each year, if that's possible.  No new traditions here.  And thanks for the puzzle!  Fun!
3 months ago
Do you have a waiting list or some other alternative for those of us who missed you kickstarter?  Sometimes life just gets so darn busy...
6 months ago
Inspirational!  Thank you!
1 year ago
Looks great!  I will want a piece of this!
We hosted Ernie & Erica for a workshop in April 2015 (has it been almost 2 years already?) and our RMH is - of course - working perfectly!  I love to show it off but if you'd like to come you do need to plan ahead because I'm not always online.  We are at Sterling, New York.  We discovered a great source for insulation blanket, fire brick and clay in Syracuse, New York, too!
2 years ago
That is just delightful!  Well done!  That was my era, too!
(We still don't have that song recorded.  Maybe next year.)
2 years ago
Just wanted to point out that we seem to be talking about several different varieties here.  We have staghorn sumac here in the northeast.  It is abundant, deer love it since it holds it's fruit through the winter, but it is not particularly fragrant and I have not yet attempted to use it for spice, 'lemonade' or eating the shoots.  Like I said earlier, I have cleared a bunch of it and it doesn't - to me - have any appeal as a food.  Anyone else have any experience with staghorn sumac?
2 years ago
I love a good sale and have been waiting for a new scythe!  How timely!  However, I made a pledge not to buy anything on Black Friday so I am overjoyed you are extending this!  (Maybe I'll just have to wait up until midnight...)
2 years ago
That is a pretty clear video.  I would say you learn it just like you learn most skills -- from practicing.  My first grafts were actually successful.  I attribute that to a careful and patient instructor and slow and meticulous implementation of the instruction.
2 years ago
I was just thinking about disturbing the strawberry roots when you planted the garlic.
2 years ago