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Hi Yvette, I sent you a purple moosage earlier today.
I am about to move, so really don't have much going on here this growing season.
3 months ago
I am disabled also, have good and bad days. Only do the essential chores on bad days, saving the other chores for good days.
Have had to scale back over the last couple of years, but i still keep a few goats and chickens.
They help me and my land stay healthier.
They force me not to give in to my conditions, i fight the most painful and zero energy days enough to keep their basic needs well met.
They provide me with milk, eggs and even meat at times.
Contary to the experience of many,  Milking a couple of goats "slowly" through the pain, has actually helped the severe arthritis i have in my hands. The warmth of their udders and the gentle exercise of my stiff painful hands helps stop them seizing up.
I leave their babies with them, and milk around their needs. This lessens the burden on me to milk large volumes, as they have fairly high milk production with plenty to share.
My few goats and their free-ranging chicken buddies also help keep the parts of my land i am unable to tend cleared and fertilized.
I am not able to mow or use a weedeater, they do those chores for me.
The chickens also help keep the bugs down.
1 year ago
I originally had to spray fenceline and a wide walking path outside it often. To keep it beat back towards the road. Now i have to spray about twice a year to keep it back in the hedgerow along the road.
My husband used to spray a strong herbicide on it twice a year. That worked very well, but i had to keep my goats away for a couple of weeks and untill it had rained a few times. Not to mention the adverse affects the chemicals had on the land etc.
I keep it knocked back away from my fence and out of my pasture with a weed torch. Burning doesn't get rid if it all together, but if i burn it regularly it eventually gives up.
In areas i can't burn i spray early on a day that is expected to be sunny, with a solution of vinegar  dish washing liquid and epsom salt. Again you have to keep after it, until it gives up trying to come back.
Most of my goats seldom ever touch Vinca.
It is as invasive as kudzu were i live, so i wish it was good for them like kudzu.
One goat that i noticed eating a fair amount of it one day. Aborted her babies that evening!
You are a good sport. I like that.
Not liking selfies is a great quality also.
So much vanity in the world these days.
I really wish for you the best there is.
I live in a warmer climate and too far away, to be a prospect. Not to mention being over the hill.
If i were a lot younger i would be trying to get to know you better after you responding as you have.
May a lovely lady find you!
Would it amuse you to know that...
I wasn't "bent out of shape" in the slightest.
Just a female, trying to give a little loving advice.
None the less, being critical of your fellow single guys pick up lines, In your first sentence, can come across as put down.
Most loving balanced women will steer clear.
Hope you do find love.
It would appear that being arrogant, doesn't attract much female interest either!
Give them a break, at least women respond to some of their attempts to start a conversation.
Many guys really don't have the confidence and skills to think of multiple ways to start a convesation. Many are lonely and haven't had the best of luck finding appropriate girlfriends.
Its tough enough in the mainstream world, with a high salary.
But when you are living a simple and tougher existence without all the frills and trinkets many women want. Often with a lot less time for social activities!
Finding a good future husband or wife can seem close to impossible.