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I seem to be the only person in this thread that this thread is actually targeted towards (I'm in college). I thought that this thread would be here, but I searched for "girlfriend," so I didn't find it. I just stumbled across it randomly.

Dale, you've got some good advice, but you aren't reaching the right demographic. If you care, I would suggest making a youtube channel and posting weekly videos of yourself saying the sorts of things in the posts you are making if you want young people to listen to you. They don't have to be scripted or edited, but it would really help to title them so the audience can find them. You've got no competition. Just search "how to get a girlfriend" and have a laugh.

Also, it's important to know that people do appreciate what you're saying and doing. Just remember the number of people that contacted you on that dating app. The only people that seem to be criticizing you are people that don't seem to be getting attention themselves. They have a right to be unhappy, but no right to project their problems onto others.

I like your idea of making jokes to introduce yourself and get a feel for the other person because it gets around issues to do with not trusting strangers or either person being nervous.

As far as making them uncomfortable goes, I hear girls tend to like it when you are honest and straightforward, but don't like it when you disagree with them. I feel like that should make things easy.

Before I went to college, I worked as a subcontractor for the government. After being involved with the government for so long, It's going to be hard for me to figure out how to be honest again.

I like the way you tell stories rather than giving a list of steps because it tells you how to act like a person.

I feel like after I have a rough idea of who the person is, I want to ask specific questions.

If I decide that I like the person, and they still want to follow me around, talking, then what?
6 months ago
Don't let me get in the way of your fun.

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
I have not been selecting beans for flavor. How do I cook a pot of beans, when an individual plant might only produce 20 seeds? I suppose that I could grow and harvest by type, and get enough to cook a pot of beans.

I was thinking maybe you used a divided pot, but it looks like the ones online only come in two or sometimes three divisions. Maybe you could just stick some open canning jars into a big pot and make a few miniature double-boiled pots of beans at once. The part I'm wondering about is how you would keep track of seeds from individual plants.

There's also the fact that breeding for flavor could be a lot of trouble and might not be worth it.

I see bees tearing little holes in legume flowers near the back often. They won't bother making a new hole if one's already there. They like some species more than others.

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:I grow gallons of sunflower seeds every year. I don't know how to turn them into food.

What the Romans did with their olives is squeeze them. Most things of theirs were copied from the Greeks, but the one big thing they came up with was oil. They used a screw press, but you could probably get away with using just a simple lever.

6 months ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
I do what I call "normalization" on the seeds that I'm saving for replanting next year, by saving equal numbers of every type that I can identify, and saving any seeds that are unusual or new.

I was wondering how you would be able to do that much outbreeding without them all looking exactly the same due to only dominant traits coming through.

Dandelions are probably the most individual wild plants I ever come across, and they still look more or less the same.

Maybe "normalization" should not mean to make things different since the dictionary definition of "normalize" is exactly the opposite: "To make normal, especially to cause to conform to a standard or norm." Maybe "balancing out?"

I suppose that selecting for traits that affect growing habits would be done by mother nature, and you would not need this method for that type of trait. What do you do for flavor? Do all your plants just taste the same within that variety?

I suppose those pink beans that keep coming up are good examples of dominant bean traits. What are some important dominant traits for melons?
I grew a big tuber by accident. I planted the "black coat runner bean" variety. Apparently, they usually suffocate when you put them 2" deep in pure red clay (I'll try again by placing the seeds on top of the ground and covering them with mulch), so only the only plant that came up was in nice garden soil. It made about four dry beans total (probably because I kept eating the flowers). It stopped producing flowers after the first bean pod matured, so after the rest matured (about halfway through the 150 day growing season) it put all of its energy into producing tubers, I guess.

I could see this being bred into a raw eating vegetable. It tastes like jicama, but doesn't give me gas.

I'm going to try planting the tuber to see if that gives me a plant. I damaged it a bunch when taking it out, so I'm not sure how well it's going to do. Does anyone have any advice on storing this over winter? I'm probably going to go with the "dig a big hole, throw root vegetables in, and cover" method.
6 months ago