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since Nov 28, 2018
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Im 22 years old, from Terceira Island, Azores in Portugal. Im a lover of nature.
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Ilha Terceira, Azores
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Recent posts by Vasco Vieira

A Photo of my garden! migth help :) already got some good tips guys Tks!

The grass area its the Mandala Garden :)

1 year ago

Jay Angler wrote:Welcome to Permies Vasco Vieira!

Free wood chips are a great resource for planting trees. I noticed you're on a fairly small Island - is it possible to get seaweed for composting?

By the "the pit (sumps?) of the house" do you mean where the toilet water goes, or just roof run-off? If it's a toilet sump, here we would grow plants for composting or firewood around it to suck up the nutrients without risking contaminating our food. In my ecosystem, a plant such as comfrey would love the high nutrients and make great material to chop and mulch or compost. I don't know the plants like that in your ecosystem.

Thanks :)

Seaweed its easy to get but only if i collect it! we mostly get it to sell it for medicine... usually china.. you can even see some chinese coming here to harvest some (its rare tho). I live really near the ocean (of course) i migth get some to compost.. thats interesting!
The pit its from the toilet and kitchen! I could use some of the endemics tree for wood and composting! Laurus Azorica or Morella Faya!
You can see the plants from here in this site: in case you're interested :)
1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:

The green arrow its where the sun rises! and the red arrow its where the sun comes most of the day!

These are other questions I might ask, too:

What does the slope of your land look like?
* I do not know how to see that

How does water travel across your land (this might help you figure out the slopes on your land)?
*My land its mostly plain, water doesnt gather that much! Well drained soil..

What resources do you have available to work with?
* I have been able to get woodchips for free! most of my trees im starting from seed! for example: Moringa Oleifera, Kiwis, Passion fruit, Blueberries and Quinces ( for now)
Those are my only resources at the moment ahah

I think these questions might help with fleshing out the design more.

For example, slope could be used to help find good locations to plant water-loving plants and where to place drought-resistant plants.

And, the movement of sun on your landscape might tell where the best places to sun-loving plants and shade-loving plants.

1 year ago
Hi, so im starting my forest! and im doing a 3D deisgn of it!

Sorry for my english, im Portuguese!

I need some help figuring out somethings..

The first pic is from google maps, sorry for bad quality but its the best i could get!
The red line on the pic is were im starting the forest! Google maps tells me that my terrain its 32meters by 20meters from the red line.

The 3D Designs!

The Letters:
A - My biggest problem, its a sandbox used for when the house was being build, also beneath its the pit (sumps?) of the house, says my parents! Unsure of what to do there, I dont want to fall into the sumps ahah
B- its where im going to have my raised beds!
C- Mandala garden, planting some bananas in the center and other tropical stuff around it, with a  lot of flowers for bees!
D- Small Greenhouse and Compost area!
E- Lagoon and gathering area!

This was not made to scale, so im afraid I migth be exxagerating in all this stuff!

Any opinions? Im quite in the dark yet!

1 year ago
Thank you for the tips! i'll definitly try it, my garden is just 9 meters to 8 meters (the part im starting with this year), i think i'll do 5 inches of my soil and 5 inches with the soil from the woods (or should i just do 2 inches of each?)! and in return i may plant some trees there :)
If you wanna follow my instagram account its CynefulGarden!

Again, thank you for helping, this forum helps a lot!
1 year ago
I'm Starting my new food forest, and i wanna use the back do eden method, i have search a lot about iit! and I have question.. can i use soil from the woods (black soil) between the newspaper layer and the mulch layer? or its better to use my soil? As i dont have any compost yet. Just because my soil its not that good, and i have seen that the soil from the woods is much richer! It would be just a quick start thing on the garden.. i dont want to kill a forest digging to have a no dig forest (kinda ironic lol)
1 year ago
Where did you get your mulch? Im with difficulty on that!
1 year ago
Do like me, put the strawberries in glass jar! Im keeping them together for now, lets see! Thank you!
1 year ago
hii, im new with strawberries and i have wild berries with "normal" ones. its okey to plant them together?
1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:Welcome to permies, Vasco. I don't know about your soil specifically, but a good place to start would be with a mason jar soil test to just see your soil composition is.

So i found this photos i did a few weeks ago, i was trying to identify the layers but i think i failed.. what you think?
2 years ago